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Seth Kniep
Mar 9, 2021
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Instead of spending hours trying to learn upmpteen different tools, or trying to find products on your own, Niche Hunter was built by Amazon sellers for Amazon sellers, to assist you in finding a product you can sell on Amazon that makes you a lot of money.

Niche Hunter is different than other Amazon FBA product research software tools.

You will quickly notice that Niche Hunter is different. Just One Dime built Niche Hunter around the Pareto Principle philosophy that 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts.

Pareto Principle

Instead of focusing on all the data, which is a massive undertaking, Niche Hunter focuses on the most important data so you can quickly move to a product that has massive potential—instead of wading through miles of useless data.

The strategy behind Niche Hunter Amazon product research:

First, Niche Hunter scores a single keyword's potential based on the top 10 ranking listings for that keyword. If it scores as great or amazing, you move on to the next step.

Second, Niche Hunter scores the 30 most important keywords from those 10 listings.

Third, Niche Hunter scores the entire niche, based on the performance of those 30 keywords.

The Niche Hunter 3 step process:

Now you have a huge potential product idea based only the most important data.

Niche Hunter turns the product research journey into a three step process to finding a huge potential product to sell on Amazon.

Step 1: Hunt for your product.

Step 2: Analyze your product.

Step 3: Strategize your product.

Each of these steps is a tool within Niche Hunter. Each builds off the previous step.

Step 1: Niche Hunter—Hunt for a huge-potential product based on the top 10 ranking listings for that keyword.

Niche Hunter by Just One Dime

Step 2: Analyzer—Analyze the best keywords based on the top 10 ranking listings for your main keyword.

Niche Hunter Analyzer

Step 3: Strategizer—Strategize your product's build and launch, using in-depth data on the top 10 competitors, reverse ASIN, and the top reviews of your top competitors.

Niche Hunter Strategizer

Let me give you a brief overview of each of these three Niche Hunter tools.

Step 1: Hunt for your Amazon FBA product idea.

You are going to hunt for a huge-potential product based on the top 10 **ranking listings for that keyword. For this step, you use Niche Hunter.

Let's search "sunday golf bag" on

Niche Hunter Amazon Display

Niche Hunter is searching the top 10 organically ranking listings for the keyword, "sunday golf bag." In other words, if you were to search this keyword on, the top 10 ranking listings are the first 10 that show up on the search results page.

Notice that "sunday golf bag" is a great market for two reasons:

1. At least 3 of the top 10 ranking listings generate over $5,000 a month in revenue which indicates strong demand. This means Amazon shoppers combined are happy to spend at least $5,000 a month on a single product.

Niche Hunter Deman

2. At least 3 of the top 10 ranking listings have fewer than 100 reviews. This indicates ease of market entry. In other words, if three listings can generate this much cash flow with under 100 reviews, there is a very strong chance you could do the same.

The third criteria is like a bonus: if at least three listings are selling this well with fewer than 3.5 stars for its ratings, then there is huge opportunity to differentiate your product and make it a much better alternative.

Niche Hunter Differentiation Opportunity

Step 2: Analyze your Amazon FBA product idea.

You are now going to analyze the best keywords based based on the top 10 ranking listings for your main keyword. For this step, you use Analyzer.

Click, "Add to Analyzer."

Add to Analyzer

Then click "Take me to Analyzer."

Take Me to Analyzer

Note: if you have not connected your Amazon seller account to Niche Hunter yet, do this first. Otherwise, the remaining tools will not work for you. Just go to: to connect it.

Once inside Analyzer, you will see your niche added to the list of niches. The newest ones added always show up at the top of the list. Click "Analyze."

The niche analyzer now shows you the top 30 keywords for the top 10 ranking listings.

Analyzer Results

Instead of pouring through approximately 20,000 keywords, the vast majority of which are a waste of your time, Niche Hunter's system already did it for you, giving you the cream of the crop.

Look at it this way: if these keywords—the very best of around 20,000—do not have strong potential, then you already know your product idea is not worth your time. So, instead of spending hours of wading through data, you move on to the next keyword idea.

This is a bastion of priceless data you can use to quickly decide if this product idea is worth your time or not.

A red triangle indicates poor potential. A golden cup trophy indicates great potential. And a diamond indicates amazing potential.

The system determines this by evaluating these top 30 keywords for demand, relevance, and easy of entry. Search volume here is not directly from Amazon so you can use this to get a general idea of global search volume, but we do not use this to determine the potential of a product.

Step 3: Strategize your Amazon FBA product idea.

Your are now going to add your niche to Strategizer where you can strategize for your product. This is where you can see all the most important data in one place:

  1. Your top ranking 30 keywords from the 10 highest ranking listings
  2. Your top 10 competitors with a reverse ASIN search for each keyword on those listings
  3. Your competitors' reviews (a goldmine for differentiating your product).

At the top, click "Add to Strategizer."

Add to Strategizer

On the left side, click the Strategizer row with the thumbs up emoji.

Click "view niche."  

View Niche

Now you can view all your saved niches.

This is powerful, because at any time you can evaluate the market by viewing the top 10 ranking listings and the reviews section allows you to quickly figure out what customers do or don't like about the product so you can build out a plan to differentiate yours.

Find, analyze, and strategize.

Click here to check out the breakdown of step 1: Find—how to use the chrome extension to hunt down huge potential products.

And to learn everything there is to know about starting and running a successful Amazon store—including dozens of ways to brainstorm product ideas, how to build products, shipping those products to Amazon, expanding your store to other ecommerce platforms, and beyond—visit


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