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Build a profitable Amazon business in Europe

Live roadshow in
September 8, 2018
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No more putting off your dreams. We can help you!


How to set up an Amazon business for Europe


How to find products that make you over $100 a day


How to build a product the competition cannot touch


How to expand your brand beyond Amazon

Full day in-depth training

Step-by-step guidance for building a European Amazon business that grows fast

Continental breakfast, coffee, tea, biscuits, fresh fruit, afternoon cakes, two-course lunch and cocktails

Network with coaches, fellow entrepreneurs, and Amazon experts

Full professional video/audio recording of the entire workshop

Free bonus

30-page VAT breakdown to simplify your business

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Act on your dream and start selling on Amazon today!

Warning: This is not a lightweight conference for entrepreneur wannabes. This is an in-depth, step-by-step, tactical training that Just One Dime members are using to make $100K+ per month on Amazon.

Attend FREE a full day workshop in Europe!

Get a full day of step-by-step training for Amazon private label in Europe!


1 Drummond Gate
Pimlico, London
SW1V 2QQ, United Kingdom

Saturday, September 8, 2018
9:00 am
6:00 pm
London time (GMT+1)

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Master Amazon selling in 4 steps

Learn from self-made millionaire Seth Kniep

A self-made millionaire, Seth Kniep teaches others how to make their money work for them so they have the freedom to do what they love with whom they love. Seth toiled away in the corporate tech world until he discovered that selling on Amazon would be his path to firing his boss for good and gaining financial independence. As Seth grew his Amazon store he discovered a passion for teaching people the strategies he uses to achieve his dream. He has amassed a dedicated following in a short period of time due to his down-to-earth style and invaluable guidance to his members.

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Co-teacher Dan Rodgers

With an architecture degree, Dan graduated Cum Laude earning a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing Management with 25 distinctions from 30 modules. Dan worked as a marketing strategy consultant, helping companies enhance and optimize their marketing strategies.

Dan joined Just One Dime in November 2016 and grew a passion for helping others from far flung places in the world realize their potential to build an online business and earn passive income regardless of location. Dan built extremely profitable Amazon stores in both the UK and United States and today helps Amazon sellers with his acute propensity for precision and detail.

Step-by-step guidance for the new Amazon blueprint for passive income

We will show you exactly how to build an Amazon business that works for you instead of you working for it, so you have margin to do the things you love with the people you love.

Building your business by honing your knowledge, staying abreast of recent trends, and learning the tools for success is imperative if you are serious about ending the paycheck death cycle, firing your boss, and stacking passive income. From experts on Amazon to entrepreneurs just starting out, this Just One Dime workshop will be THE event for those looking to achieve financial independence through Amazon sales.

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It happens in London!

One Drummond Gate in Victoria, London, offers a fantastic location at the junction of Drummond Gate and Vauxhall Bridge Road, with light airy meeting rooms.

Featuring a spacious and tranquil private courtyard garden, you can escape the hustle and bustle of London. You will be right next to the Pimlico underground station and a short walk from Victoria mainline and underground stations.

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Why you don't want to miss this

We will show you how to create massive wealth

Designed to appeal to the most driven, dynamic, creative entrepreneurs, this workshop is for anyone who is looking to escape the rat race and take their passive income to another level.

Built piece-by-piece to teach you how to win

Just One Dime is hosting the most information-packed, high energy, e-commerce/Amazon sellers workshop in the existence of history.

Packed with specific steps you can apply now

Anyone who wants to fire their boss and live life on their own terms will find the environment to fuel and refine their dreams here.

This workshop is the first of its kind, and will provide attendees an opportunity to learn the tricks of the trade from experts on every corner of the Amazon universe.

This workshop is not for lightweights and wannabes. From inception of your business through managing booming sales and expansion, all bases will be covered.

Network with people living the dream and learn from them

Hours of pure raw, tactical, on the ground training—training you can apply immediately! This is not one of those, "Listen to me talk about myself for 60 minutes" workshops. We will show you how to build a business on Amazon that works for you instead of you working for it. We will show you how to scale your business to seven figures, how to find innovative products, and how to negotiate with suppliers.

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Who is Seth Kniep?

From one dime to $1,347,318.17, 85K subscribers, a team of 8 Amazon expert coaches, and a community of 1,500+ Amazon students from 90 countries. Seth worked for the richest company in the world (Apple) and outperformed 800 sales people month over month.

Yet he was $24,000 in debt, exhausted from corporate monotony, and medicated with caffeine paid for by his annual raises. Seth will never forget the day his boss told him to create a spreadsheet tracker for a tracker of his daily tasks that needed to be tracked. It was tracker inception. Seth turned to his wife and said, "I’m going to build a new life for our family".

Fascinated with the dime, Seth pondered doubling it 20 times. Seth shared his vision with random strangers and asked them to double his dime, turning it into $400 just for asking. He poured his spare time into studying online commerce and soon learned about Amazon. He used the $400 to purchase inventory and sold it quickly on eBay. He did it again. He then began to sell his products on Amazon and repeated this process through trial and error until his dime had become $104,857.60. Seth fired his boss and poured his heart into his Amazon store, moving into new categories. Today Seth does over $3.5 million a year on Amazon.

Through Just One Dime's coaching...

  • A college student travels the world.
  • A mother in Texas now supports her family of four.
  • A husband quit his day job and makes over $100K/month.
  • Several newbie Amazon sellers went from $0 to over $1,000,000 a month in revenue.
  • A dad from Italy bought his wife and daughters a new house and car.
  • An Amazon seller from Kuwait now makes $40,000 a month selling on Amazon.
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Getting his Amazon account suspended twice, losing $20,000 through ignorant decisions, and almost getting scammed by a business partner, Seth learned the hard way how to build an Amazon empire. Seth continued to grow his store until it generated more than $3,000,000 a year on Amazon. Today, Seth runs four Amazon stores and teaches others how to create passive income machines via ecommerce, eBay, Amazon, Facebook ads, and internet marketing.

Seth and Just One Dime coaches help people who are sick of living paycheck to paycheck and want margin to do the things they love with the people they love. Today, Seth and his team of 8 coaches are training entrepreneurs how to end the paycheck death cycle and build passive income streams.

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