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Summit in Las Vegas | March 11-13, 2018

  • Full conference access to 20 workshops + welcome party + 3 main sessions
  • Daily morning & afternoon snack, coffee, tea
  • Welcome reception with DJ, drinks & appetizers on Sunday
  • Continental breakfast on Monday and Tuesday
  • Lunch is included on Monday and Tuesday
  • ASD sourcing trip led by Seth

Learn from self-made millionaire Seth Kniep and 20+ Amazon tycoons

A self-made millionaire, Seth Kniep teaches others how to make their money work for them so they have the freedom to do what they love with whom they love. Seth toiled away in the corporate tech world until he discovered that selling on Amazon could be his path to firing his boss for good and gaining financial independence. Seth discovered that his passion was in teaching people the strategies he used to achieve his dream. He has amassed a dedicated following in a short period of time due to his integrity and invaluable guidance to his members.

Step-by-step guidance for the new Amazon blueprint for passive income

We will show you exactly how to build an Amazon business that works for you instead of you working for it, so you have margin to do the things you love with the people you love.

Building your business by honing your knowledge, staying abreast of recent trends, and learning the tools for success is imperative if you are serious about ending the paycheck death cycle, firing your boss, and stacking passive income. From experts on Amazon to entrepreneurs just starting out, The Just One Dime Summit will be THE event for those looking to achieve financial independence through Amazon sales.

Clear your calendar!

Sunday March 11th-Tuesday March 13th 2018 will mark the inaugural Just One Dime Summit.

Add to Calendar 3/11/2018 02:00 PM 3/13/2018 4:00 PM true America/Los_Angeles 2018 Just One Dime Summit Join the new blueprint for Amazon private label. 4455 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89169, USA

It happens in Vegas!

The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino features 110,000 square feet of advanced event space and 1,500 classic chic rooms. Edgy, renegade, and an absolute original, The Hard Rock Hotel is the ideal backdrop for the Just One Dime Summit.

Why you do not want to miss this

Built piece-by-piece to teach you how to win

Just One Dime is hosting the most information-packed, high energy, e-commerce/Amazon sellers conference in the existence of history.

We will show you how to create massive wealth

Designed to appeal to the most driven, dynamic, creative entrepreneurs, this Summit is for anyone who is looking to escape the rat race and take their passive income to another level.

Packed with specific steps you can apply now

Anyone who wants to fire their boss and live life on their own terms will find the environment to fuel and refine their dreams here. This conference is the first of its kind, and will provide attendees an opportunity to learn the tricks of the trade from experts on every corner of the Amazon universe.

20 workshops taught by world-class Amazon experts and entrepreneurs from around the world

These are not lightweights and wannabes. From inception of your business through managing booming sales and expansion, all bases will be covered.

Network with people living the dream and learn from them

Over two and a half days in Las Vegas, you will get to meet, greet, and network with exhibitors, coaches, fellow entrepreneurs and Amazon experts. Workshops include How to Create a Seven Figure Amazon Business in One Year, Brand Protection Strategies, Sales Tax Q&A, How to Find an Innovative Product, How to find and Negotiate with Trustworthy Suppliers, and a Guide to International Shipping.


Seth Kniep

Co-Founder & CEO of Just One Dime
Host & Keynote Speaker

From one dime to $1,347,318.17, 40K subscribers, a team of 8 Amazon expert coaches, and a community of 1,000+ Amazon students from 67 countries. Seth worked for the richest company in the world (Apple) and outperformed 800 sales people month over month. Yet he was $24,000 in debt, exhausted from corporate monotony, and medicated with caffeine paid for by his annual raises. Seth will never forget the day his boss told him to create a spreadsheet tracker for a tracker of his daily tasks that needed to be tracked. It was tracker inception. Seth turned to his wife and said, "I'm going to build a new life for our family."

Fascinated with the dime, Seth pondered doubling it 20 times. Seth shared his vision with random strangers and asked them to double his dime, turning it into $400 just for asking. He poured his spare time into studying online commerce and soon learned about Amazon. He used the $400 to purchase inventory and sold it quickly on eBay. He did it again. He then began to sell his products on Amazon and repeated this process through trial and error until his dime had become $104,857.60. Seth fired his boss and poured his heart into his Amazon store, moving into new categories.

