Meet the team

We work with world-class coaches, entrepreneurs from around the globe who fired their boss, built their online fortune, and now share their knowledge with you. They will show you how to build passive income streams on Amazon so you can quit your soul-crushing job and have the freedom to do the things you love with the people you love.

Saad Basim

the Engineer

A technical wizard with relentless problem-solving tips, Saad is dedicated to troubleshooting any speed bumps on your path to success. Saad specializes in problem-solving tips that will save you time, money, and headaches on your way to racking up Amazon sales.

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Saad is originally from Kuwait and immigrated to Canada in 2001 to pursue his studies. He then trained extensively as a mechanical engineering technologist as well as a draftsman and AutoCAD technician.  It wasn’t long before the entrepreneurial bug hit him hard and he owned and ran a successful car detailing business.  In 2016 Saad took the next step and fired his boss to become a professional Amazon seller.

His Amazon business has been lucrative enough that he now travels the world extensively and is able to spend considerable quality time with his lovely wife and two beautiful daughters.

Susan Cegarra

the Mastermind

Including a background in corporate marketing, event planning, and today an owner of multiple businesses, Susan will infuse long term strategic thinking and a killer instinct into all of your ideas, as well as give you a critical advantage in the world of online marketing.

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Originally from Peru, Susan moved to the United States at the age of 18 to pursue her career in design. Susan’s vast experience in the trade show & publishing industry has won her 15 MAGGIE awards in verticals such as beauty, photography, and now e-commerce. In 2016, Susan quit her job as a creative director to follow her dream and expand her ad agency business in the South Bay Area.

When Susan is not designing a new ad campaign or organizing a new event, she is traveling the world with her husband.

David Lopez

the Overcomer

An immigrant from Cuba who overcame incredible odds to become his own online business owner and Amazon seller, David understands the value of perseverance and hard work and will coach you through any obstacles you may face on your path to success.

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Originally from Cuba, David arrived in the United States in 2009 with an entrepreneurial mindset and a desire to make a success of himself. Learning a new language and culture was not easy but his persistence was rewarded.  David built a successful career as Web Designer and SEO Specialist. He designed hundreds of websites and created passive income streams using Google AdSense.

David has since become an Amazon Coach and enjoys sharing his secrets of success with up-and-coming Amazon entrepreneurs.

Dan Rodgers

the Logician

With an eye for detail and an instinct for optimization, Dan knows how to tweak a business and squeeze the most out of Amazon sales. Dan will take you through a step-by-step process to ensure your business is operating at maximum efficiency and boost your bottom line.

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With an architecture degree in mind, Dan studied for two years until he felt that the course layout was too specialized. He went on to graduate Cum Laude earning a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing Management with 25 distinctions from 30 modules. Dan worked as a marketing strategy consultant, helping companies enhance and optimize their marketing strategies.

Dan is an avid sports and fitness enthusiast, extreme sports in particular. Dan is keen on helping others from far flung places in the world realize their potential to build an online business and earn passive income regardless of location.

Allan Urizar

the Guardian

With the heart of a giant and the skills of a ninja, Allan will show you hacks, tips, tricks, and tactics that help you leverage every dime out of your business plan. Cash flow is king, and Allan will help you turn a trickle into a flow and a flow into a waterfall.

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Originally from Guatemala, Allan immigrated to the United States in 1994 and married his beautiful wife, Alexandra, in 2001. He has been a serial entrepreneur since 1998 and has started businesses in multiple industries including real estate, transportation, and computers. Allan has been turning dimes into dollars since 2010 when he started doing online business and became an expert in affiliate marketing, CPA marketing, traffic generation, and product creation.

He is a professional Amazon seller ready to show you the hacks, tips, and tricks to launch a successful business.

Danilo Varriale

the Innovator

Former pizza chef and self-made entrepreneur who bought his house and car with his Amazon sales, Danilo's creativity will challenge you to push beyond conventional thought, helping you leverage hacks and new ideas to expand your Amazon store beyond the cookie cutter competition.

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Danilo immigrated to the United States in 2014 and fired his boss two years later. A former pizza chef and now self-made entrepreneur, Danilo can spend time with the people that he loves and cares about the most thanks to Amazon sales. He is married to his lovely wife Samy and is the proud father to his beautiful son David. Danilo has learned how to leverage the Amazon platform by improving existing products as well as designing brand new ones.

Danilo is a renaissance man, speaking four languages (Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and English), and traveled to 10 different countries in the last six years.