15 Tips and Tricks to Maximize Your Amazon Product Photos

Make your photos work for you.
Seth Kniep
May 20, 2022
Launch Your Amazon Product
A picture is worth a thousand…sales 📸.

Product photos can make or break your Amazon store. And if your photos are not excellent, you are wasting precious real estate on your listing. You could be driving away hundreds of dollars in revenue instead of capturing thousands of new customers!

But if you take the time to do them right, your product photos can drive shoppers to your listing and increase your sales like never before.

Today, I will break down the 5 types of stunning photos you need and give you 15 tips and tricks to improve your Amazon product photos so you can increase your listing’s conversions. 

Show product value through different images.

Your product photos are the most important part of your listing

No title, copy, or PPC ranking can better help your shoppers understand what it is they’re buying (or help them make the decision to buy) like your product photos.

Your pictures need to help shoppers experience your product before they buy. You want your customers to visualize using your product. Your product photos should both evoke an emotional need for your product that causes shoppers to buy and speak to their intellectual side that understands and appreciates the solutions your product provides. 

Your listing needs five types of product photos:

  1. Featured photo, the image that appears in search results (1 count)
  2. Lifestyle photos (2-3 count)
  3. Tech spec photos (1-2 count)
  4. Photos from a different angle (1-2 count)
  5. Competitor comparison or size reference photo (1 count)
Five Product Photos to Drive Traffic to Your Listing

Your featured photo is the first image shoppers will see when your listing appears in search results. These are all examples of featured photos in search results:  

Featured Photos on Amazon

Your featured photo must be clean and professional. It needs to attract shoppers and show the massive value your product will add when they purchase. We break down everything you need to know about stunning featured photos, and more, here.

Featured Photo Example

Your listing should also include two to three lifestyle photos that show the product being used. 

These photos are key. There is literally no better way to visually convey the experience a product provides than through lifestyle photos.

When you take your lifestyle photos, consider how your customers will use and experience your product. Then, make sure that is clearly conveyed through your setup. If you were shopping for a pool volleyball set, for example, what image would better help you to envision that setup for your backyard pool? A basic photo of the net?

Pool Volleyball Net Basic Product Photo

Or a photo of the net set up during an actual pool volleyball game? 

Pool Volleyball Net Lifestyle Photo

You must present your customers the opportunity to see the product in action so that they can imagine how they will use it. 

Lifestyle Photo

After your lifestyle photos, you should include one to two tech spec photos

Tech spec photos should exhibit different elements of your product that consumers can’t just know from looking at it. These images can show dimensions, extra features invisible to the eye, or any other product attribute that cannot be understood without specifications.

In this example, the tech spec image tells us the dog doorbell product: 

  • Can be heard up to 500 ft away 
  • Has 58 sound options
  • Has a volume range of up to 85dB
  • Comes with customizable chimes for different rooms. 
Dog Doorbell Detailed Tech Spec Photo

Of course, you could read through the listing to know that, but it’s much easier (and faster) to process visually. And none of those cool features are conveyed in the main image, which is why tech spec photos are so important. 

Remember, your photos should make it easy for customers to quickly process everything they need to know about your product to give you their money 💵. 

Tech Spec Photo

Your listing should also include one to two images from a different angle.

When you visit a brick and mortar store, most of the time you can pick products up, turn them around and upside down, feel them, etc. You cannot do that online. 

However, you can help your customers to have part of this experience by showing your product from different angles. 

Take this hiking backpack for example. There are multiple photos from different angles which allows us to see not just the front, but the back, which is important for a backpack. We want to know that it’s made to be comfortable and ergonomically sound. 

Hiking Backpack Photo From Different Angles

We can also see that it has extra buckles and a chest belt. We’re even getting small details like the fact that it’s waterproof. All of those are key attributes to know when shopping for a hiking backpack!