Getting his Amazon account suspended twice, losing $20,000 through ignorant decisions, and almost getting scammed by a supplier, Seth learned the hard way how to build an Amazon empire. Seth continued to grow his store until it generated more than $1,000,000 a year on Amazon. Today, Seth has Amazon stores in three countries and teaches others how to create passive income machines via ecommerce, eBay, and Amazon. Through Seth's coaching: A college student travels the world. A mother in Texas now supports her family of four. A husband quit his day job and makes over $100K/month. A dad from Italy bought his wife and daughters a new house and car. An Amazon seller from Kuwait now makes $40,000 a month selling on Amazon. Seth helps people who are sick of living paycheck to paycheck and want margin to do the things they love with the people they love. 

Today, Seth and his team of 8 coaches are training entrepreneurs how to end the paycheck death cycle and build passive income streams.

Andrew Slamans

Amazing Freedom
Building a 7-figure brand on Amazon in 12 months or less

Andy Slamans is a leading expert on private label, brand building, and importing products from China and India to sell on Amazon. He currently sells over $3 million a year of his own branded products on Amazon and eBay.

For more than 3 years he has shared his methods and techniques with other Amazon sellers through his Amazing Freedom community, making him a trusted and inspiring leader in the Amazon seller space. Building his empire on Amazon has afforded Andy the opportunity to spend quality time with his wife of 22 years, Deanna, and kids Korri and AJ at their home in Hershey, PA. In his workshop, Andy will give you the road map to turning your brand into a cash cow in 12 months or less.

Ashlin Hadden

Ashlin Hadden Insurance
What you need to do to protect yourself when selling online

Ashlin has served in the financial/insurance industry for over 15 years. She left the banking industry and got into insurance about 5 years ago. She is excited to help give e-commerce sellers the peace of mind that they have been yearning for.

Ashlin has spoken at several conferences the past year and is very excited to help educate clients on their risks and how to protect them. Ashlin is currently working on completing her first book on how to be a Fearless Mommy Preneur. She is hoping to inspire others to understand it's okay to be scared to take the leap of faith into starting their own business. She states that being Fearless doesn't mean that you don't have fear, it means that it's okay to be terrified as long as you take the plunge.

Barbara Boschen

Co-founder of CoMerchant
Diversifying — Beyond Amazon

Barbara Boschen left the corporate life to co-found CoMerchant, the easiest and fastest way to list and fulfill your inventory on the Jet and Walmart Marketplaces. She is on a mission to help online sellers diversify into new marketplaces. With over twenty years of business background in finance, e-commerce and product management, she is well positioned to promote this mission.

A serial entrepreneur, Barbara is also a longtime seller on Amazon, eBay, Jet, Walmart and her own website. Her company, Merchant Minds Software, LLC also offers account management, review services and seller coaching.

Casey Gauss

Founder of Viral Launch
Data Driven Insights to Amazon Listing Optimization

Casey Gauss is the founder and CEO of Viral Launch, an Indianapolis-based tech company offering innovative software and creative services to Amazon Sellers. Casey founded the company in 2014 when he was 21. He has gone on to leverage his passion for tech, building cool things, learning, and helping others through the expansion of the company to 31 employees.

With his vast expertise in Amazon market philosophy, Casey continues to help a growing number of Amazon businesses achieve success in the world’s largest e-commerce marketplace. In his workshop, Casey will deep dive into how to maximize your listing for discovery and keyword ranking. You will walk away with a deeper understanding of how sales interact with the content of a listing, as well as tips and tactics on keyword research, split testing, and driving keyword ranking.

CJ Rosenbaum

Founder of Amazon Sellers Lawyer, Attorney
Avoiding Suspensions, Getting Your Account Back, and Intellectual Property Suspensions & Non-IP Suspensions

CJ is the founder of the only law firm that solely focuses on Amazon sellers. CJ's law firm established and maintains the largest free depository of information for Amazon sellers to avoid suspension.

