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Learn the truth behind Just One Dime and Seth Kniep.
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Sep 26, 2022
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Is Just One Dime a scam?

It’s the topic thousands of Google and YouTube users search every month..

Is Just One Dime Legit?
"Is Just One Dime a Scam" Google Search

And if you arrived here from a search engine, you probably noticed that other bloggers had their own takes as well.

You deserve honest answers.

That’s why today, I’m going to expose and address Just One Dime and Seth Kniep’s six biggest flaws, expose misinformation out there, and show you what we’re doing to improve our company to better serve our clients. 

Who am I?

I’m a Just One Dime staff member—one of the many dedicated unknowns working behind the screen to bring you the best in Amazon FBA coaching, content, investing, and more. What I am offering today is an inside look at Just One Dime and our CEO and co-founder, Seth Kniep, in my own words—not the company’s words—mine

Let’s start with what is perhaps the biggest complaint in the FBA community and the most fundamental hurdle against most prospective sellers:

Amazon FBA is hard.

Absolutely it is.

Roughly half of all new Amazon sellers quit within a year.

But still, people do it.

In fact in 2021 Amazon saw 1,029,528 new sellers join its 20 global marketplaces; 400,703 went to their US marketplace alone.

So if half of all US Amazon sellers is roughly 200,000, it stands to reason that approximately 200,000 sellers quit within a year. 

Put another way: 200,000 sellers stayed on Amazon to tackle another year. Those sellers are either doing well…or they’re so wealthy they need a way to waste money. Regardless, 200,000 successes might throw a wrench in the whole “impossible” theory. 

(Even if it was only 2,000, it would throw a wrench in the “impossible” theory.)

And consider that some of those sellers (successful and otherwise) did not have proper FBA training

In reality, over half of all Amazon sales go to third party sellers. This has been the case since 2017. Don’t confuse hard with impossible. 

Is Just One Dime Legit?
Share of Units Sold by Third Party Sellers on Amazon 2007 to 2022

Just One Dime exists because Amazon FBA is hard.

Apparently—asking the experts on our social media news-feeds—we at Just One Dime make FBA sound too easy.

Is Just One Dime Legit?
Is Just One Dime Too Easy?

I’ve personally vetted all of our content and I truly don’t know where this comes from. 

We’re enthusiastic about FBA, we’re fun, we’re encouraging.

Is Just One Dime Legit?
Just One Dime Encourages You

But we don’t do or promise easy. In fact, we’re the first to say Amazon FBA is hard.

Is Just One Dime Legit?
Just One Dime Acknowledges Success on Amazon FBA Takes Hard Work

In fact, it’s so hard we’ve had to revamp our training to be even better in order to meet our members’ evolving needs. 

Amazon FBA Mastery lessons have had issues.

Nothing is perfect in its first round, including our membership, Amazon FBA Mastery (AFM). That’s why software developers launch beta versions of their tech in a small pool before releasing to the world at large. 

In the realm of online coaching, the beta test is the first edition of that coaching program. But we’re not stopping there.

I first took Amazon FBA Mastery lessons in 2020, which was about its third iteration.

In 2020, we had a lot of videos with overlapping information and materials. But when you consider the sheer breadth of must-know Amazon FBA content…that’s a lot of extra video hours that were frankly unnecessary. So we redid those lessons to eliminate overlap. 

Additionally, I asked for specific lessons that I thought should be in AFM that were not there at the time.

We’ve redone our entire membership suite since then and we’re in the process of keeping it up to date piece-by-piece now. 

All members receive a lifetime membership regularly updated with improvements. 

A Just One Dime membership is for a life. When you sign up, you have access to our entire Amazon FBA Mastery library for as long as Just One Dime exists. 

So those regular updates and overhauls we do of our membership videos? You will get those even five years down the line. 

This is especially important considering how often Amazon introduces updates and new programs. We pledge to cover everything you need to know to run a successful FBA store, and we mean it: we regularly update our membership with the latest in FBA selling tools and knowledge. 

I’m neither saying we’re the best or we’re perfect. But I know our content team, I know the time and sweat they put into revamping Amazon FBA Mastery. The proof is in the lessons. 

Still dubious? Watch no-holds-barred, brutally honest reviews from actual Just One Dime students at

Selling on Amazon FBA is a better business model than teaching it.

Is Just One Dime Legit?
Internet Comments About Seth Kniep and Just One Dime

So Seth and our Just One Dime coaches and brand builders must really suck at selling on Amazon FBA. 

“If they were good, they wouldn’t need another business!”

I kinda get this one, though. In fact, most of our team members wondered that exact same thing during their hiring. 

So what is it about Seth that drives him to work both business models?

Seth is a workaholic.

