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Blog service

Expert blog service by Just One Dime

Q: You just launched a beautiful new website for you Amazon business. What do you do next?

A: Build it out with brand-related content to give search engines something to index and improve your customers’ experience.

The more time a customer spends on your website, the more likely they are to buy. Give customers useful information and handy tips about your products and your company to keep them on your website. Timed and consistent release of new material will entice visitors to come back.

A website is no good without traffic. Our blog service makes it easy to add attractive content that draws traffic. Using your keywords and topic suggestions, our content development team creates engaging copy for you to post on your website every month.

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Website for your Amazon & ecommerce products

Beautiful, ready-to-go, fully functional ecommerce website for all your products

You pick your own domain name and we set everything else up in seven days. Having a website for your Amazon store has become an essential part to succeeding on Amazon. It builds credibility in supplier negotiations, is required for registering your brands with the Amazon brand registry, helps you with becoming ungated in restricted Amazon categories, and is required for applying to Amazon vendor programs. We help you find a hosting provider and you retain full ownership of your website and domain name.

Save time and money! You focus on building your business. Our website development team will take care of everything else.

  • Intuitive navigation, user friendly, and optimized for SEO ranking
  • Allows you to create your own email lists, increase your brand loyalty and following, and build your own reviewer network
  • Customers, suppliers, investors, and even competitors will look for your online presence in order to know how serious your business operation is
  • Premium plugins and templates make it simple to add your new products, delete products, update prices, and more
  • Comes with full training video tutorials

Our development team has built hundreds of professional, SEO-optimized websites.

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Listing optimization

Amazon listing optimization

You need a listing that converts into cash. Let us do the hard work for you!

  • ‍Your complete Amazon listing, including expertly written title, bullet points, and product description.
  • Copy optimized for mobile (Android and Apple phones)
  • We write the copy with two goals: emotionally engaging and keyword converting
  • The most relevant and high-converting keywords
  • PPC Cost Per Click of each relative search term from main competitors to better estimate the highest bid and more easily target keywords
  • The top 5-7 keywords (“power keywords”) for high unit sales per month and low competition
  • A special report of your competitors’ highest converting keywords
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Just One Dime t-shirt

Get the official premium Just One Dime t-shirt on Amazon!

  • Official Just One Dime two-sided t-shirt: premium material!
  • Perfect for passive income warriors
  • Spun of lightweight fine jersey fabric
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One-on-one coaching

One-on-one 30 minute meeting with a coach

This is an extremely personal, customized, strategical session with a Just One Dime Amazon expert who will look at your store, analyze your goals, answer your most important questions, and help you think through a strategy to bring you to the next level.

Just One Dime coaches are financially independent entrepreneurs who own multiple businesses and have created strong success on Amazon and other platforms.

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Photos of your products

High-end 3D-rendered photos of your Amazon product

After reading the title of your listing, what is the ​first ​thing Amazon shoppers look at? Yup! Your photos. If your photo is not amazing and your competitor's is, why would someone purchase your product? Your photo is your BIGGEST chance to impress your customer visually.

3D rendering allows you to take a raw photo and manipulate it into something that looks even better than life. In this package, you receive three or seven 3D-rendered photos of a single product. Packages include your product being used by human models, white background with retail packaging and logo images, and tech spec (exploded view) photos with dimensions and technical details.

Note: We do not do 3D renders of soft, fabric-type products such as a sweater, socks, or lingerie. However, we can do 3D renders of a leather jacket, a vinyl purse, or a belt because the material is smooth.

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Feedback & optimization for your PPC Amazon ads

Analysis, strategy, & optimization for your PPC Amazon ads

My AcoS is super high! I don’t know what keywords to target! How am I supposed to read these words from my ad report? Should I go with an automatic or manual ad campaign? When should I stop using PPC? Why is my ad not converting? Ever felt like this?

Danilo and his PPC expert team get it. They will conduct a complete analysis of your PPC ad campaign, analyze your product keywords, and give you a strategy for leveraging your ad so that it is performing at optimal levels.

This includes how to:

  • ‍Lower your ACoS and keep it under control
  • Increase the chances of building a profitable/low cost PPC campaign from day one
  • Identify the best keywords for your campaigns
  • Learn an ingenious hack to help you dominate the first page of search results
  • Understand your ad reports and leverage that info for improving your strategy
  • Learn how to get the most out of your automatic and manual campaigns so they are doing the hard work for you
  • Understand why your ad is not converting instead of making blind decisions and hoping for the best
  • Choose the best bid for each keyword
  • Learn how ACoS affects your profit margin and leverage this to grow profits!
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Amazon FBA prep service for private label (Western Hemisphere)

Choose this option if you want your private label product prepared for Amazon FBA at our warehouse in the U.S., then shipped directly to any Amazon warehouse in the Western Hemisphere.

This includes:

  • Inspecting your product for transit damage after it has been shipped from the factory to the U.S.
  • Bundling your product if you have more than one piece going into a "set"
  • Stuffing your product into retail packaging boxes or polybags
  • Heat shrink wrapping for each product if needed
  • Affixing FNSKU or UPC labels to each of your products
  • Creating, printing, and affixing shipping cartons and labels for your product for shipment to Amazon
  • Managing the shipment of your products to Amazon through your Seller Central account (you provide limited user access)

Breakdown of pricing

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Complete product inspection

We visit the factory, open the boxes, and make sure the factory is producing the exact quality you expect. We take care of this before you make your final payment to your supplier. We feel, touch, and play with the product, and inspect it for defects including cracks, smudges, stains, and damaged retail packaging. We measure, weigh, and test your product to ensure everything was done correctly. We send you hi-definition photos and a 15-page detailed report.

See an example inspection here.

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Full shipping & customs (logistics)

We will manage the entire process from factory to your final destination.

Leveraging a vast network of freight forwarders, we find you a competitive price and ship the inventory from the factory to your doorstep, the Amazon warehouse, or a third party warehouse. We manage all the customs requirements for you so you don't have to touch the paperwork.

We also offer split shipments where we send some of your items to Amazon’s warehouse and the rest to your preferred location.

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We find you trustworthy suppliers and send you photos of samples

Using our vast network, we find you up to four trustworthy suppliers who can build your product, take pictures of the product samples directly from their factory, and send these photos to you. We also put you in direct contact with the supplier.

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