An expert in Amazon seller suspensions, CJ has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Fox Business News, Huffington Post, Bloomberg Business News, CNBC, The Salt Lake Tribune, NPR, Bloomberg Technology and other publications. CJ holds positions in national and state bar associations and is the Vice Chair of the Business Torts section of the largest plaintiff's bar association in the US. CJ has helped sellers around the world and maintains staff in New York, London, Dublin, Mumbai, and China.

Jeremiah Kovacs

Founder of MuseMinded
Amazon Bookkeeping: Beware These 7 Pitfalls

Jeremiah is part of a trailblazing generation of accountants taking this dinosaur of an industry into the new era of connected technology. He founded MuseMinded in 2014 to help Amazon sellers automate & outsource the financial systems of their business. His role as visionary is to connect with sellers and innovate ways to deliver massive value to the Amazon community.

Mistakes suck... Especially when it comes to your Amazon finances. Lean on our team's experience of working with hundreds of Amazon sellers to avoid 7 common pitfalls sellers run into when trying to manage their finances. We know the topic isn't glamorous, but saving hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars sure is!

George Lawrence

Founder of MerchantWords
​Everybody Wants to Rule E-Com

George Lawrence is the founder and CEO of MerchantWords, a buyer intelligence data provider for global sellers and brands on Amazon, Jet, and Previously, George was a founding employee at TigerText, created the software that launched the world’s first online automobile shopping platform at CarsDirect, and was a founding member of the Citysearch team.

George has spent his career solving problems with creative solutions, and sharing his knowledge on how make those solutions a reality. Marketplaces are incredibly fluid machines. Amazon market trends can change by the hour. In his workshop, George will breakdown the tips and tools necessary to gain valuable buyer intel, and build your e-commerce empire.

Jennifer Dunn

Chief of Content at TaxJar
​Sales Tax for Online Sellers Q&A

Jennifer Dunn is a writer, researcher, and tax specialist who has spent the past 10 years making complex tax topics simple and digestible so online sellers can do what they do best, run their businesses.

She is currently Chief of Content at TaxJar and before that Jennifer was with GoDaddy Bookkeeping (Outright). In Jennifer’s workshop, any and all sales tax questions will be answered. Among other things, the workshop will tackle where to collect sales tax, when not to collect sales tax, and how to make educated sales tax decisions for your business.

Jasmine Star

Photographer + Business Strategist
Keynote Speaker

Jasmine Star has inspired audiences all over the world with her larger-than-life personality and her no-nonsense approach to running a business. Her knowledge and expertise with brand building has landed her on international speaking stages, empowering entrepreneurs to build a business—and a life—they love. Jasmine will transform and exhilarate your business approach and leave you with the motivation to grow your business in BIG ways!

Joe Kovacs

Founder of Brand Guarde
Finding Profitable Products with Amazon PPC advertising

Like the start of every good story, Joe Kovacs started his e-commerce business on Amazon with $400 and a dream of being able to provide a better life for his family. Within 2 years, he and his wife saw their e-commerce venture grow to a multiple 6 figure business that allowed Joe to work from home and be more present for his family. 

Leveraging the knowledge and expertise that fueled his success on Amazon, Joe founded Brand Guarde in 2016 to help companies make Amazon a channel of strength for their business through brand protection and sales optimization services. In his workshop, Joe will break down the exact steps to use Amazon PPC Advertising in order to discover and test the keywords to uncover Amazon opportunities.

Jim Cockrum

Founder of JimCockrumCoaching
Secrets of an 8-Figure Multiple Income Stream Empire

Since the late ‘90s, Jim Cockrum has helped online entrepreneurs thrive by combining classic business truths with cutting-edge creative online strategies. They now boast over 1,000 documented success stories from entrepreneurs and businesses around the world. His best-selling book, "Silent Sales Machine," has been read by an estimated 800,000 people around the world and is a consistent top 10 seller on Amazon in the internet business category.

Jim’s entrepreneurial success allows him to spend plenty of quality time with his wife Andrea and their five children at his beautiful home in Indiana. Along with his two closest partners (Nathan Bailey & Brett Bartlett), Jim helps run a combined $25 million annual sales empire as well as one of the most popular business marketing podcasts on iTunes. In his keynote, Jim will explain his ability to create, manage, and grow a variety of income streams.

