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Your host: Seth Kniep

Frustrated in my corporate job and struggling in my marriage, parenting and finances, I dreamed of doubling a single dime 20 times which is over $100,000. Living the death-by-paycheck cycle and $24,00 in debt, I set out with just ten cents, dead set on doubling my dime, to create freedom for me and my family.

Today, just a few years later, I have built multiple multi-million dollar businesses from my original 10 cents. I am the founder of Just One Dime, the premier coaching company for Amazon FBA sellers, have trained newbie entrepreneurs into millionaires, was flown to Amazon’s headquarters to be consulted for improving Amazon’s third party platform, was asked by the company of one of the sharks on Shark Tank to run their online Amazon and ecommerce division, run a sourcing team in China, and was requested by two countries to train their top businesses.

Find a high-profit product that sells fast on Amazon using expert-tested methods that 99% of all Amazon sellers are not using
Apply betterentiation to dominate your competitors
Create your own personal brand that resonates with your exact audience so you can escalate your sales cycle
Find suppliers you can trust and negotiate terms that give you not only a competitive edge but leverage for long term business growth
Create a discoverable and desirable Amazon product listing that converts from day 1
Launch your product using low-risk techniques that gets your product in front of millions of Amazon shoppers
Create a customer-centric experience that blows your customers minds resulting in 5 star organic ratings