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Join us for our annual sourcing trip to China!

November 6-13, 2019

If you are a dead-serious online entrepreneur who wants hands-on experience in sourcing, negotiating, and building products that blow the minds of Amazon shoppers, you will love this trip.

10 more spots just opened up! Apply today before they are gone!

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Receive a full week of mentoring for sourcing and launching products on Amazon

Seth Kniep, Just One Dime coaches, veteran Amazon sellers, and bilingual sourcing agents will take you to China to talk to factories,  learn how to find products no one is selling, negotiate with suppliers, test these products on the Amazon market, and launch them immediately on Amazon.

Learn how to source by talking to suppliers in person
Test your product ideas at unbelievably low minimum order quantities
Make life friends, hang out with Seth, Just One Dime coaches, Amazon experts, and sourcing agents for a week
Receive hours of in-person training & mentoring for how to source from suppliers and launch on Amazon
Source from the largest small-commodity market on the planet
Learn the best way to test products for precise Amazon search volume
More than 100,000 vendors under one roof, covering 59 million square feet
Do more product research in a week than you could do in a year
Receive your own personal translation assistant to help you find products and negotiate as you tour the Yiwu marketplace
Touch, see, and feel products before you buy them

Why Yiwu is the private-labeler’s dream

More than 100,000 vendors under one roof, covering 59 million square ft.

You will be hanging out with Just One Dime coaches for a full week, asking questions, learning Chinese culture, eating salty eggs (okay, maybe not!), and building lifetime relationships with Chinese suppliers.

Yiwu is the largest small-commodity market in the world

Source gift boxes, hardware, kitchen, travel gear, garden tools, sex toys, baby items, pet supplies, makeup, office products, sunglasses, massage equipment, sporting goods, scarves, bedding, car parts, and more.

Walk the market with your personal translation assistant

You will receive your own one-on-one assistant as you walk the Yiwu marketplace, talk to suppliers, learn how to negotiate with manufacturers, and collect gazillions of product ideas.

Learn how to apply this knowledge to your Amazon store

Before, during and after this trip we will train you in product research, how to test new product ideas, and how to optimize them for conversion to launch them on Amazon and ecommerce websites.

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When you arrive in Yiwu...

You will be struck with an overwhelming display of more products than you  have probably seen in your entire life. This experience is both stimulating and intensely overwhelming. Our team and bilingual experts will show you how to talk to Chinese suppliers, how to find the products you’re looking for, and which districts to visit.

A full week of Amazon coaching

Every morning, we will all meet in the 5-star Marriott hotel, and Amazon expert coaches will teach you how to test these products on Amazon’s marketplace and how to test for accurate keyword volume and search terms from Amazon shoppers. These Amazon expert coaches will show you how to leverage this data to build out superior products that meet a demand that no other Amazon seller is meeting.

The coaches will walk you through how to immediately launch your product that you found in Yiwu.

Talk to Chinese suppliers and find products you've never seen

In Yiwu, you can source products at unbelievably low minimum order quantities, allowing you to test multiple products at the same time. Our sourcing team will also provide sourcing services for non-customized products while you are still in Yiwu (we provide this for free as part of your package). This way, a few days after you arrive back at your home country, your array of products show up at your doorstep or in Amazon’s warehouse. This is not just a sourcing trip. It’s a full on training retreat to teach you how to move from sourcing, to testing, to selling on Amazon!

What you can expect to gain from this trip

Lifetime friendships with expert Amazon sellers

You will be rubbing shoulders for seven days with Just One Dime coaches and leadership, sourcing experts, and high-end online entrepreneurs.

A proven strategy for testing products before spending tons of money

We will show you how to purchase small batches of products, test them on Amazon, and find what the Amazon shoppers are looking for. From here, you can build out your private label empire by offering superior products that no one else is selling.

The art of negotiation with Chinese suppliers

The combined training of Seth, expert Amazon sellers, sourcing agents, and people who have been doing this for decades, will give you a massive crash-course on how to negotiate the very best prices, and build relationships with suppliers that reward you for years. You will also receive your personal translation assistant!

Techniques for finding hidden market niches and exploding your Amazon sales before the competition know what happened

We will show you how to avoid the “me-too” products that everyone and their uncle is selling, and find hidden market niches with high profit margins.

An action plan so you can start immediately

This single week is not only worth 12 months of education, but will give you enough product ideas and techniques to apply for the next year as you build your Amazon empire. We will show you how to work directly with suppliers & factories, and how to leverage that relationship to get lower prices than your competition.

Pre and post-trip training

Before we take off for China, you will receive training from Just One Dime coaches, helping you prepare for the trip so you can get the most out of it. After the trip, you will receive more training to help you maximize what you learned and the products you found.

Investment & perks

We built this trip so you can focus on sourcing, meeting Chinese suppliers, and learning how to launch your products using PPC ads while we take care of the logistics, traveling, cultural gaps, and language barriers.

We have you covered from your arrival at the airport, to your hotel stay, to all transportation within China plus translators for talking to factories, all the way back to the airport. We built this in a way to empower you to focus on sourcing and expanding your business while we cover the rest.

Logistics we cover for you

Pre-trip instructions on how to prepare for international travel, what to bring, health considerations, and what to expect in Chinese culture

All transportation to and from the Pudong International Airport

All transportation to and from the 5-star Marriott hotels (we book these for you)

First class bullet train and shuttle bus tickets (we book these for you)

Your own personal bilingual translation assistant (one per person or couple) in the Yiwu marketplace for three days

All hotel stays at the 5-star Marriott Hotel (we book this for you) plus a free daily meal in the massive buffet restaurant in the hotels.

Visa invitation letter from our office in China to you (this is required to get your Visa) so you can travel in China

Immediate consolidation and shipment of the products you choose

Additional perks & benefits

A full day of sightseeing in the beautiful city of Shanghai. We might even visit the famous underground market!

Private meeting room for exclusive training, Q&A, and daily debriefs.

Thirteen hours of coaching sessions and tactics for sourcing, negotiating, differentiating, testing, and launching your chosen product immediately on Amazon.

One-to-one training from an Amazon expert coach to help you strategize your sourcing techniques and product launches.

Sourcing services from Just One Dime's China team. If you choose to source a non-customized product while in China, our team will manage the payments, product inspections, and shipping of your products to your home or to Amazon's fulfillment center.

Exclusive Facebook group and WeChat group for coaches, sourcing agents, and attendees to share ideas, network, and help each other before and after the trip.

Your investment

The trip fee is one lump sum of only $6000 per person (Just One Dime members receive a $500 discount) and 33% discount for attending spouses. Outside of the trip fee, you only have to pay for two items: the airplane ticket and your own food (except a daily buffet meal is included in your package at the hotel). Food in China is $8-$15 per meal (depending on your diet and taste preferences). We recommend you bring a little extra cash for souvenirs and snacks and a few thousand dollars worth if you plan on sourcing immediately while there.

We are offering this trip to only 30 people, with a ratio of 1 leader per 5 person/couple and a personal translation assistant for every attendee. This means you will get a lot of one-on-one time with advanced Amazon sellers and sourcing experts! It’s almost like a sourcing/Amazon selling retreat!

Most private label sellers take 2-3 years to develop the connections and experience needed to gain the level of education you will receive in a single week!

International trips require extensive advanced planning, so if you are considering this trip, do not wait. Sign up before applications close and the 30 spots are filled!

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