Manny Coats

Founder of Helium 10
How to Rank Any Product Keyword to Page #1 on Amazon

Manny Coats launched 3 new products for the month of December and was able to rank each product to page 1 for the keywords of his choice with only 2 reviews per product , generating 6 figures in PROFIT in 30 days. Manny will show you how he did this and continues to do this for each new product launch he does.

In late 2015, he jumped into the Amazon Private Label business after tons of research and networking. All of his previous 16 years of experience have helped mold this new business — everything from his online marketing and sales businesses to the insanely aggressive search-optimization tactics involved with marketing mobile games.

Manny is a speaker at various high-level events, and he's the mastermind and founder of Helium 10, Powerful Software Tools for Smart Amazon Sellers. Adding to this list, Manny has put together one of the largest communities of Amazon Sellers on Amazon, the "FBA High Rollers group" with over 25,000 members. His goal is to hit $4 million in sales by the end of 2017.

Peter Simek

Founder of B'trend Enterprises
Sourcing from China — What to expect and how to prepare

Peter has extensive technical and management experience from Europe and photography experience in the United States. He also worked six years in a publishing company in internet advertising.

Starting from the bottom in 1997, Angel worked her way up to general manager in a Taiwanese company with over 300 shops in China managing export and import. In 2007 she started her own international trading company, handling product sourcing from A to Z for clients all over the world.

After getting married in 2011, Peter and Angel have worked together in the sourcing business.

Chinese business culture is very different from Western business culture. Understanding the Chinese mentality when relating to best practices in business relationships will help you maintain fruitful sourcing partnerships. Quality control is of vital importance in this industry. There are a wide variety of factories with varying degrees of quality control measures.

It is imperative to have someone representing you in China that you can trust with the “secrets” of your business. In this workshop, Peter will show you how to find a supplier, build a relationship with this supplier, negotiate with the supplier, and efficiently ship your product from China.

Oleg Zaidiner

Co-Founder & Architect of AmazeOwl
Amazon is a Marketplace, not a "Productplace" — Find your perfect market, not your good product

Oleg Zaidiner is the expert when it comes to leveraging big data into finding lucrative markets on Amazon. Oleg has worked in Computer Science and Data Analysis for both big corporations and innovative startups. In 2015 he became a father and subsequently started searching for a way to replace his high-stress job. Mastering the world of Amazon Private Label has given Oleg the opportunity to travel the world with his family and live life on his own terms.

While learning the ropes of Amazon, he discovered that many of the tools Amazon sellers used were outdated. Oleg wanted to create something that would efficiently help sellers analyze demand, competition, and profit over time dimension and market dimension. The result was founding AmazeOwl, a tool that does exactly that. In his workshop, Oleg will teach how to perfect your research process so that you can find the perfect market for your products.

Jesse Wragg

Head of outbound sales at InterCultural Elements

Jesse is the Head of Sales at InterCultural Elements, who specialize in helping online retailers to expand their sales internationally. Having lived in multiple countries away from his native England, Jesse is now based in Leipzig, Germany and is well placed to advise his clients on both the cultural and technological aspects of cross-border trade. With in-depth experience across the real estate, hospitality and e-commerce industries, Jesse will be joining Scott Galvao on stage in The World’s Your Oyster – The Vital step to Successful International Expansion. Together the duo offers a fresh and strategic approach to the world of international e-commerce.

Scott Galvao

Co-Founder of InterCultural Elements
The World’s Your Oyster – The Vital Steps to Successful International Expansion

Scott Galvao is co-founder and a Managing Director of InterCultural Elements (ICE), a Leipzig, Germany based company which specializes in helping retailers expand e-commerce sales internationally. Scott spent 6 years at Auktion Master and ChannelAdvisor UK as an Implementation Manager, where he gained wide-ranging international e-commerce experience and know-how.

Scott holds a degree in both Intercultural Communication and Geography from the University of New Mexico. He has lived in Germany since 2000, is a dual American/Portuguese citizen, and both his better half and son are German.

