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Fire your boss | Just One Dime

Watch us build a brand new Amazon business from scratch.

Think, reality TV.

We’re launching a completely new brand on Amazon and you get to watch as we build it step-by-step.

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Tape | Just One DimeTape | Just One Dime

You get to look over my shoulder and see every single move we make from brand-choosing to product research to factory negotiation, all the way to building a massive brand.

Small Tape | Just One DimeSmall Tape | Just One Dime

This is not a pre-planned act, but a real-to-life viewing of exactly what I do to build million dollar Amazon brands. 🤑

And yes, it's a real Amazon store—you even get to see the products we choose and launch and exactly how we differentiate them. 👌

We call it "Labs."

You will have a virtual seat at the table, looking over our shoulder at our screen, and watch us build this week over week to as far as we can take it.

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This just in! Click an image thumbnail below to play a video on how these entrepreneurs built their brand.

Adam | Just One DimePlay | Just One Dime

Adam accelerates his income.

Think reality TV | Just One Dime

Think: reality TV.

This is not a pre-planned script. It's real-to-life raw.

See how it really works  | Just One Dime

See how it really works.

Watch us make mistakes, change our minds, and re-strategize as we scale a new brand!

See how it really works  | Just One Dime

We'll push it to the limit.

Watch us take this from a 0 product to as far as we can take it in a year.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of this fascinating process.

Whether you are just getting started or deep into your Amazon business-building, we are inviting you to watch exactly how it's done from scratch to full blown brand.

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