How to Kick Amazon's ass when they suspend your account or suppress your listing: C. J. Rosenbaum

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Ever received that lovely email from Amazon: "Your selling privileges have been removed. You may no longer sell on Amazon"? Today I interview a lawyer who's as friendly as Mr. Rogers but fierce as a bull fighter—defending your Amazon store and listing.

If you have questions about

➢ Intellectual property

➢ Patents

➢ Copyrights  ©

➢ Trademarks ™ ®

➢ Trade secrets 🤫

➢ Amazon's logic for suppressing your listing because a competitor complained

➢ The meaning of unicorns 🦄--okay maybe not this—

Do not miss this interview!

C. J. writes, "Amazon sellers don't need to live in fear of policy violations, buyer complaints, and account suspensions any longer. Amazon Sellers now have a lawyer on their side to address these issues from a legal perspective, utilizing the law to pursue lost profit caused by an account suspension.”

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