In his workshop, Scott will help sellers tackle the hurdle of international growth. Whether you are just beginning to have foreign sales, or you’re pinpointing high-growth-potential countries & marketplaces, Scott will give you the roadmap to your business's international expansion.

Ryan Grant

Founder of Online Selling Experiment

In 2013, Ryan Grant quit his job as an accountant paying $50K per year to pursue selling online full time. His business is now operated by Ryan and a team of 10 individuals who help with all of the day-to-day operations. In 2017, Ryan's business is on pace to do over $3.7M in sales.

Tim Hughes

Co-Founder of Product Labs
The Amazon Way — A Data Driven Approach to Building Your Multi-Million Dollar Selling Business

Tim Hughes was a business leader with Amazon Marketplace for several years. During his time with the company he led product management teams responsible for the third-party fulfillment and returns experience, as well as monetization ads for mobile apps. Tim holds undergraduate degrees in Physics, Engineering, as well as an MBA from Chicago Booth Graduate School of Business. He is co-founder of Product Labs, LLC and devotes his professional career to helping businesses excel on Amazon all over the world. 

In Tim’s workshop you’ll learn how to dissect the complex Amazon machine into simple and manageable components. Understand which metrics are important, which are not, and which you can directly or indirectly control to boost your sales and reduce your operating costs.

Suzi Hixon

Founder of Hixon Law, Trademark Attorney
Brand Protection Strategies Your e-commerce Competitors Are Using and You Should Too

Suzan Hixon has practiced intellectual property law for almost 15 years, with a focus on brand protection and enforcement. Her extensive experience in both law and entrepreneurship, including running an Amazon-based private label brand, has provided her with a unique skill set geared toward helping private label sellers protect their brands on and off the Amazon platform.

Success in the Amazon private label world has enabled Suzi to spend more time with her beloved family and more time to shred powder on the Colorado slopes. With more and more sellers entering the market, it is vital to protect your brand from competitors. In her workshop, Suzi will take you through the ins and outs of protecting your brand. Her workshop will give you a roadmap to protection of your intellectual property and peace of mind in the long term possibilities of your brand.

Tyler Henderson

Partnerships & Affiliates Manager at Seller Labs
Why Your Products Aren't Selling: Using Reviews, Competitor Data, and SEO to Create Better Listings

Tyler Henderson is the partnership director at Seller Labs and regular speaker on all-things Amazon. Seller Labs works with more than 15,000 Amazon sellers who did more than seven billion in sales on Amazon in 2016. Seller Labs’ tools help sellers improve SEO, grow product reviews, generate sales, manage sponsored product ads, and analyze data for several Amazon marketplaces.

Tyler provides actionable advice and strategies on how to bridge the gap between how consumers behave and how Amazon works. In his workshop, Tyler will help you diagnose and repair any problems that may be hampering your sales. From keyword ranking to reviews, Tyler will explore the common problems sellers struggle with and then present the best solutions to solve them.

Tim Jordan

Co-Founder of Hickory Flats
Next-level private label: The Yeti Principle

With a background in business development (specifically in procurement and logistics), Tim Jordan arrived to the e-commerce game with relatively little experience but a solid drive to succeed. Within his first 12 months he had built a 7-figure Amazon account and became convinced that Private Label was the path to success. While building relationships with other sellers, he discovered a large demand for hands-on service providers and started Hickory Flats with a long-time friend in China. Hickory Flats has flourished and now has offices and assets in 3 countries. Hickory Flats specializes in procurement, logistics, and FBA prep/warehousing specifically designed for the private label seller. Tim has a passion for sharing his knowledge and experiences to help others achieve the lifestyle and freedom that e-commerce can provide.

As competition heats up in the private label game, new tactics and resources are becoming more and more necessary. Starting with the explanation of what Tim calls "The Yeti Principle,” his workshop will offer outside-the-box and innovative strategies for finding unique but in-demand products to base your e-commerce business on.