I’ve never said this to his face, but it’s absolutely true 💯

And whether that be good or bad—it’s mostly good, but I worry for his health—I can at least say Seth’s workaholism is driven by pure intents:


He can’t help it. Seth loves receiving feedback and improving. 

That said, Seth has also been quite successful in the realm of financial growth, in large part thanks to Amazon FBA.

But if you look at how he lives, you might never know he’s been as successful as he has. That’s because his money is not supporting an inflated lifestyle; it’s in investments. Specifically, a lot of his money lies in investment properties that you can actually visit through Airbnb 🏡

All of this is basically to say the Knieps’ are set with multiple passive income machines (check out our other ideas to build supplemental/passive income).

Growth comes in all forms. A lot of sellers start FBA to grow their wealth. However, if you want to build true wealth, you must put your money to work for you

Just make sure you don’t obsess over money 🤑


I won’t negate what I just said; I don’t believe Seth is obsessed with money. He does have a different obsession, though: mentoring. 

Being a mentor is addicting. The rush you feel when the mentee you’re working with takes a step, achieves a goal, and truly succeeds…it is insane.

Many outside of the Just One Dime community don’t know this, but before he started Just One Dime with his son Josiah, Seth individually coached friends, family, and neighbors using the same basic techniques that we teach in our membership.

He will tell you that watching his first mentees succeed has been incredibly fulfilling. It’s why Seth and Josiah built Just One Dime: so that anyone around the world can achieve financial freedom to create margin to do the things they love with the people they love. 

All of that aside, Seth’s obsession isn’t necessarily a problem; he’s incredibly dedicated to our members—our students and clients. 

Seth over prioritizes Just One Dime members and clients who have paid.

This isn’t a problem…unless you work on Just One Dime’s content and marketing team.

Truth is Seth has a tendency to focus on the business side of things which makes it difficult for our content team to produce content because he’s also the lead in our YouTube videos 🤷

He truly does like to do it all, but that does mean he gets so wrapped up in the business as a whole that he doesn’t leave enough time for filming 🤦

Not that he doesn’t enjoy filming and creating content (he does)—but he has the same daily allotment of 24 hours as you and I.

That’s not a problem…for you. 

Just One Dime has our Amazon FBA Mastery members and we have our Done For You clients. And Seth spends hours and hours every day working to ensure that our Done For You clients are succeeding and that we are constantly updating and optimizing our Amazon FBA Mastery membership. Just One Dime is driven to offer the best Amazon FBA coaching service, so I suppose our team should expect nothing less from him. 

Now, since I mentioned our Done For You program…

Done For You is the most common reason Just One Dime is called a scam.

There’s a rumor circulating the internet that Done For You (DFY) is a scam. Now where would that have come— 

🫰I know where it came from and how it got started 🙄

But first, what is DFY?

DFY is the client side of Just One Dime. Clients pay us to build and run an Amazon FBA store for them. We take a small percentage of their revenue on a sliding scale in exchange for running their business which is a fancy way of saying we don't make money on the sales unless they do

DFY is quite different from our flagship program, Amazon FBA Mastery, where Amazon sellers pay us for coaching services. 

With Amazon FBA Mastery, we give you in-depth, comprehensive lessons on everything Amazon FBA, we coach you, we welcome you into our dedicated community, for a price. With DFY, we build you a store and for that, yes, we all share in the profits. 

But the two are totally independent. We are not both taking your money for a course and then from your store. Simply put, there are two separate ways you can enlist Just One Dime’s Amazon FBA help. 

Here is why we get called a scam:

Poor initial communication 

It all started with our poorly-titled video “Amazon Automation”, which was meant to explain DFY as a marketing pitch. 

Yah, I know, “automation” breeds as much trust as “crypto” or shouting, “But I promise I’m NOT like the other Amazon automation programs”. But “Amazon automation” was an insanely strong keyword at the time. The opportunity felt too good to pass up.

The video left a lot of holes for skeptics, especially regarding our sliding scale payment structure, wherein we don’t make money on a client’s store unless it reaches a minimum profit margin.

So this video, meant to generate buzz with our audience, quickly left our circle of control and became a pin point for every critic on the internet. 

You might have even seen this video, where extremely popular YouTuber, Coffeezilla, absolutely slams us:

Is Just One Dime Legit?
Coffeezilla Review: Just One Dime

That’s not on him, though. His job is to poke holes at programs and sites to determine if they are scams or not. So he was looking for a scam and…we accidentally presented him with something that had a lot of holes 🤦 

Boy did he take the bait. 

That was back in 2020. Today, however, dubious DFY threads are still active. And to this day, internet users everywhere want updates from the clients who didn’t think we were a scam. 

And they’re goading them. 

Is Just One Dime Legit?
Internet Users Goading Just One Dime Clients

The typists behind these comments are determined to prove that despite what our, sometimes frustrated, clients say, DFY is still a scam. 

