Interview: How to ship your Amazon product from supplier to Amazon's warehouse

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If I could name the number one most confusing topic for people starting on Amazon, it's going to be shipping.

There are more acronyms in the shipping world than peanuts in a baseball game.

In just a few hours I'm going live with Philip from Freightos. Philip is an expert in the field of international shipping and will answer your most itchy questions.

​• Ever wondered what the difference was between FOB and DDU?

• Ever wondered if your factory should pay for the freight or you?

• How are you supposed to know when to choose, Air, Express, or Ocean?

Philip is part of a one hundred member team with six offices around the world bringing international service to leading global logistics providers, Fortune 100 companies, and major retailers.​ This interview is going to be ​packed with pure content.

If you have questions about getting your products shipped from anywhere in the world to Amazon's warehouse or even your own doorstep, join us here and ask your questions!

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