Will Mitchell

Founder of
Killing It On Amazon in 2018: Key Principles for Massive Success

Will started skipping school to build businesses in the sixth grade. By 16 he had started a successful e-commerce business, and dropped out of school shortly after to become a full-time entrepreneur. At 19, Will helped launch Affluence — an exclusive social network for the ultra-wealthy. After the successful IPO of Affluence, he re-entered the world of e-commerce.

At age 20, Will helped acquire & grow his beauty-centric e-commerce brand Simply Organic to an 8-figure company. At 22, Will launched the personal blog that would eventually turn into StartupBros — a community of like-minded entrepreneurs on a quest to regain control of their lives and quit their 9-to-5 grinds. StartupBros struck a chord with aspiring entrepreneurs, and has since helped launch over 6,000 successful businesses from scratch.


Sunday, March 11

  • 2:00pm: Greetings from Seth Kniep

    Just One Dime Summit host, Seth Kniep will introduce and greet his speakers, exhibitors, coaches, and AWESOME attendees. Seth will prepare you for an amazing summit and guide you on how to extract as much information as possible over the next three days.

  • 2:30pm: Jim Cockrum

    Secrets of an 8-Figure Multiple Income Stream Empire

    • 3:45pm: Manny Coats

      How to Rank any Product Keyword to Page #1 on Amazon

    • 5:00pm: Scott Galvao

      The World’s Your Oyster – The Vital Steps to Successful International Expansion

    • 5:00pm: CJ Rosenbaum

      Avoiding Suspensions, Getting Your Account Back, Intellectual Property Suspensions & Non-IP Suspensions

    • 6:15pm: Will Mitchell

      Killing It On Amazon in 2018: Key Principles for Massive Success

  • 6:15pm: Tim Jordan

    Next-Level Private Label: The Yeti Principle — Outside-the-box strategies for finding unique but in-demand products

  • 7:45pm: Welcome Reception

    We have brought in a DJ to “Kniep'n It Real.” Come network with some of the top entrepreneur minds as well as meet other Just One Dime Summit attendees. Appetizers will be served along with a cash bar.

Monday, March 12

    • 9:00am: George Lawrence

      Everybody Wants to Rule E-Com: The tips and tools to gain valuable buyer intel, and build your e-commerce empire.

    • 9:00am: Tyler Henderson

      Why Your Products Aren't Selling: Using Reviews, Competitor Data, and SEO to Create Better Listings

    • 10:15am: Casey Gauss

      Data Driven Insights to Amazon Listing Optimization

    • 10:15am: Jeremiah Kovacs

      Amazon Bookkeeping: Beware These 7 Pitfalls

    • 11:30am: Andy Slamans

      Building a 7-Figure Brand on Amazon in 12 Months or Less

    • 11:30am: Oleg Zaidiner

      Amazon is a Marketplace, not a "Productplace" - Find Your Perfect Market, not Your Good Product

  • 12:30pm: Lunch

    • 2:00pm: Tim Hughes

      The Amazon Way - A Data Driven Approach to Building Your Multi-Million Dollar Selling Business

    • 2:00pm: Pro Action Cafe (Members Only)

      A Creative Process to Solve Problems: Collective Intelligence to Brainstorm and Create Solutions—Fast.

  • 3:45pm: Jasmine Star

    Empowering You to Build a Business—and a Life—You Love

Tuesday, March 13

    • 9:00am: Jennifer Dunn

      Sales Tax for Online Sellers Q&A

    • 9:00am: Product Case Study (Members Only)

      How to Find, Differentiate, Source, Launch and Make Serious Money Off of One Product

    • 10:15am: Joe Kovacs

      How to Use PPC Campaigns to Research the Market and Optimize Your Listings

    • 11:30am: Barbara Boschen

      Diversifying - Beyond Amazon

    • 11:30am: Suzi Hixon

      Brand Protection Strategies Your E-commerce Competitors Are Using

  • 12:30pm: Lunch

    • 2:00pm: Ashlin Hadden

      The Dreaded Insurance Lady — What You Need to Do to Protect Yourself When Selling Online

    • 2:00pm: Peter Simek

      Sourcing from China – What to Expect and How to Be Prepared

  • 3:15pm: Discussion Panel & Closing by Seth

    Ask any questions you have of our 6-panel Amazon experts, moderated by our host, Seth Kniep. This is a lively, sometimes funny, interactive discussion amongst Amazon sellers. Get your questions answered about conference content, your business, and anything related to building your Amazon private label business. Just One Dime members will be able to submit questions ahead of time.