And if all of that is not enough, we get random troll accounts like Free Wealth in Bitcoins claiming they’re not only losing thousands of dollars, but our staff “girls” are “DINGY”.

Is Just One Dime Legit?
Free Wealth in Bitcoins

Free Wealth in Bitcoins? 

So Just One Dime is a scam but that account is not a troll? 

I’m sorry, Mr. Free Wealth in Bitcoins, I’m so sorry our girls were dingy.

The current state of DFY

We know we’ve messed up and we will own up to that fully. We didn’t communicate with our clients as well as we should have. It was a big problem.

Is Just One Dime Legit?
We Didn't Communicate With Clients as We Should Have

To address that glaring issue, we hired support. And I mean tons of it—you should see our company Slack welcoming all of our new support staff: it’s insane.

Beyond that, Chinese manufacturing delays coupled with international shipping delays hit just about every industry across the globe.

We’re not immune from that impact. Check out this article to understand the full scope of how Amazon FBA has been impacted. 

And as we navigate these continuous challenges, our DFY program is sold out for the time being.

But even with the confusion about DFY as Amazon automation, there is still one more critical reason Just One Dime is often called a scam.

Just One Dime being called a “scam” is shrouded in conspiracy.

As it turns out, “Is Just One Dime a scam?” is quite the popular search. In fact, it pulls in around 2,500 to 3,000 searches per month on YouTube, aone. 

Is Just One Dime Legit?
YouTube Searches Per Month: "Just One Dime Scam"

But what happens when you search that same thing on Google? 

You get an ad for the Center for Worklife…at least I do.

Is Just One Dime Legit?
Center for Worklife Ad

And if you click on that ad, the writer and lead face for the Center for Worklife, Hope, will quickly tell you no, we’re not a scam and then just as quickly tell you why her passive income methodology is better than ours 🤔

Is Just One Dime Legit?
Center for Worklife Thoughts on Just One Dime

Then you have this reddit thread that I keep checking up on:

Is Just One Dime Legit?
Just One Dime "Seems Like a Scam" Reddit Thread

I could start with the fact that the original redditor of this post stated outright that we “seem” like a scam. This person clearly has no experience with our services. And even if I’m not a fan, that’s fine.

But scroll down this now-extremely-lengthy thread to this:

Is Just One Dime Legit?
Wealth Assistants Discussion on a Just One Dime Reddit Thread

It’s not even talking about Just One Dime—it’s talking about a company called Wealth Assistants!

Wealth Assistants are not the only ones, either. If you follow the r/FulfilledByAmazon moderators, it’s obvious they’re hawking dozens of competitor services. 

Comparisons aside, it’s clear that other entrepreneurs and businesses are reaping the rewards of that high volume search term not to call us shady, but to promote their own services. Typical.

Just One Dime is what we say it is.

Just One Dime offers exactly what we claim to offer—whether you choose Amazon FBA Mastery and do it DIY with our help, or you choose to have us do it for you with DFY.

If you don’t like us or our services, that’s fine. But that doesn't make us a scam.

What is a scam? 

Is Just One Dime Legit?
Trust Pilot Review of Just One Dime

Scams involve deception, like when an “endangered head of state” from a foreign country emails you from an obviously suspicious email address offering you heroism and thousands of dollars in exchange for your social security number 🙄

What is a Scam?

A scam is when someone intentionally deceives you into buying something with no intention of delivering what you paid for.  And if it’s a knockoff of what you paid for and tries to pass itself off as the real thing, that’s a scam.

Is Just One Dime Legit?
Knock Off T-Shirt: Avongers

If you get what you pay for but don’t like it, that’s not a scam. That’s a bad product and/or bad research on your part. For instance, if you buy a t-shirt and you receive what is technically that t-shirt, but a crappier-than-advertised version, that might be on you for trusting a seedy site. But you did technically receive what you paid for.

Is Just One Dime Legit?
Real, Bad Just One Dime T-Shirt

(Yes this t-shirt is awful, but we did once sell/wear it so it’s not a scam, either)

But if you order that t-shirt and instead get a smiley sticker (this actually happened to a Just One Dime team member) that is a scam. 

Is Just One Dime Legit?
Smiley Sticker

But rather than tell you, “Just One Dime is not a scam” (which only true scammers say), this is a better question: 

Is Just One Dime worth it for you?

If you are curious about us, rather than partaking in the ever popular Google search, “Is Just One Dime a scam”, consider reviews and testimonials from our actual members instead. In fact, you can quickly access 11 Amazon FBA success stories altogether. There’s dozens more student videos on YouTube—on the students’ own channels, no less!

Be honest, did you google, “Is Just One Dime a scam?” Let me know in the comments.


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