Interview of Feedback Genius CMO: How to automate mundane tasks so you can grow your Amazon business

Amazon Passive Income

Today I interviewed a heavy hitter in the world of Amazon. We tackle a massive question: How does the Amazon seller automate mundane tasks without losing that personal touch?

If you are like me, every day you wake up to 300,000 tasks tugging at you in different directions. If we can find a way to automate those tasks that suck time like a black hole, we can put hours back in our day and work on building our Amazon business instead of always trying to keep up.

In this episode, I interview Jeff Cohen, chief marketing officer of Seller Labs. Some of you might know Jeff better for Feedback Genius, used by hundreds of thousands of Amazon sellers around the world.

Jeff's and my goal is simple: to show you how to automate so effectively that you regain hours in your day and do the tasks that make your business grow.

You can see Jeff and his team's automation software here:

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