Live Interview: China sourcing expert. Ask your questions!

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Peter and Angel provide full service from finding samples for you, to product quality checks, factory inspections, and shipping all the way to your door.

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One of the toughest parts about building your Amazon business is finding the right supplier. Before I send a few thousand dollars to someone I've never met, I need to know that I can trust them. I need to know they are legit.

Tonight, you will get a chance to meet Peter and Angel, a sourcing expert couple. Peter and Angel live in Yiwu China and understand the ins and outs of sourcing in China, having worked with hundreds of factories.

A few samples of the questions I will be asking them:

​* What methods do you recommend for finding a supplier?

* How does someone find a supplier they can trust?

* What payment methods do you recommend when paying a supplier?

* What about the problem with suppliers sharing your idea with other Amazon sellers and creating more competition for you? What do you recommend?

* How can someone know if a supplier is overcharging the for shipping?

* When do you recommend shipping by plane versus ship?

* What are some techniques you recommend for approaching a supplier for the first time? For example, is it good to say, “We are a family owned business…” or “I’m the buying agent for my multi-million dollar company…”

* How many samples do you recommend we order the first time?

* What if the supplier sends you a sample that is of high quality, but when you order the product they ship you a lower quality product?