What to Sell on Amazon FBA for Beginners 2022

How do you choose high-profit products shoppers want?
Seth Kniep
May 25, 2022
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One of the most daunting parts of starting your Amazon FBA journey is figuring out the first product you will sell. Between the sheer volume of potential products and your own nerves about picking the right one, it can be challenging to choose a fruitful first product.

Well, here’s a secret tip: If you are a new seller, giftable products are some of the strongest options you can launch your store with 🎁. 

Today, I’m going to show you eight advantages of selling giftable products, three examples of giftable products in action, and how you can find giftable products to sell. 

In this post you will find our free product research guide. This guide breaks down our five main criteria for product research—intel that is only otherwise available in our Amazon FBA Mastery membership. It can help you rate each of your product ideas and ultimately determine which product will make your store most successful.

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What Makes a Product "Giftable"

Throughout your product research, you can often easily identify top-ranking, giftable products by certain listing “green flags” :

  • The title might include “gift” terms such as “Mother’s Day gift” or “Birthday gift for men”.
Product Title Includes "Gift" Terms
  • The main image often includes exceptional packaging featuring ribbons and/or bows.
Exceptional Retail Packaging
  • The product reviews often refer to shoppers buying the product for another person or as a gift, specifically.
Reviews Mention a Gift
  • The product benefits from sales spikes during peak gifting seasons such as Christmas, Valentines Day, Mother's Day, etc. 💝 
Mother's Day Sales Spike
  • The product can be easily found in search results for “gift” search terms such as “gifts for men” or “birthday gifts for women”.
"Gift" Terms Search Results
  • The product’s nature lends itself to gifting. It might be created for an enthusiast in a particular niche. In the example below, the gift was intended for a “bourbon and new ice-concepts” enthusiast. 
Product Purchased for a Niche Enthusiast

Now that we know how to identify them, let’s take a look at the eight benefits giftable products offer.

Giftable-Type Product "Green Flags"

8 Benefits of Selling Giftable Products

Premium Pricing

One thing that makes gift items such a strong product, especially for FBA beginners, is that shoppers tend to spend more money on a product that will be seen by—or in this case given to—peers, friends, or family

Especially in the case of gifts, shoppers want the recipient to think highly of them, so they aim to find the best product. 

And customers often shop for gifts in niches they are less familiar with because they’re buying for someone else’s interests. Without a strong knowledge or background on what constitutes value in that particular interest-area, shoppers often equate price with quality. 

The gift giver will often purchase a higher-priced product than they might for themselves. And you can use this to your advantage by creating a giftable product with a higher price tag. 

High Review Ratings

High review ratings correlate with how well a product helps shoppers achieve their shopping goal. The better your product helps the shopper achieve this goal, the more likely they are to leave a review, and the more likely that review will be positive.

This is why it’s so important that you consider the experience your product will provide your ideal customer when you design it and build your listing. 

For example, if a shopper’s goal is to achieve smooth dress clothes that make them feel confident, and you sell that shopper an easy-to-use hand steamer, they’re more likely to leave a positive review because your product has helped them easily achieve their goal. Whereas if you sell them an iron that doesn’t seem to get hot enough to get rid of wrinkles, they might leave a negative review. 

With gifted products, and especially gift baskets of a certain theme, it’s fairly easy to help shoppers achieve their goal: Buying a gift for a niche enthusiast. In fact, it’s actually one of the easiest buyer goals to achieve. 

This means there’s a greater likelihood buyers will have a pleasant shopping experience and leave a kind review on your listing. 

Review Rating Sustainability

With non-gift products, oftentimes your buyers are also the users of your product. In that case, the shoppers’ user experience impacts any review or rating they leave on your listing. 

With giftable products however, the shopper is not always the user. 

Even if the user has a terrible product experience, it likely won’t result in a negative review. In fact, you might already have a positive review from the purchase because you helped the buyer, in this case the gift giver, achieve their shopping goal. 

It’s the first impression, when the gift recipient opens the present, that counts.

Note this doesn’t mean you should haphazardly design your listing and offer a sort of meh product. 

High Review Conversion Rate

Gifts tend to be high impact products. Additionally, the gift-giving experience is often more memorable than other shopping experiences. Many shoppers enjoy selecting the perfect item for their loved ones.

Combined, these two factors suggest that customers who purchase a gift product will more likely respond positively to review requests. They remember you.

This increases the number of reviews on your listings and thus your overall conversions. 

And that’s not the only aspect of giftable products that gives them such high conversion potential. 

High Development Potential

Giftable items lend themselves to offering an unbelievable customer experience. They provide ample opportunity to create an above and beyond product featuring: Bundling, accessorizing, beautiful retail packaging, product inserts, and more. 

And shoppers looking for the perfect gift for their enthusiast friend or family member will appreciate these extra efforts. 

Additionally, a lot of giftable products offer a combination of items. This makes this type of product especially well-suited to differentiation: It’s easier to make a giftable product stand out from the competition through unique attributes and exceptional packaging. So, they are ideal products for private label sellers like you and me. 

Low Brand Dominance

The fact that giftable products are commonly bundles of multiple, often quirky, items has yet another advantage to sellers. There is a lesser chance the gift niche you choose will be overly-dominated by one big brand. 

Big brands tend to stick with individual products and don’t offer as many complex, bundled options.

The lower competition has another benefit as well. 

Lower Ad Spend and Easier Ranking 

Giftable products can often be found through several different keywords—words or phrases shoppers use to find what they want to buy. This reduces the competition to be the top-ranked product for a particular keyword. 

