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Seth Kniep
Jun 17, 2022
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While Amazon offers several types of promotions that shoppers can take advantage of, subscribe & save is one of the best for sellers. Subscribe & save deals allow shoppers to automatically refill orders of specific products while you can sit back and watch the consistent, repeat sales roll in.

Today, I will show you how subscribe & save deals work and how to set them up. 

What Are Subscribe & Save Deals?

Subscribe & save deals are incredibly useful if you sell products that need to be replaced regularly. For example, if you sell face wash, food, or even fountain pens (and ink refills), you might have customers who frequently reorder from you. 

Consumables are especially strong for this type of deal. Not only will you build repeat customers because they require reorders of your products, you can develop a strong brand following if shoppers enjoy your products and thus reorder from you. Oftentimes you can leverage the fact that shoppers are already familiar with, and need, certain consumable products (like soap), which means they’re more likely to subscribe to your product.

While promotional opportunities such as coupon deals, lightning deals, and deals leveraged during Amazon’s Black Friday and Prime Day celebrations are limited-time only, subscribe & save deals can be offered to shoppers in perpetuity. 

This is good news: It means customers can regularly sign up for subscribe & save discounts, which means they order from you regularly. 

Subscribe & save deals are customer favorites. When shoppers enroll, they get to select the frequency of their reorders. From there, they are then shipped your product and billed at regular intervals without having to think about reordering. 

For example, a shopper might choose to enroll in a subscribe & save deal for pet food. 

Amazon Pet Food With Subscribe & Save Option

Pets have to eat just as regularly as humans, so signing up to automatically receive shipments of a favorite dog food, without having to think about reordering or running out, makes a lot of sense 👍.

Shoppers also prefer these deals because subscribe & save often allows shoppers to save between five and ten percent from the original product price for enrolling in the subscription (saving is in the name, afterall).

Subscribe & save deals are beneficial to you, as a seller, however, because you are almost guaranteed regular purchases from repeat customers, some of whom will forget that they’re enrolled. This helps to guarantee that your store makes sales and allows you to better forecast your inventory replenishment

When you sign a product up for the subscribe & save option, you can choose to offer your product to subscribers at either zero, five, or ten percent off the product’s regular sell price. 

While 0% off might not sound like much customer incentive, it can be helpful for customers who will need repeat purchases of a product regardless of the available savings. If you sell a refillable, low price product, a 0% subscribe and save deal could still be quite beneficial to your business.

That said, five and, especially, ten percent deals offer more incentives to shoppers to enroll in the program.

Subscribe & save is restricted to specific types of products. We cover the details in our Amazon FBA Mastery membership.  

Once your products are enrolled, the buy box on your Amazon listing will offer shoppers the chance to purchase your product one time at the standard price or to save when they purchase by enrolling in your subscribe & save deal. 

Amazon Buy Box: Buy Once or Buy With Subscribe & Save

Shoppers can then choose the quantity of units to auto-refill and the frequency with which they want the new units delivered. The menu will also tell shoppers the most common frequency at which other Amazon shoppers refill that product.   

Choose Amazon Subscribe & Save Order Frequency

Ultimately, by electing to enroll in subscribe & save deals, you can make your customers’ lives easier and gain guaranteed customer loyalty and sales in the process. Win-win.

Benefits of Amazon's Subscribe & Save Deals

How to Set Up Subscribe & Save as an Amazon Seller

If your products are eligible for subscribe & save deals, Amazon will auto-enroll them in the program. If they are not already enrolled, you can opt into automatic enrollment for eligible products here. You can also enroll products that are not eligible for automatic enrollment by emailing, or follow these steps:

In your seller central account, hover over the gear icon in the top right and select Fulfillment by Amazon.

Hover Over the Gear Icon & Select Fulfillment by Amazon

Scroll down to Subscription Settings at the bottom. Locate Subscribe & Save and click Edit.

Locate Subscribe & Save in Subscription Settings

You should see a list of eligible products. You can add a product by inputting its SKU in the search bar.

When your products are auto-enrolled, they are automatically set to a 0% discount. To change this, 

From the Subscribe & Save page select Change default enrollment discount.

Select Change Subscribe & Save Default Enrollment Discount

Choose from 0%, 5%, or 10%. Select Confirm discount.

Choose 0%, 5%, or 10% for Your Subscribe & Save Discount

In our Amazon FBA Mastery membership, we teach sellers to launch their product at 10-20% below its goal sell price. This helps you get high product visibility, generate reviews, and ensures your goal price is kosher with customers. Learn more about how to initiate that strategy here.

How to Set Up Your Subscribe & Save Deals in Amazon Seller Central

That said, before you create your subscribe and save deal, ensure your product has already reached its goal sell price. 

Subscribe & save deals offer an incredible opportunity to grow your brand, and brand awareness, while receiving consistent sales. Learn more about the different types of Amazon promotions—along with how to find product ideas, manufacture your product, set up your product listing on Amazon, grow your business, and more—at

What products will you enroll in subscribe & save? Let me know in the comments.

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