How to Win Prime Day & Amazon FBA Black Friday Sales for Sellers

Blow up your sales on the top shopping days.
Seth Kniep
Jun 27, 2022
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Amazon’s Black Friday and Prime Day celebrations have expanded from one day of deals each to multi-week long endeavors full of timed promotions that end in a snap. 🤌

As an Amazon seller, there’s no reason to miss out on offering your product as a lightning deal during one of these celebratory weeks. In fact, the discounts offered during Black Friday, Prime Day, and even Cyber Monday weeks and celebrations can drastically increase your product visibility, boost your brand awareness, and spike your sales. 

Today, I will walk you through Amazon’s Black Friday and Prime Day deals and show you how you can take advantage of these wildly popular shopping days. 

Leverage Black Friday & Prime Day deals.

Prime Day and Black Friday are the biggest shopping days of the year for Amazon customers.

Prime Day celebrates Amazon’s birthday and is exclusively for Amazon prime members. Prime Day typically occurs in July.

Black Friday is the same as it is across the rest of the US: The day after Thanksgiving in November when millions of Americans shop for deals

On Amazon, both Prime Day and Black Friday are now extended into week-long (and sometimes even multi-week long) events chalk-full of hours-long deals. These events give shoppers thousands of opportunities to save money on Amazon products. And it gives sellers ample opportunity to sell lots of units quickly.

Amazon allows sellers to offer several types of promotions, including subscribe & save deals and coupon deals. Throughout Black Friday and Prime Day celebrations, however, the deals that are part of the events (and that you will see shoppers flocking to the most) are lightning deals.

Lightning deals are limited-time only deals in which shoppers only have a few hours to purchase a product at a discount. Additionally, with lightning deals there are only so many units available at the discounted rate. All of this leads to shoppers making much quicker purchase decisions than they would otherwise, which is great news for Amazon sellers. We show you how to set up lightning deals (for special event weeks or not) in this post.  

Because both Prime Day and Black Friday celebrations and promotions run for several days, and in some cases weeks, sellers cannot run a promotion for the entirety of each event.

However, sellers can still take advantage of these week-long deals by running lightning deals throughout Prime Week and Black Friday weeks (you even set them up the same way you do other lightning deals). 

When you set up a lightning deal during the weeks of Prime Day, Black Friday, or even Cyber Monday, you can only set up the deal for 12 hours and only once during that week. 

To run a lightning deal

  • Your product must be in new condition.
  • Your product must be Prime-eligible in all US states.
  • Your product must not be restricted.
  • Your product must have an average rating of 3+ stars. 
  • You must have a professional seller account.
  • You must have a seller rating of 3.5+ stars.
  • You must receive five or more seller ratings per month.
  • You must offer a minimum of 20% discount on the product.
  • The product’s discounted price must be the item’s lowest price in 30 days and match or beat its lowest price of the year.
Amazon's Requirements for Running a Lightning Deal

We recommend that you launch your product at 10-20% below your goal sell price for the purpose of getting both sales and reviews early on. Learn more about that here.

If, however, your product has already launched and you don’t have many reviews, or you have an average rating below 3.5 stars, you’ll need to bump up your numbers. Learn how in this article.

As with regular lightning deals, there are fees associated with running a lightning deal during any of these celebratory weeks. These fees are higher during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Prime Day weeks and highest on the actual holidays, themselves. Once you run a lightning deal, the fees you pay to Amazon for that deal are recorded in your Amazon fees report

While it may seem contradictory to pay Amazon more fees to sell products at a discount, keep in mind that your products will get unprecedented levels of exposure during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Prime Day weeks, and even more so on the actual days themselves.

In 2021, Prime Day saw $11.2 billion in revenue. That same year, 64% of Amazon shoppers were actively planning to take part in Prime Day deals. Amazon shoppers are well aware of the discounts they can snag and seek to take advantage where they can. What’s more, 48% of shoppers noted that they often make unplanned purchases thanks to Prime Day’s lightning deals.

Accordingly, in 2021 Amazon sellers saw an average retail increase of:

  • 25% on Black Friday
  • 17% on Prime Day
  • 14% on Cyber Monday
Highest Volume Shopping Days for Amazon Sellers

That's a lot of sales!

2021 Amazon Seller Conversion Increases Across Popular Shopping Days

So if the fees are within your store’s means, and your product meets all the required specifications, Prime Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday deals can be an excellent way to boost your visibility and sales. 

Benefits of Amazon's Prime Day and Black Friday Deals

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Which holiday are you more eager to sign your products up for? Let me know in the comments.

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