How to do a removal order on Amazon: get your products back!

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Seth Kniep
Sep 20, 2017
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What do you do if you have inventory in Amazon’s warehouse and you need it back?

You may have decided to sell a different product. Or maybe you don't want as much inventory sitting in Amazon's warehouses because of storage fees. Or a customer might have returned their item through FBA and said it was damaged so they don’t have to pay for return shipping. This causes Amazon to mark the item as “unfulfillable” and it becomes unsellable. Most of the time, the item isn’t actually defective. It just needs to be returned to you so you can double check it, then send it right back to Amazon FBA.

You have two options: you can have FBA dispose of your inventory, or you can have them ship it back to you.

Let’s say I have a product I no longer want to sell on Amazon. I’m going to go to “FBA Inventory” and then find the product I want to get back. Click the checkbox on the left side of the product you want returned, then select “Create Removal Order” from the dropdown box.

Next, you'll see a page where you can either select “Ship-to address” or “Dispose.” If you put in your address, then enter the quantity of items you want removed, they will send it back to your house or warehouse. There is a small fee charged for this and it usually takes 10 days to ship.

You can also select “Dispose”, which means Amazon will get rid of it for you. That fee is even smaller, so if you are sure you don’t need your inventory back, you can do that.

You’ll see on the bottom right of the screen there is a column that says “Unfulfillable Qty”. All this means is that if Amazon damaged your item when they received it, or a customer sent back an item and claimed it was damaged, Amazon will mark it as unfulfillable and won’t be able to sell it. You can enter in the quantity of unfulfillable items, if they have any, to get sent back to you. 

When putting in the quantities you want removed or disposed, you can see what quantities are available right underneath the box. So for this item, I have 34 fulfillable quantity and 0 unfulfillable; the maximum amount I can have removed or disposed for this item is 34, since that’s all I have.

For “Order ID”, you don’t have to put anything if you don’t want to, but you can put your own description there to help you keep track of it if you would like. If you leave it blank, Amazon will auto-generate one for you.

After you hit “Continue,” you’ll get taken to a page where you can review your order and then place it. There’s a small fee, but it’s very minimal, between 10 and 20 cents a piece. After I hit “Place order,” they will either send the products back to me or dispose of them, depending on what I selected. If I hit dispose, I never have to see or touch it again: simple as that. 

Once you get your items back, you can test them to find out if it was actually damaged or if the customer just claimed it was so they could return their item for free. If that is the case, you can send them back to FBA to get put back in inventory after you double check them.

I hope that is helpful for you. Keep on going, keep fighting, keep doing this. You can make it happen. When I started on Amazon, I didn’t do reviews, I didn’t use ads, I didn’t know about any of the standard promotional tactics. I was still able to find a way to provide for my family, eat, sleep, having bedding and clothing, all that good stuff. Today, I do a lot more and it makes me a lot more money than I need! You can do the same. Let me know how I can help you. Have an awesome day. 


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