Rank refers to the order in which your product appears in search results when shoppers search a relevant keyword. 

If there’s less competition for the top-ranked spots, you can spend less in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to get your product in front of shoppers. This is because PPC works on a bidding system like an auction. When sellers have alternate keyword options that drive down competition for single keywords, this drives bids down to a lower price.

Regular Sales Peaks

Some gift niches may be more seasonal (such as “Secret Santa Gifts”), while others sell all year round. Either way, giftable items will likely see multiple periods of high sales volume throughout the year. 

This phenomenon is especially beneficial to newer sellers. You can expect steady sales year round. But you also know that you must increase your inventory around the holidays when more shoppers might need your gift 🎅. 

Identify a Great Product Idea for Amazon FBA

Now that we know what to look out for, we can check out these features in action.

3 Examples of Giftable Products in Action

Here are our top three examples of giftable, bundled products:

Aromatherapy Spa Basket for Women 💆💅

Aromatherapy Spa Basket

Cocktail Smoker Kit 🍸

Cocktail Smoker Kit

Whiskey Stones Gift Set for Men 🧊

Whiskey Stones Gift Set

These are some of the most powerful product types you can sell and build your Amazon store around. 

Get your free guide to how we at Just One Dime determine a strong product idea from a weaker one, and how you can vet your own product research, here.

Let’s take a closer look at each type of gift.

How to Ensure Your Product is Giftable 

Because gift terms are widely searched (think “gifts for men”), when doing your product research, search “gifts for [ideal recipient]” and see what comes up. Then, pick a giftable type product that you think you could make better.

As you conduct research, note what attributes of giftable products are easily represented in existing giftable products. Your future product and listing should emulate the same characteristics.

For example:

We can examine premium pricing through the Cocktail Smoker Kit product:

Premium Pricing

Notice that the higher-priced listings have strong reviews and review numbers. This suggests that buyers, who are most likely gift givers, are less sensitive to price and might even prefer higher priced products.

We also notice that kits with a torch sell for a higher price than those without, and thus make for a better gift. Many shoppers will choose a kit that includes a torch, even at the higher price tag. The addition of the torch better helps them accomplish their shopping goal of impressing the gift’s recipient 🔥. 

Cocktail Smoker Kits With Torch

We can examine high review ratings and review rating sustainability through the Whiskey Stones Gift Set product niche. 

Giftable products tend to have higher ratings and review numbers.

High Review Ratings

Additionally, we can see that multiple reviews mention not only that the buyer purchased the product for another person, but that they had a pleasant shopping experience. 

Buyers Had a Pleasant Shopping Experience

In other words, shoppers easily achieved their goal of purchasing a gift product. And that’s reflected in the high number of positive reviews. 

The Whiskey Stones Gift Set product niche also demonstrates low brand dominance.

For example, Makers Mark is a big name in top-shelf whiskeys and whiskey accessories. However, there is nothing with the name “Makers Mark” (or any other big name) in any of the top-ranked search results when we search “Whiskey Stones Gift Set for Men”. 

Low Brand Dominance

This product type is also perfect to examine the phenomenon of lower ad spend and easier ranking.

For example, we can arrive at the Whiskey Stones Gift Set for Men niche through any of the following keyword searches:

  • “Whiskey stones gift set for men”
  • “Whiskey glass set”
  • “Whiskey glass set of two”

But we can also arrive at this product through these keyword searches:

  • “Gifts for men”
  • “Valentine’s day gifts for men”
  • “Anniversary gifts for men”

Essentially, the product ranks well both for searches that include its dominant keywords of “whiskey”, “whiskey stones”, etc., but also for searches that include more generic, “gifts for men”-type search terms. 

If you sold this product, there is a strong likelihood that you would not have to spend a lot on advertising to rank highly across the niche’s different search terms. 

Of course, some of the rank for the latter keywords might depend on seasonality and specific high-sales-volume periods associated with holiday keywords. This means you can easily leverage the giftability of this product type through your listing title’s keywords as you can see here:

"Gift" Terms in Product Title

This seller has specifically associated their gift product with holiday keywords—Father’s Day, Birthday, Anniversary, etc.—to drive conversions. 

However, because the product is not exclusively associated with just one holiday, we can deduce that it sells year round, as well. That is to say it’s not exclusively a seasonal product in the way something like a Christmas tree is 🎄.

We can assess high development potential through the Aromatherapy Spa Baskets for Women product type.

In each aromatherapy gift basket listing, we immediately notice the importance of strong presentation and packaging: 

Strong Retail Presentation and Packaging

This should always be highlighted in the main image—the one that appears in shoppers’ search results.

This product type is also a great example of regular sales peaks.

You might find that the Aromatherapy Spa Basket for Women product peaks right before Mother’s Day in the US, but also around Valentine’s Day and Christmas time. 

However, it will most likely see steady sales year round as customers shop for a birthday, congratulatory, or even a thinking-of-you type gift. 

You can also apply the benefits this product type provides to your product research, construction, and packaging and listing design. 

To get the full how-to on scouting the best product ideas, designing unique product offerings, and more, visit JOD.com/freedom

When you enroll in our Amazon FBA membership, we will send you personalized product niche ideas, and that’s just the beginning. You will also get exclusive access to one-on-one coaching, our dedicated and driven community of sellers, along with comprehensive lessons that cover everything you need to know about starting and running a successful Amazon business. 

In the meantime, make sure you grab your free Product Research Guide below.

What giftable product do you want to sell? Let me know in the comments.


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