3 Key Strategies to Grow Your Amazon Business

Don't let your listing become dead on arrival. These are the most important factors needed for long term success on Amazon.
Seth Kniep
Feb 19, 2020
Launch Your Amazon Product
Amazon has clamped down on the older, shadier tricks. If you still follow them for short-term gain, Amazon can detect "unusual reviewing activity" and remove all your reviews—and make it impossible to receive any new reviews. You want to move forward in a way that organically gives you real reviews and turns your listing into an absolute beast. Make sure your product is visible, desirable, and creates impact for your customer. We call it:


Visibility: Your shoppers can't buy your product if they can't find it.
Before the sale, be front and center.

Desirability: Your customers won't buy it if it doesn't pique their interest and becomes the choice.
During the sale, stand out drastically.

Impact: Your buyers won't leave a positive review unless they receive a quality product that surprises them with value exceeding their expectations.
After the sale, delight them.

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If you hit all three of these aspects at launch, customers will find, buy, and review your product. This is the order in which your buyers experience it. However, you don't start running ads to make your product visible before you've even built a desirable product. You build your brand experience in a way that the acronym changes order!


Make it Desirable

You must develop a product that visually shouts "choose me!" 🙋🏻

That doesn't just mean building a product with better, intrinsic value, but also increasing the customer's perceived value which motivates them to buy.

But wait, aren't actual value and perceived value the same thing? Not at all! Have you ever eaten something that didn't look very good but tasted delicious? Or something that looked tasty but made you spit it back up? 🤢

Our goal is to make something look appetizing AND deliver on that promise! You don't want a customer to buy and end up disappointed. That's a sure fire way to get a negative review! ⬇️

Photo by Charles Deluvio

In the building phase, keep in mind how its value can be shown on Amazon.

Customers can't pick it up to evaluate with all their senses like they can in a store. They can only see what you show them. Make sure you build a better product than your competitors and that pictures are able to display what's better about it.

We measure desirability with two more acronyms for you: CTR & CR.

Click-Through Rate (CTR):
Out of a hundred people who see your listing, how many of them click? If five click on your listing while the others scroll by, your CTR is 5%.

CTR shows the relationship between how many customers that saw your listing on the search results page and how many of them chose to click on it. So, what makes them click?

According to heat maps that follow consumers' eyes and computer mice, potential buyers are far more focused on the featured photo than anything else, followed by prices. On a heat map, the redder the spot on the screen, the more time a customer lingered on it.

When a customer browses a results page, their decision to click on a listing is determined most by (in descending order):

  1. The problem your product solves—differentiation
  2. Featured image
  3. Price
  4. Reviews
  5. Title

If your listing has a strong main image that shows product differentiation, then you'll see your CTR go up! 📈

Conversion Rate (CR):
Once people are at your listing, how many of them buy? If it's a hundred people looking at your photo, reading your bullet points, and reading reviews, and ten of them buy, your CR is 10%.

To drive up desirability, make a compelling product listing. Your product image matters the most, and the next thing customers will check out is your bullet points. Emphasize the benefits customers get with your product before going over the minutia, such as what it's made from. If you chose to make glass frames out of titanium, the goal is to make it tougher. Start with the toughness and then tell them how!

Starting with the most important, these are the factors that affect CR:

  1. Listing images
  2. Bullet points
  3. Nature of reviews
  4. Description
  5. Questions & answers

Increase your CR with a lower introductory price, coupons, and by investing in Amazon facilitated review programs! This may cost you at first, but a listing is fragile when it's new. It's a sprouting tree 🌱. Invest in making it strong at the start so you won't have to deal with a damaged listing in the future! Water it now and rest in the shade of your money tree later! 💦

Check back on the JOD blog for a full article of Desirable tips!

Make it Impactful

Reviews matter! They affect both CTR and CR. And that means money.

Maximize the likelihood of positive, persuasive, organic reviews and reduce the chance of negative reviews by making your product impactful.

Overdeliver on your product and give excellent customer service.

Photo by Anna Elfimova

The purchasing of a product is an experience. Your buyers’ experience is totally up to you!

Outside of delivering on the promises in your product listing, you can delight a buyer through—

  • Gifting: Providing something extra not advertised in the listing. An inexpensive but wonderful surprise! 😮
  • Lead Magnets: Product inserts that give away a free item or service (warrantee, etc.) in exchange for contact details (email). 🧲
  • Follow-up: Send emails from your Seller Central account to start a relationship and turn one-time customers into fans and avoid negative feedback. 📧

Make the customer feel special and eager to return the favor. Their number one way of paying you back is leaving a stellar review!

Long-term customers support great products that afford them a great experience.

Check back on the JOD Blog shortly for an in-depth guide on making Impact for your buyers!

Make it Visible

Amazon gives listings a rank (first/second/twentieth) that determines where in search results customers find your product. The organic (i.e. not paid for) rank is categorized under specific keywords. If you sell a pet carrier, you may rank at a different level when someone searches "pet carrier" versus "cat carrier".

This rank is based on the number of impressions, clicks, sales, and external traffic among other reasons.

The lower your Best Sellers Rank (BSR), the higher your rank for a variety of keywords—you want this.

Make your product rank better and become more visible using social media, influencers, Facebook ads, and PPC.

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The fastest way to make your product visible and ranking well is PPC (Pay-Per-Click).

To effectively use PPC, start with a manual campaign. You will bid on keywords to be placed as "sponsored" on the first page where your new listing wouldn't otherwise be visible. Aim for approximately thirty relevant keywords to start off.

Pro-tip! Put those keywords in your listing.

After you've added keywords to your manual campaign, start an automatic PPC campaign. In this case, Amazon chooses keywords based on your listing and places you on other relevant listings.

Optimize your PPC campaign! Make sure your ads are on the top of page one. Read your keyword report and use it to update your listing.

Bid aggressively in the first 1-2 months to ensure early sales and to gather valuable data!

Learn more when we write a whole blog dedicated to Visibility in the near future!

If you're only looking for a quick buck, there are ways to do that on Amazon. But then you're leaving a huge pot of potential in front of you.

Building your own business and brand is a marathon, not a sprint. 🏃🏽Get out of the gate strong, but don't expect to run at jackrabbit speed the whole time. 🐇 You'll burn out and not even go a tenth of the distance as the tortoise. 🐢

Organically Grow Your Amazon Business

The opportunities you have today are huge. Years ago, the frontier full of potential looked like the American west. Today, it's the internet and, more specifically, Amazon FBA. But it takes work.

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