Venue & Lodging

Everything happens in one place, making easy for you to get immediate and fast access to everything you need during your stay!

Enjoy two nights (or more!) at the state-of-the-art Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas featuring 110,000 square feet of economical to plush restaurants, eateries, advanced event space and 1,500 classic chic rooms.

  • Be in the middle of the action, more time to socialize and network
  • Take advantage of friendly booking terms and reduced resort fees
  • World class culinary experiences including the legendary Nobu
  • 5 acres of pools for lounging and relaxing, year round, warm weather
  • Classically chic room designs, unique to Las Vegas
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Frequently asked questions

Questions about the venue

Where is the conference being held?

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas 4455 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, NV 89169

Where is the best place to book my hotel? 

We arranged a special discounted rate for all Just One Dime Summit attendees at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas. There are a limited number of spots available! 

Staying at the host hotel gives you time to network and socialize with other attendees, Amazon experts, and the Just One Dime team. Click here to book your room and ensure you receive the special rate and reduced resort fees.

Is easy and accessible parking offered?

Yes, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas offers free parking for all guests, right on location. 

Is there bag check for Tuesday March 13th?

Yes, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas Bell Desk offers gratuity-based bag check for your convenience.

When is arrival and departure? 

  • Conference begins: Sunday, March 11, 2018, 2:00pm
  • Conference ends: Tuesday, March 13, 2018, 4:00pm

We encourage you to arrive early the morning of the 11th, so you are all settled into your hotel room before the conference begins. 

When and where is on-site registration? 

Registration opens at 8am Sunday, March 11. Register at the meeting conference area at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas 4455 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, NV 89169.

Questions about Food

Are meals included?

  • Full conference access to 20 workshops + welcome party + 3 main sessions
  • Continental breakfast included every day
  • Daily morning & afternoon snack, coffee, tea
  • Welcome reception with DJ, drinks & appetizers on Sunday
  • Lunch is included on Monday and Tuesday

Are there other food and coffee places nearby?

Yes, and you don’t have to walk far. Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas is a full service venue with on-site restaurants ranging from high-end steak or sushi to casual Mexican or American diner. You can also use the hotel's free shuttle to the strip or hop in a short ride-share to any number of specialty eateries. The options are endless in this city.

Click here to see a list of Hard Rock’s eateries.

Questions about mobile devices/technology

Will there be a place for me to plug in my cell phone or laptop?

There will be a limited number of cell phone charging stations available, but no outlets for laptops at the tables.

 Will there be public wifi?

Yes, free high-speed internet is offered in the rooms but not in the conference areas. 

Questions about the Just One Dime Summit

What is the agenda with all the workshops?

Click here to see the full agenda.

 Are all workshops included in the conference price?

Yes, except for the following two which are made available to Just One Dime members only: 

Who are the speakers? 

Click here to see a full list of speakers with bios.

May I record the conference on my phone or sections of the conference?

No, all the speaker content is proprietary. However, Just One Dime will be recording every workshop, keynote speech, general session and Q&A Panel in hi-def video so that attendees can focus on the unique nature of the live experience. If you missed any notes or want to revisit a workshop, you can order the Virtual Pass of the entire Summit to review at your leisure. 

How do I become a Sponsor or Exhibitor?

It’s really simple! Get your company name in front of hundreds of targeted Amazon sellers! Click here to learn how to become a sponsor or exhibitor.

What is the refund policy?

Tickets may not be canceled and are not eligible for any kind of refund. Tickets can be transferred to another person(s) for no fee by sending an email to Susan.

Include the following:

  1. ‍Your name
  2. Date of ticket purchase
  3. Name/company of the person to whom you are transferring

Ticket transfers must be completed on or before 2/23/18.


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Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
4455 Paradise Rd
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If you are interested in getting your brand in front of an extremely targeted audience, click here for sponsorship opportunities.

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