Photo From a Different Angle

Your final product photo should be a competitor comparison or size reference photo

Competitor comparison images are another way you can brag about how your product is differentiated from—and in fact better than—your competitors’. In these photos you can highlight your product’s attributes while alluding to similar products’ shortcomings. In doing so, you’re giving shoppers a reason to pick your product without looking at others. You’re doing the work of comparing different products for your customer

Take this pet sling carrier, for example. 

Pet Sling Carrier

Because the seller included a competitor comparison image, we can see that this product’s buckle is both bigger and stronger than similar products’ and that the zipper is safer and easier for pets. 

Competitor Comparison Photo

And you know pet owners who want a bag like this are extremely concerned with their pet’s safety and comfort 🐶.

Size reference photos should give consumers realistic expectations about the size of your product. If you don’t offer any way for your customer to visualize how much, or little, space your product takes up, you could be setting yourself up for a critical review. 

When you take your size reference photo don’t just include the physical dimensions. Use a common point of reference so that shoppers can fully visualize the size of the product. 

From this photo, for example, we can imagine how big the product is by comparing it to a human torso.

Competitor Photo or Size Reference Photo

As you start to plan out each different type of product photo, you should consider how you can add even more value and benefit to your shoppers.

Maximize your product photos to drive sales.

We know what types of photos we need; now it’s time to make them extra special. I will give you 15 tips that can do just that ✨:

1. Take photos from your customer’s point of view.

Nobody uses a TV like this:

TV Photo

That’s a boring black box.

However, this TV shows you what it might be like to have this resolution and picture quality. 

TV Photo From the Customer's Point of View

Now, you can imagine watching Saturday morning cartoons or intense action movies at home.

Make sure your photos are taken from the perspective of your customer and how they would actually use the item.

Take Photos From Your Customer's Point of View

2. If the product is wearable, use a model.

This image is boring, flat, and hard to visualize.

Wearable Product Photo

This image, however, shows you what this looks like on an actual person and what it might look like on you!

Wearable Product Photographed on a Model

And that’s especially important if you’re selling clothing since customers can’t try on before they buy.

If the Product is Wearable, Use a Model

3. Use 3D renders for plastic, metal, or smooth products.

If your product is smooth or made of hard plastic or metal—like a sleek pair of headphones—you might consider a 3D rendering

Headphones 3D Rendering

3D renderings are digital images that can be shown from different angles. When done well, they can make product details pop. However, just make sure to only use them with plastic, metal, or smooth materials. It’s difficult to make a fabric, or otherwise textured, 3D render look good.

Use 3D Renders for Plastic, Metal, or Smooth Products

4. Show all variations in one listing.

If your product comes in multiple sizes or colors, include an image that features all options together. 

Waterproof Bag Size Variations Photo

With photos like this, customers can quickly see all options, compare them, and then click on only the one variation they want to purchase. And you’ve just saved them time and hassle. You want to make the shopping experience as seamless as possible. 

Show All Variations in One Image

5. Use organization and symmetry.

This causes confusion.

Disorganized Workout Bands Set Image

This tells you exactly what you can expect if you buy this product.

Organized Workout Bands Set Image

(Also, it’s a 3D render 😉.)

If your product has a lot of components, lay them all out in an organized fashion so that customers can see all that’s included in your product. Shoppers are much more likely to buy if products are laid out in a way that’s easy to process than if they’re haphazardly thrown onto a background with no rhyme or reason. 

Use Organization & Symmetry

6. Show intricate detail and texture.

If there are specific details that make your product special, highlight them. For example, if you sell fuzzy rugs, why not include a close up image of the rug’s texture? 

Flokati Rug Image

That way your customers know what they’ll be stepping onto when they buy your product, which gives them incentive to buy. 

Flokati Rug Texture Close Up Image

This photo tells you that if you buy this rug, you will step onto a warm fuzzy cloud each morning when you get out of bed. And that’s a reason to hit “buy now”.

Show Intricate Detail & Texture

7. Use colors that pop and props that enhance.

If you include photos that are not just your product, they must make sense. Make sure that your colors match and that your props are on theme. 

In this image, the movie poster background and the popcorn in the bowl helps shoppers to visualize an at-home movie night with this product. 

