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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Done For You program by Just One Dime?

Using our 50+ years of combined experience, we launch, manage, and grow your Amazon brand into monthly cash flow. You can keep this as a passive income machine while you live your life and do whatever you want, or you can let us grow it huge and then sell it so you cash out at 10-30 times your investment.

Is this drop-shipping?  

This is not drop-shipping like the “Amazon automation” models out there. Drop-shipping has extremely thin margins and zero brand value. When drop-shipping, you are selling someone else's brand which means if you want to sell your store some day, the buyer is not getting followers, a brand, or anything of value except a system.

We build you an Amazon BRAND—your own brand—a brand you own that customers grow to love. When you run a drop-shipping store, the brands you are selling control what happens to their products you are selling. You have zero ultimate control.

When you have thousands of people who love your brand, you can sell that brand for 10-30 times your up-front investment.

What makes your program better than others?

1. We have a combined 50+ years of experience, building profitable stores on Amazon.

2. We build you long term brand value which makes you far more money in the long run than a drop-shipping store.

3. We have consulted for BMW, a store from Shark Tank, Forever 21, and Amazon themselves.

What is the investor's and Just One Dime's responsibilities?

We build the Amazon business for you.

You invest your capital.

We invest our time and 50+ years of combined experience to accomplish in months what takes most Amazon sellers 3-6 years to learn.

What are my fees?

$30,000 development fee. This pays for our team  finding and differentiating up to three products, finding and negotiating with suppliers, managing the build out of products including molds if needed as well as managing product inspections, shipping of products to Amazon's fulfillment centers, creating the listings, building PPC campaigns, split-testing photos if needed, and optimizing the listings for ranking and conversion.

$30,000 product fee. This pays for the manufacturing and shipping of up to three products. Sometimes we will recommend only two but more expensive products if we find that they would make you a greater ROI.

45% of gross profit. We invoice you monthly for our profit share. If you decide to sell the business some day, we receive 15% of the sale price.

$3,650 annual store maintenance fee due 12 months after we have launched your products, which breaks down to $10/day. This covers all store admin such as customer communication, responses to seller feedback and reviews, A to Z claims, credit card chargebacks, inauthentic claims, Amazon requesting commercial invoices, etc.

What are my profits?

Let's say we launch headphones that sell for $200.

Let's say $145 goes to all your costs, leaving you with $55 of profit.

–$50 manufacturing & shipping
–$50 Amazon fees
–$15 PPC
–$38.25 to Just One Dime
= $46.75 profit to you

Selling just three times a day would give you an annual profit of $51,191.25 on just one product.

We only sell higher ticket products with strong profit margins (30%-60% on average).

How does communication work?

You are invited into a Slack group with your Amazon Brand Builder team where you can ask questions and interact as necessary.

You are also given access to a project management tool that keeps you informed on the progress of your Amazon store.

Can you explain more in depth what you do for the investor?

Absolutely. Here is what we do for you:

Guide you in opening your Amazon seller central account.

Find up to three products for you.

Find you a supplier and negotiate prices.

Build out your plan of differentiation.

Manage product inspection.

Ship your product to Amazon’s fulfillment center.

Get professional photos of your product

Create your listings.

Launch your products.

Run and optimize PPC ads.

For all services that one would normally outsource, such as photography, product inspection, hazmat/MSDS/certifications, filling for a trademark, product videos, graphic designs, we charge for those on a case by case basis.

Will you be using my current Amazon store or will you open a new one?

If you already have an Amazon store and it's a healthy account and you do not plan on selling anything from that store, we will use your current store.

If you do not already have an Amazon seller account, or have an Amazon seller account that you are already selling in, then we will guide you in opening a new Amazon seller account.

Will I get access to the Amazon store?

Yes, full admin access and you can see everything.

How much work do I need to do? What is my involvement?

You invest and enjoy the profits. The goal of this partnership is that you invest money while we invest our time and experience. That way this store become a cash-producing machine for you—100% passive income. You meet with the Amazon Brand builder once a week over video chat so he/she can share the progress and answer any questions you have.

Will you advise on who we should use for any sales tax and essential business requirements?

100% yes.

Will you be training/mentoring me?

You will learn a ton as you will have a front row seat to everything, but this is not a training or mentorship as those are much more time intensive. That would require a different pay structure.

How do you justify 45% profit share? This seems really high. Is this negotiable?

The 45% profit share is based on years and years of experience, making mistakes you don't have to make and learning how to create massive cash flow on Amazon.

