Yes, I want to know how to generate $500,000
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Seth will show you the exact steps he took to generate half a million in sales on Amazon, starting with just one dime.

What You Will Learn In This Free Webinar

- The 5 steps to finding an extremely profitable product with strong market demand.

- The 3 secrets to securing a trustworthy supplier.

- How to negotiate with your supplier.

- How to build your first product off the weaknesses of competitors.

- How to get your product packaged beautifully.

- How to protect your product with private labeling so that no one else can sell it.

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Which of these is true for you?

I'm Tired of Living From Paycheck to Paycheck

I Have a New Product but No Buyers

I'm Ready For a Change

Making Money While I Sleep Would be Amazing

I Don't Want to Wait Until Retirement to do Things I've Always Dreamed of

I'm Ready to Expand My Life Margin!

BONUS: The 5 tactics Seth uses to make money while he sleeps

"I coach people to become financially independent by creating passive income. I match your strength to market demand. I'm directtransparent to a fault, and will work my a$$ off to help you reach your goal.

It's pretty much me sharing all the things I learned to help you do the same." - Seth Kniep

Seth Kniep - Success Coach and Serial Entrepreneur

Is this a multilevel marketing program?

No, I do not work for anyone and I will not sign you up under anyone. I work for myself and teach others what I have learned so they can create passive income too.

What exactly do you mean by "Passive Income?"

92% of all jobs pay you only when your are working. Stop working? Stop getting paid! If you are sick of living paycheck to paycheck, I will show you exactly what my family did to get away from that burden.

Is this about how to start a new business?

No. It's building revenue streams. I keep it super simple. No overhead. No employees. No HR department, office politics, and sitting in hours of traffic to get to work.

Total disclosure here. Never done this before but here we go.

In these two screenshots, you can see a sampling of my sales for just two of my five revenue streams.

I left Apple 6 months ago. I took a dime and doubled it to over $100,000 (I'll share exactly how in the webinar). Today I spend most of my time helping others do the same.

I know what it feels like... be handcuffed to a job where you never have time to do what you really love. spend the majority of your day building someone else's vision for the world. work your heart out all year only to get a 3% raise after 12 months of giving your life to a company.

I suffered this for years until I decided to do something about it. Today I can work only 30 minutes a day (often less) and still make enough to do what I love.

If you are sincerely interested in upgrading your income and expanding your life margin, don't miss this content-packed FREE webinar on building passive income.

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