The Seth and Dan show: How to choose, protect, & build your company's brand

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Building a strong brand is the difference between selling stuff and having a business that works for you and grows in value every year until you can turn around and sell it for millions (sometimes billions). On Amazon, Shopify, Wordpress, eBay, Jet, and any other online platform, it has never been more vital to build your brand not only to protect you from people who want to leech off of your success, but to create a loyal following of people who love what your company stands for. You need to differentiating yourself so that people don't just find a product on Amazon that so happens to be sold by you, but they search for your brand because they believe in it and love it. They feel connected to it.

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Our mission is very simple: to raise up and army of entrepreneurs around the world who fire their boss, build passive income so they have margin to do the things they love with the people they love.

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