How to Get What You Want in Life | 7 Life-Changing Techniques

Destroy all self doubt.
Seth Kniep
May 27, 2020
What I am about to give you is so much more than a few tips and ideas. I have trained 10’s of thousands of entrepreneurs in over 100 countries—many of whom are millionaires today. Two countries asked me to train their top businesses. Today I am going to extract all that experience and condense it into the seven most important, most life-changing techniques to living the life of your dreams. If you are dead serious about getting what you want in life—actually achieving your dreams…then prepare yourself.

1. Believe that you can and will succeed.

One of my students asked me, "Seth, I need your brutally honest answer. Do you believe I can succeed at this?"

I replied, "Yes, absolutely. But the more important question is: do you believe that you will succeed?”

The number one enemy of your success is not your parents, the economy, your spouse, your upbringing, your school, or the size of your bank account. The number one enemy—the one that has taken down more entrepreneurs than any other is not believing that you have what it takes to succeed.

"Well, Seth, that sounds great but if I struggle with self-doubt, how do I believe?"

You give yourself permission to believe.

Instead of fighting negative thoughts (which only makes them stronger), recognize them, smile at them, and then replace them with visualization.

It’s easier to replace than it is to kill.

That brings us to my second point:

2. Visualize your preferred future.

Visualization leverages the most persuasive part of your brain: your vision. It retrains your mind to think in a way that allows you to succeed. Nothing destroys disbelief faster than visualization.

How do I do it? Simple.

Every day, take just five minutes to visualize where you are going to be, who you will be with, how much money you will have in your bank account, and who you are investing in. This visualization—just five minutes a day—will train your brain to start removing negative thoughts and replace them with truth: you can do this!

An actual screenshot from one of our many students who earn financial freedom

3. Give yourself time and grace.

There is no right or wrong speed to be at when you build your dreams. Some people work on it full time, 8-10 hours a day. Others give it 20-30 minutes a day because they have a family, a job, and other responsibilities.

One of my favorite quotes comes from Dave Ramsey: "Live like no one else so that someday you can live like no one else." When you are working on your goals and dreams while your friends and family are watching TV or out partying, just remember that someday, you are going to show up at that party with the margin and cash-flow to do whatever you want. Because you put in the time.

4. Be consistent.

Consistency beats quantity. Every time.

I recommend you set aside time each weekday to work on your business. How much time? That's up to you. We have students with full time jobs, and they build their Amazon businesses on the side, just taking a little time each day. Some of them make over $100K a month now. You can do this at your own pace. The key is not how much time but that you are consistent.

I'm a tap dancer, and I love dancing. When I spent three hours practicing twice a week, it exhausted me. The last 2 hours of my practice was not nearly as productive.

When I started practicing just 30 minutes a day, my skills advanced much faster.

5. Own your successes AND your mess-ups.

If you want to succeed, you must be willing to fail along the way. I don't know of a single successful person on the planet who did not fail tons of times on their path to success. How many shots did Michael Jordan and LeBron James have to miss before they became phenomenal basketball players? 🏀

Just like you take credit for your successes, take credit for your failures.

Proverbs 24:16 says a righteous man falls seven times, and keeps getting up again. The only time you lose is when you give up.

Become okay with mess-ups along the way. This is how you grow. The massive advantage you have is that we will teach you everything we know about succeeding on Amazon which means you won't have to make nearly as many mistakes as I did.

6. Become friends with risk and ambiguity.

Something I have noticed is that new entrepreneurs struggle with two things: risk and ambiguity.

Consider them your two new friends. The life of an entrepreneur includes calculated risk because that is how you take advantage of opportunities and turn them into money. That's why entrepreneurs make so much more money than the rest of the world: they are the only ones willing to take risks.

I'm not talking about dumb risks like swimming in a swamp of hungry alligators. 🐊

I'm not talking about gambling risks like putting your hard-earned money into a machine when you know your chances of winning are 1 in 10,000. I'm talking about calculated risk. A willingness to let go of predictability and security so you can end up with far more security when you cash out big. 🎲

One of our students left his regular job, started living on his savings, and joined our membership.

Now that’s a major dose of risk and ambiguity already. He left a stable, well-paying job, and every day he ate up his savings. Risk.

He had no way of knowing if this whole Amazon private label thing was going to work or not. Ambiguity.

He opened his new Amazon account, failed to follow our step-by-step instructions, and his account got suspended. Naturally frustrated, he appealed their decision. They responded stating he did not provide enough info. So he re-appealed. This process continued...for 2 months.

Now at this point, he’s feeling it. Did I make the wrong decision? Did I just do the dumbest thing on the planet?

Finally, after 60 days of waiting, Amazon approved his account.

Within one year, he is doing over $300,000 a month.

If you knew you would have to wait 60 days to just get your Amazon seller account approved and then reach $300,000 a month, would you do it? Easy to say when you know you'll be making $300,000. But what about when he didn't know?

He messed up. He missed details when he opened his account. But instead of complaining, giving up, or finding some bogus excuse so he didn't have to face his error, he owned it, admitted it, and fought hard to succeed.

7. Be a tree planter, not a fruit picker.

Build a business that will serve you, instead of you being a slave to it (the Just One Dime team and I can show you how).

One of our students loves rock climbing. He worked insane hours for a company, saved up his money, and then went rock climbing around the world. The problem is, this would deplete his savings, and he would have to go find another job. And his hours were horrendous.

He joined our team. We taught him step by step. He wisely took his time to pick products. Instead of just building listings that sell, he decided to build a brand. His brand exploded and today people go onto Amazon searching for his brand—even willing to spend a lot more on his brand than on the competition because they trust and believe in his brand. The cool part: his brand is built around his hobby, rock-climbing. 🧗

He has VA's. He uses software. His store works for him while he rock climbs. He didn't go out and pick some fruit. He planted an orchard. 🍎

One or our students was selling in retail really well but on Amazon sold only 3-4 a day. He joined our team, he went through the same training you are about to go through. Within 6 months, his sales increased to over 1,000 a day.

And then someone asked if they could buy his business. Because of his new Amazon knowledge, he negotiated for $500,000 more.

He walked up to me the day after and said, "Seth, thank you for doubling my investment into your training, over 100 times."

He didn't just plant an orchard. He sold it for a lot of cash.

7 Life-Changing Techniques
  1. Believe that you can and will succeed.
  2. Visualize your preferred future
  3. Give yourself time and grace.
  4. Be consistent.
  5. Own your successes and your mess-ups.
  6. Become friends with risk and ambiguity.
  7. Be a tree planter, not a fruit picker.

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