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It is the determination of our energetic Amazon warrior community that drives Just One Dime. We are overjoyed to share the personal successes stories of our members, and how they were able to double their dime; over and over.

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"This is something we really believe in. I want to share my stories of success with others."

~ Harks, Sales at Just One Dime

Harks and his business partner Kabir found direction in their lives when Harks stumbled across a quirky ecommerce seller on youtube with the tagline, “Kniep’in it Real.” Two years later He shares his story of being a Just One Dime student, and how it inspired him to leave his corporate day-job, to then generating over $100,000 of passive income in a year.

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We’ve worked with thousands of passionate people who are now living in financial freedom.

From a college student who quit school and travels the world selling online, to a husband from Ohio who makes 10 times more than what he made at his corporate job, Just One Dime has helped students fire their bosses all around the world. Click on any of the videos to the right to hear about their trials, success stories, and the value they’ve gained from being a part of the community.

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Celeste: I’m so, so grateful for it because I’m someone who needs structure and daily goals.
Ronak: Just One Dime is like Netflix for Amazon sellers.
Eric: The Just One Dime team helped create freedom for me and my wife and kids.
Kevin: One of the best decisions of my life.
David: The Just One Dime team helped create freedom for me and my wife and kids.
Everyone wants to help each other.
Victor: It’s been phenomenal!
Paul: The content is incredible. It’s step-by-step instructions on what to do.
Baba: I joined Just One Dime 1 year ago. And I’m at $16,000 a month.
Sue: I made this in just 2 months!
Lina: He’s willing to spend his time to help you with your problem.
Valerie: I loved the down-to-earth no BS, straight shot information.
Jesse: The Just One Dime network saved me from an expensive mistake.
Scott: I knew Seth before he started selling on Amazon.
Ilya: Just One Dime gave way more than expected.
Ali: Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Alessandra: The community is full of so many awesome people.
The value is over-delivered.
Anna: They want to help and they want to give.
Carlos: Things that I’m learning I’m implementing not only in my professional career but [also] with my family.
Christine: This program is so different…I feel like I get more than I pay for.
Heather: My business gives me freedom.
Todd: Invaluable information.
Monique: It would have taken me years to get this information.
Saad: Seth, brother I appreciate everything you have done for me.
Steve: From alcoholism to freedom.
Vasilii: He continues to change the lives of thousands of people.
It’s the integrity and the resources.
Aaron: I love this community of go-getters.
Trying to save money by not [getting training] is a false dichotomy.

Check out these results from Just One Dime students since starting AMAZON FBA MASTERY

Jon and his team have been peaking toward 350% a day.

“We’ve put a lot of effort into applying what we’ve learned here recently to improve our listings and drive our prices up and it’s really starting to pay off! We just whizzed past the $5000/mark."

Jon, Amazon Warrior

Jack hits $51,352 in sales within 30 days.

Hi everyone. I’m posting this picture now cause I would just like to give a big thank you to Seth Kniep AND ALL COACHES. Seth I would’ve never been able to do this without your coaching program.

Jack, Amazon Warrior

Logan has an (almost!) 600% rise in their monthly sales!

Sales are taking off. Profit margins are getting better. Just hope my next order of units get here before I run out of stock :D :D :D #LetsGetIt.”

Logan, Amazon Warrior
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“Quality reviews matter. Keep crushing it and don’t give up! A little motivation for people just starting out. Got my 3rd “raving” review on the 20th and sales have been on the ride up since!” 

~ Dennis, Amazon Warrior
Dennis Amazon Warrior Result | Just One Dime
Amazon FBA is not dead! Thanks to all coaches and Seth Kniep! I am still a college student, I started my Amazon business and launched my product during August 2018. I faced many problems during my journey, Amazon shut down my listing, hijackers started jump into my listing and they made all the changes of my listing (images). Sometimes I was thinking to give up, but I keep motivating myself and think back to what made me start this business!

~ CJ, Amazon Warrior

Join our diverse community of Amazon warriors.

Just One Dime’s mission is to see others succeed so they can regain their freedom from the 9-5 slavery. If you are just getting started selling on Amazon, we provide a multitude of resources to help you start your business from scratch, in a way that is scalable, profitable, and substainable.