Live Interview: How to get UH-MAZING photos for your amazon product

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The next 50 signups for an Ultimate Amazon Bundle include three 3D rendered photos of your Amazon product at NO additional cost.

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After reading the title of your listing, what is the ​first ​thing Amazon shoppers look at? Yup! Your photos. If your photo is not amazing and your competitor's is, why would someone purchase your product? Your photo is your BIGGEST chance to impress your customer visually.

I typically see three levels of photos on Amazon listings:

1. So-so.

2. Professional.

3. High-end (or just freak'n amazing).

3d rendering allows you to take a raw photo and manipulate it into something that looks even better than life.

This is why I am interviewing Drago, 3d rendering expert who has been creating high-end photos for Amazon sellers for six years.

In this interview, Drago will help you understand the 3d process, how it's completed, and why your photos are so vital to the success of your Amazon sales.