You can set out and take years to learn this at the level we know it. Or you can let us build it for you and move to profits fast. The 45% is not negotiable. We know our team's worth and how much money we can make you.

Keep in mind, we only make a profit if you are making a profit, so there is built-in incentive.

Why do you launch up to 3 products instead of just 1?

We want to grow this big. The more products we launch up front, the higher your profit margins will be. By ordering all the products at one time from the same supplier we can get major discounts which increases your profit margins.

What if I cannot afford the $30,000 development fee and $30,000 product fee?

Then you’ll need to wait until you have the full $60,000 to fund this investment. Consider finding investors with capital and splitting the profits.

We are looking for long term growth. We do not want to be stuck in a situation where you paid us development fees, we begin working on your Amazon business, and a few months later when it’s time to pay for the products you realize you don’t have the fund for the products. This would be a loss for you and us.

How long will it take to be profitable?

From the launching of your products to making profits could be anywhere from 3-6 months, depending on the market.

We are interested in long term massive growth. If you are looking to take out profits within a few months, we wouldn't be interested in doing this with you.

How long until you expect the store to be self-funding and need no more external investment?

To grow this fast as fast as possible, each new product needs its own funding up front. The more products you can launch up front, that faster we can move to self-funding. Ideally, after each launch, the product needs no more funding because the revenue takes care of reorders etc.

Once we launch 10 products you could potentially start using profit from those to launch clusters of new products without outside funding. This is when it starts to scale huge.

What criteria do you use to pick a product?

The same criteria we use for our own products and that we have been teaching for years and using at Just One Dime. At the end of the day, we find products that can make you and us money.

Do you count the $30,000 development fee and one time costs like photography as part of the expenses to calculate margins?

No. These expenses are similar to the up front costs of opening a new brick and mortar business. You would not include the store-opening costs to calculate profit margin.

One time costs are not included when calculating margin because they are one time, sunk costs.

How much do one times costs like photography and logo design cost?

Photography per product $1,000

Logo design $350

All other one time costs would be considered a la carte and sometimes are not necessary, depending on your business.

We treat these on a case-by-case basis.

What kind of investors are you looking for?

Investors with capital but who have little to no time to learn how to build an Amazon store themselves, but want to take advantage of the phenomenal growth of Amazon.  

Who owns the business?

You own the business and the Amazon store 100%. If you choose to sell it for a massive exit, we receive 15% of the sale.

When Amazon pays out for product sales, all money from Amazon goes directly into your bank account. We invoice you for all due fees.

What business costs do I have to cover?

The cost of manufacturing your products, shipping the products, photography, graphic design, and advertising (PPC) the products.

The goal: each product eventually becomes self sustaining, meaning you don't have to put more capital for reorders. This is possible once your products are ranking and selling.

What if you launch a product that fails?

Our team has been building Amazon stores for a combined 50+ years, but this is no guarantee that a product won't fail. It happens to every Amazon seller.

However, you will know in advance what to expect on reach product launch: We research the market and find high ticket products that are extremely profitable. We show you projected profits and how long it will take to make money.

Then we launch and move to profits as fast as possible. The chances of this a product failing are extremely slim. But if it does happen we liquidate the product and find a new one. In most cases, the profits from your successful products outweigh the losses of one.

What if I want to take cash out in a few months?

It's your business, so you can do whatever you want with your money.

However, we are interested in long term massive growth. The $30,000 development fee is a drop in the bucket compared to what you and we can make together as we grow this huge.

We are looking for long-term thinking investors who have the vision to build something huge with us.

In your experience, what makes this relationship successful in the long run?

After a combined decades of business partnerships, it always comes down to two things:

1) Total transparency about money
2) Excellent communication.

The two top reasons for failure in business partnerships goes back to communication and money.

This is why we place huge emphasis on both.

What if I want to take over the business?

If we pull out within the first three years, we do not receive our profit share from the last 90 days.

If you pull out within the first three years, you owe us two times our due profit share of the last 90 days.

You may pull that at any time with a 90 day notice and we may do the same. Note that if you end the contract, there is no refund on the development fees and there is no refund on the product fees once the manufacturer has been paid.

How often will you respond to my questions? Can I ask questions at any time? Can I pick up the phone and call you?

Any time you have a question, you can send a message in our Slack group and we answer within 48 hours.

All communication will be in Slack only. We do not do phones calls, text, Skype, WeChat, WhatsApp, or any other application for communication. This eliminates any confusion over who said what by keeping all communication in one place.