Popcorn Bowl With Props Photo

Also, be sure that anything else going on in the picture doesn’t overpower your product and take away from what you need the image to do, which is sell your product. 

Use Colors That Pop & Props That Enhance

8. Show superb retail packaging.

Polybags are out. 


You can enhance your shoppers’ experience by including superb, stylish retail packaging that makes customers almost feel guilty for throwing it away. This tea, for example, comes in a sleek box that feels special 🫖.

Superb Retail Packaging Photo

 And if you’ve created such great packaging, why not show it off?

Show Superb Retail Packaging

9. Show the product being used.

These are our lifestyle images. 

Take this dog doorbell, for instance. 

Dog Doorbell Photo

On its own, the product is hard to envision. Afterall, what good is a dog doorbell if you can’t imagine your dog using it? 

However, because this seller included a photo of the doorbell in action, you can get a better sense of how the product might actually work.

Dog Doorbell In Action Photo

When you show the product in-use the customer can imagine how it will work in their life. In this case, you can imagine your own dog using his nose to tap the bell and let you know it’s time for him to come inside 🔔. 

Show the Product Being Used

10. Only use photoshop if it’s excellent.

Photoshop is a great tool, but it’s something to be wary of. If you do use photoshop, don’t overdo it. Make sure that everything in the picture draws your shopper’s eye to your product.

Pet Purse Photo With Photoshopped Dog Head

You certainly don’t want them to find a dismembered dog head in your product photos! 

Only Use Photoshop if It's Excellent

11. Use tech spec photos.

Tech spec photos help customers notice features they can’t glean from the featured image. These are especially important for technological and/or complex products. 

Tech spec photos should show authority: That you know which features are important to your customers. 

For example, if you sell a thermos that keeps soup warm for up to six hours, add that to your image. If you sell a dog doorbell with adjustable sounds and volume levels that can be customized to multiple receivers, add that. Both of those features would be important to their products’ respective customers. 

However, if you sell a pet doorbell, there’s no point in mentioning that the doorbell is colored white—we can see that already.

Dog Doorbell Photo

Your tech spec photos should not waste space with the visually obvious. 

Use Tech Spec Photos

12. Use an infographic of positive reviews.

Reviews are powerful. They show credibility and consumer trust. If you receive an outstanding five star review, there’s no reason to not show it off in a place customers will easily see it ⭐.

Additionally, you can use review infographics to highlight specific features that are unique to your product and that customers love.

Use an Infographic of Positive Reviews

13. Show the full bundle of value.

If your product is a set or a bundle, everything in that bundle is a value-add to shoppers. Make sure you exhibit the full package with an image that shows customers everything they will get when they purchase from you. 

In this image, for instance, we can see that this product includes a storage bag. 

Workout Bands Set Full Bundle Photo

If your customers are looking for resistance bands they can easily take with them to the gym or on vacation, that’s an important add. You must show everything, no matter how small. Just keep it organized (see tip 5).

Show the Full Bundle of Value

14. Show before and after photos.

If your product helps customers clean, organize, or fix something, before and after shots are a great way to demonstrate that it’s legit!

With this photo, you can see how you might detail your car with this product. 

Car Cleaner Before & After Photo

Show customers how the product has helped you and thus how it can help them. Just don’t overdo the original mess so much it’s distracting.

Show Before & After Photos

15. Use a quantity decal to add value.

If you’re selling something that contains multiple pieces, tell customers how many. Don’t make them count! 

Workout Bands Set Photo With Quantity Decal

If your product is a resistance band set, you need to tell customers just how many bands they’re getting in a digestible, visual way.

Use Quantity Decals to Add Value

Everything about your product photos should be intentional. Your goal is to connect shoppers to your product as quickly as possible. Not only are product photos a great way to drive traffic to your listing, they’re an incredible tool for showcasing the value your product will bring to consumers. 

15 Tips to Maximize Your Product Photos

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What photo feature will you add to your listing? Let me know in the comments.


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