The critical pieces of an ecommerce website for your amazon store

Amazon Passive Income

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The days of selling stuff on Amazon are fading fast. The days of the Amazon business are here. Amazon is making it harder and harder for one-time, "make cash on the side" Amazon sellers and they are rewarding the people building strong, long-lasting, well-branded businesses.

This is one of a multitude of reasons you need a website if you are serious about building wealth through Amazon.

Without a website you cannot:

• Register your brand with Amazon (you will miss out on complete control of your listing)

• Gate your Amazon brand

• Your product is ultimately open game for "piggy-backing" (when a competitor sells under your listing)

• You carry less credibility with suppliers

• You cannot build brand loyalty

• You are seriously limiting your future: 100% dependent on Amazon alone for your income

• Will lose the use of your left big toe (Okay, maybe not this far!)

Simply put, if you want to build an Amazon business that makes you rich, you need a website.

In this live interview, David Lopez and I will walk you through the essential pieces of a website that builds your brand and makes you money.

Having a pretty website is not enough. You need one that converts!