Is Just One Dime Worth It?

Can you find a similar Amazon FBA course for free?
Seth Kniep
Sep 23, 2022
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Thanks to the sheer volume of content on the internet, you can learn just about anything…for free, including Amazon FBA.

But just because there is free training out there, that doesn't mean you won’t need paid training at some point, especially when it comes to running your own business. 

Our Amazon FBA Mastery membership (AFM) offers comprehensive, sequential training that takes you through everything you must know in order to succeed on Amazon FBA. It’s hard for free content to compete with.

To anyone who claims, “You can get the same training as Just One Dime coaching out there for free,” has not taken our training—and especially has not considered what is at the very end of this article.

And while the internet is saturated in incredible free Amazon FBA content (including Just One Dime’s own free content), if you don’t try a training like AFM, your FBA know-how might be more full of holes than Swiss cheese after being shot at by John Wick.

Today, I’m going to give you eight reasons why our Amazon FBA Mastery membership is far superior to free training and can offer you incredible value and features free training could never match.

Just One Dime's Two Memberships

1. Just One Dime’s membership lets you expedite your learning process.

You might find some excellent resources here and there in free training. But nowhere else will you find tools and resources that can speed up your Amazon FBA journey all in one place like in AFM. 

In Just One Dime’s membership, we offer additional resources with almost every single one of our video lessons. These include links to the best product research softwares (with tutorials on how to use them), shipping and logistics referrals, quick links to trademarking resources, product listing optimization worksheets, product profitability evaluation tools, and so much more. 

Amazon FBA Mastery Member Resources

These aren’t just free worksheets you can download from Google or internal links to our own content. These are step-by-step, actionable resources that make it easier for you to set up your company. 

But if you’d rather dig through the United States Patent and Trademark Office website to find trademark procedure and requisites on your own, be my guest.  

2. Just One Dime coaching pushes you to move to action. 

If I create a YouTube video or a blog on how to set up a PPC campaign, I’m just giving a general suggestion for anybody. I certainly don’t know where you’re at in your own selling journey, if my PPC strategy is smart for your product, or if you’re even ready to think about PPC. 

Random PPC Strategy Lesson on YouTube

Not only is that a shot in the dark for me, it’s like running your FBA store blind for you, which is not so motivating. 

In AFM, lessons are created sequentially so that once you complete one, you move on to the logical next. This highly-vetted, actionable plan allows you—nay, encourages you—to move to action on your store. 

To that point, AFM is meant to be completed alongside your store. 

Amazon FBA Mastery Lessons Are Meant to Be Completed With Your Store

Rather than watching all the lessons, hoping you remember everything (I’m sorry, you won’t), and then getting started, you should do as you watch. 

AFM is built on an anti-binge mentality. Each lesson includes dedicated next steps for you to follow after you’ve watched that training. 

Amazon FBA Mastery Membership Includes Next Steps After Each Lesson

This means that the next lesson you take is the next action you complete, and thus you’ve already moved to action on your store!

3. The Just One Dime course cultivates accountability. 

This is why it’s so crucial that you do take the appropriate action after each lesson; you must be consistent.

There will be days where your motivation is Empire State Building high…and days where it’s Mariana Trench negative. This means that if you use free training only, you might find yourself watching 20 videos and reading 100s of blogs and threads one day…only to do absolutely nothing with that information for several days, weeks, months—you get it. 

The point is now it’s six months later and you have nothing to show for those hours spent pouring over random free content. This does not yield strong results. 

What’s more, all those authors and content creators whose work you’re relying on…they’re not telling you to go build your store. The calls-to-action (CTAs) at the end of every free video and blog typically revolve around giving the content creator a like or engaging in some other way. I know because that’s what Just One Dime does with our free content.

On the other hand, AFM breeds the required consistency. You get a step-by-step schedule, you are tested on the material, you are told how to take action. 

Amazon FBA Mastery Membership Tests Your Knowledge

What’s more, each training builds on the previous one, which makes it easy to stay in the groove while pushing you to keep that consistency. 

I cannot stress this enough, AFM is meant to be done as you build your Amazon business. We push you to take action at every step. And if you follow our lessons in order, you’ll be exactly where you need to be to take each and every piece of actionable advice. 

4. Just One Dime’s membership ensures that you do things in the right order.

With Amazon FBA, there is most definitely a wrong way and order to do things; several, actually. Don’t be the person who optimizes their PPC campaign before they’ve optimized their listing and photos.  

Even if your trusted YouTuber titles their videos “PPC Step 1”, “PPC Step 2”, etc., you still miss out. Are you even at the right spot in your FBA store to run PPC?