How does the contract agreement work?

It's an agreement between you or your LLC and Just One Dime.

How much will the manufacturing, shipping, and photography cost?  

Prices depend on many variables but an approximate range of costs per product is around $10,000 for manufacturing and shipping and $1,500 for photography.

How do you justify the $30,000 development fee?   

We have made all the mistakes having done this for years so you don't have to make the same mistakes. You could take years to learn what we have learned, or you can invest in us to build you an Amazon store that grows huge.

The $30,000 is nothing compared to what you and we can make together. The big money is in the long term growth of your Amazon business. The $30,000 covers two things: our time and our 50+ combined years of experience.

Your $30,000 development fee is a one time cost. That goal is that you invest into each product up front, and after that, each product becomes self-funding, meaning you do not have to insert capital any more.

How do I know the product will be profitable?   

We only launch products based on in depth research where we already know what the customer is looking for and with huge profit potential. The Amazon Brand builder team will show you product options at various costs and show you forecasted profit potentials so you know what to expect. We won't launch a product without your approval.

How long will it take me to get my $30,000 development fee and $30,000 product fee back?   

Let's say we launch three products at $200 per sale, selling 3 times a day each, making $46.75 profit to you per product.

Twelve months later you would have a profit of $153,573.75 and you would make all your costs back (including one time costs like photography, logo design, and development fees) somewhere around month 14-18.

These are just examples of what we can do with high profit, high ticket products.

Can you give me a guarantee?

If we did, that should be reason for you to not do business with us.

No business can guarantee anything as no business controls the market.

We have been building Amazon business for years and we know how to generate massive cash for your Amazon store. But just like any investment into any business, stocks, or real estate, we cannot give you any guarantee.

However you are working with a company with 50+ years of combined experience who consulted for BMW, Forever 21, a business from Shark Tank, and a Amazon themselves.

An angel investor invests in a company in a new product that has never been built before and understands he/she could lose every penny. There is no guarantee. They take the risk on the credibility of the team.

You call this passive. Nothing is truly passive.

Yes, it is passive income for you, not only according to the IRS for all passive income entities but for any real passive investor, thus the name. You are not building this business nor are you expected to. That is our job.

You invest money and we invest time and 50+ years of collective experience. We are not building it together but building it for you. The purpose of the meetings is not for you to help us run the business, but to be fully cognizant of the decisions we are making and the plan and where we are headed.

What additional, if any, services will I have to pay for?

Anything you would normally outsource will require a service fee such as photography, graphic design, applying for your trademark for you, launching an ecommerce website, building Facebook ads, etc.

How do the payments to suppliers, Just One Dime, and Amazon work?

Our company sends you invoices for all payments for the 15% of sales, the annual store maintenance fee, and payments to suppliers for any services. Invoices are payable to our company directly.

All payments for FBA and PPC fees come directly from your debit or credit card attached to your Amazon store.

All payments from Amazon sales are directly deposited into your bank every two weeks.

Who does the accounting?  

You do your own accounting for your costs and profits and we do our own for ourselves. However, you will have full access to all the fees and revenue in the Amazon seller central account and if you have any questions from me a long the way you can ask any time.

Why are you doing this? Why don't you just invest your own money and receive 100% of the profits?  

Seth's tax advisor and CPA is the same team who does Robert Kiyosaki's taxes. He once told Seth, "If you want to grow your wealth, don't just invest your own money. Invest other people's money." We realize by investing your money and our 50+ combined years of experience we can make far more money together than apart.

We would rather own 10% of a watermelon than 100% of a grape.

We want to grow our network of entrepreneurs into a strong community of high level entrepreneurs who want to change the world some day. We can do amazing things far and beyond Amazon. This program acts as sort of a filter, allowing us to get to know the best players in entrepreneurialism.

How do I get started? What are my next steps?  

First of all, we would need to know, from a 1 to a 10, 1 being the least, 10 being the most, how serious are you about this opportunity? We are only looking for investors who are dead set on making this happen and ready to start right now.

If you are serious about this opportunity and ready to start yesterday, then fill out the application. Our team will take a close look at it and email you back. If we are interested in learning more then we email you a link to book a meeting with our team to discuss all the details. We ask you a ton of questions and you ask us a ton of questions.

If after the meeting we both like the terms and we want to partner with you on this, we email you an agreement. Once you sign, the development and product fees are due upon receipt of invoice, and then we hit the ground running.

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