How to Use Amazon's Shipping Template and Customize Shipping Settings for All Your Products

Shipping Amazon FBM Step-by-Step
Seth Kniep
Nov 23, 2021
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In the past, if you wanted one of your Amazon FBM products to include free shipping, you had to upload a spreadsheet.

It was a huge hassle. Thankfully, Amazon moved away from these complicated, time-consuming spreadsheets.

Now, you can create FBM shipping templates in Seller Central that enable you to:

  • Apply your shipping templates to multiple items.
  • Charge for shipping by sales price.
  • Charge for shipping by product weight or per item.
  • Set different arrival dates for your product for different regions.
  • Change how much you charge for shipping depending on where the product ships to.
FBM Shipping Templates in Seller Central Enable You

Remember, this only applies to FBM (fulfilled by merchant) items. Amazon sets the shipping rates for FBA (fulfilled by Amazon) items and always ships them for free to Prime members.

This training is for you if you fulfill orders yourself or have your own third party logistics (3PL) team ship orders for you from a warehouse.

Today, I will walk you through how to create shipping templates and apply them to your products.

In Seller Central, click on the settings gear icon.

Amazon Seller Central Settings

Click Shipping Settings.

Shipping Settings Access

You will be greeted with this shipping settings page.

Shipping Settings

Click on the drop down arrow next to Edit Template.

Drop Down Arrow

Click Copy to a New Template.

Copy to a New Template

Select your Ship-from location.

Ship-From Location

Click Next.

Click Next

Choose whether this template is for regular FBM or Seller Fulfilled Prime.

Seller Fulfilled Prime is a program you have to qualify for where your FBM products are viewed as Prime to customers. In order to choose Seller Fulfilled Prime at this step, you would have had to already set up Seller Fulfilled Prime. 

Fulfillment Type Preferences

In order to qualify for Seller Fulfilled Prime, you and your team must be able to accomplish everything that shoppers expect from Prime products including one to two day shipping. Realistically, you need to hire a fantastic third party logistics company (3PL) to fulfill orders for you in order to be able to meet Seller Fulfilled Prime requirements.

Click Next.

Click Next

Select which regions where you will deliver. To change your region settings, click Edit.

Region Preferences

If you sell in the US, Amazon will let you select/ deselect Alaska, Hawaii, and all US protectorates (territories that are not US states).

Select Deliverable Regions

When you are done selecting, click OK.

Click OK

Click Next.

Click Next

Choose which shipping services you will use to fulfill orders with.

Click Next.

Shipping Services

Review your shipping settings. Click Confirm.


Name your shipping template.

Name Your Shipping Template

Choose whether you will charge for shipping based on the price of the order versus how many items / how much the order weighs.

Rate Model

Per Item/Weight-Based will calculate the shipping price per item or per pound, plus a fixed fee. 

Price Banded will calculate the shipping cost based on the shopper order price. You can customize different “bands,” such as charging $2 shipping for orders between $1 and $10, $4 shipping for orders between $10 and $20 – and so on.

Since your shipping costs are usually based on size and weight, it usually makes sense to go with the Per Item / Weight-Based option.

Set your standard shipping rates.

You can charge different shipping rates for shoppers in the continental US versus Alaska, Hawaii, and non-state territories.

It is usually a good strategy to offer free shipping to the continental US in order to be competitive with other sellers. However, since it’s more expensive to ship outside of the continental US, it makes sense to charge for shipping that longer distance and recoup at least some of your shipping costs.

Domestic Shipping

You can include a flat rate per order charge plus a fee per item or per pound. Click on the drop-down arrow to switch between charging by item or by pound.

Your options here are incredibly customizable.

Per Item or Per Lb

On the same webpage, set your two-day delivery charges.

From this point down, you can unselect any of these shipping methods. So, unselect two-day delivery if you don’t offer two-day delivery.

Two-Day Delivery

If you offer one-day delivery, check the box opting you into one-day delivery and set your rates.

One-Day Delivery

If you offer international shipping, check the box(es) opting you into international shipping and set your rates.

International Shipping

Click Save.

Click Save

You’ve completed creating your shipping template!

Now, it’s quick and easy to apply the template to your product.

On the Seller Central homepage, click the three horizontal lines in the top left corner.

Top Left Corner

Under Inventory, click Manage Inventory.

Manage Inventory

For the listing you want to choose, click the drop down arrow next to Edit.

Drop-Down Arrow

Click Change shipping template.

Change Shipping Template

On the next page, click Change shipping template.

Change Shipping Template Drop-Down

Choose your shipping template.

Choose Your Shipping Template

Click Yes, continue.

Click Yes, Continue

I hope this helped you a ton. If you would like our team to train you how to take your Amazon store to the next level, apply here.

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