AFM is sequential. It builds on itself. It is presented in the most correct order so that if you follow it exactly, all will be well with your Amazon account. Or, at least, you’ll have an easier time fixing any errors that do arise, which reduces delays. 

5. Just One Dime’s membership saves you time.

The number of mistakes you can make on Amazon FBA is infinite. You will not go through the process unscathed. 

But AFM can help prevent you from making certain common mistakes along with certain expensive mistakes. How?

Because myself and our AFM creators and coaches are actual, successful Amazon sellers. We’ve all made mistakes, we’ve learned from those mistakes, and we create content that allows you to avoid those mistakes. AFM highlights the most common mistakes Amazon FBA sellers make, so that you know where the tricky spots are and have a step-by-step guide to easily navigate them. 

Additionally, our exclusive AFM community can and will share tons of nifty tips and recs from everything to suppliers and freight forwarders to short-list, to how to handle and expedite patent infringement claims with Amazon. 

Member Comments and Replies in Amazon FBA Mastery Community

We take feedback extremely seriously at Just One Dime and this is what we know: the AFM private community brings exceptional value to your AFM membership. You simply won’t find this type of dedicated, communal group for free.

6. The Just One Dime course gives you a structure to follow.

Multitasking is cool until you overlook something 🙄

In order to do something well, you must be focused on that thing and on specific actions that you take to advance it. In fact, most billionaires will tell you their number one key to success is focus.

This goes back to point #4: order. You can’t tackle both your product listing and your PPC campaigns at the same time, nor should you!

Rather, AFM gives you a sequential structure with step-by-step tasks meant to be performed in their given order. And we keep everything on-focus: we don’t randomly throw out how to create a lead magnet while you’re conducting product research just to keep your attention. You’ll get there when it’s time for you to get there. This allows you to focus on each step as you take it and not get distracted (or overwhelmed) by the process. 

And it’s because of this structure that you can actually turn your Amazon FBA store into an expansive business if that’s your end goal. 

7. Just One Dime coaching prepares you to sell your business.

You could build a product for sale, sell it well to make a decent profit, and eventually retire it when customers move on to the next thing.

But you could also set up a business and a brand that sells that same product, but in such a way that your brand expands and your business grows (even off of Amazon). Soon, you’ll have not only a profit machine with dedicated customers, you’ll have a strong asset that someone may pay you a lot of money for. 

Don’t settle for FBA training only. AFM offers practical business lessons including accounting, company structures, profit and loss reports, etc. so that you don’t just build an Amazon FBA product, you build an Amazon FBA business. 

8. Just One Dime’s membership will give you the best content. 

Remember: free content is motivated by ranking—what will get the most views. 

Free Amazon FBA Content is Motivated by Ratings

AFM, among comparable paid trainings, is built by a real company. Just One Dime has plenty of staff creating our free content, updating our AFM paid training (our flagship program), and running stores for our investors. AFM supports the company and allows us to pay our hustlers their salaries, thus, we are driven to be the best and to produce the best content on multiple levels. 

This means that where free training creates what’s popular to secure coveted rank, our AFM membership produces what’s necessary for our students, and that is exceptional, top-notch content that is both relevant and instructional, not temporary or faddish. 

You can absolutely learn a lot from free training. I did. I’ve even met some Just One Dime YouTube subscribers who have built their entire FBA business off of our free training

Just One Dime's Blog: Free Amazon FBA Training

But personally, if I could go back and use this training that we have built and avoid the costly mistakes I made early on, would I?


AFM saves you time, teaches you mistakes to avoid, coaches you, brings you into a community, and can help you scale your business far larger than you ever imagined. It’s a comprehensive how-to; it’s start-to-finish everything you need (in order!) to start, run, and grow your own Amazon FBA business from scratch and even includes regular updates to match Amazon’s ever-expanding seller resources. 

Benefits of Just One Dime's Amazon FBA Mastery Membership

There’s no gimmicks. There’s no short-term thinking. An Amazon FBA Mastery membership is for life.

If you are dead set on starting your Amazon FBA journey, taking your life into your own hands, and building a reality where you work towards your goals and the work you do goes into your pocket, we can help. 

If you’re in the middle of your FBA journey, we can help you create and run promotions, access Amazon’s different seller programs such as In Stock Head Start, expand onto Walmart WFS and Shopify, and more.

Visit to set up a time to meet with one of our team members to determine how we can help you achieve your goals. 

The question remains: is Just One Dime worth it for you? Let me know in the comments. 

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