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A to Z
Complete Amazon Training
One Year Access
If you are dead serious about creating an Amazon business that makes you money while you sleep, the A to Z Amazon passive income coaching program will teach you every single step from beginning to full expansion for building your business on Amazon.
one time
Best value
1x1 Mentoring Program
Monthly Access
This is our ultimate coaching service, packed with maximum 1x1 mentorship by your own personal coach, the full A to Z course, and six hours of live group coaching every week. This is our most advanced program.
Most popular package
One Year Access
If you want a full year of coaching for a massive value, proven techniques for generating legitimate product reviews, your own ecommerce website, 3 months of JOD Toolbox, a custom logo for your brand, Amazon keyword finder up to 4 suppliers, and all the main research tools, choose this plan.
one time
  • Six hours of weekly live group coaching for an entire year
  • 30-minute face-to-face meeting with an Amazon expert coach
  • Over 100 hours of exclusive how-to training videos showing you exactly how to build a profitable Amazon business
  • Step-by-step course broken into five stages showing you exactly what to do next
  • Weekly Q&A and business templates
  • Three huge-potential product ideas with in-depth research data
  • A forum monitored by nine coaches where you can ask any question and receive dozens of helpful answers within 24 hours
Everything A to Z offers (as long as you are subscribed), plus:
All the A to Z training, plus:
  • 12 huge-potential product ideas
  • Beautiful ecommerce website for your products
  • Unique logo built for your brand's story
  • 60 minute face-to-face meeting with an Amazon expert coach
  • Proven techniques for generating product reviews
  • AmazeOwl Established plan
  • Amazon keyword finder
  • Up to 4 suppliers to build your product
  • Three months of JOD Toolbox

We built these programs for Amazon sellers dead serious on creating passive income

We will help you build your Amazon income machine, step-by-step, no matter what stage you are in the process.

One-on-one coaching
A to Z
Face-to-face meeting with Amazon expert coach
One 30-minute coaching session
Four 60-minute coaching sessions/month
One 60-minute coaching session
Live group coaching - 6 hours/week
A to Z
Live coaching workshop for product research & listing optimization - 1 hour/week
Live European & international seller training - 1 hour/week
Live Q&A with Amazon top sellers - 1 hour/week
Live workshop for building product listings with engaging copy - 1 hour/week
Amazon seller for newbies workshop - 1 hour/week
Live step-by-step coaching for selling in Australia - 1 hour/week
Amazon private label course
Step-by-step training for finding high margin products that sell fast on Amazon
Techniques for making your product better than the competition
Unique methods for helping people find your product on social media
Hacks for getting your product to show up on Amazon's first page of search results
Step-by-step weekly instructions for how to build your Amazon business (updated regularly)
Over 50 hours and 100 exclusive training videos with action steps
7 latest classified Amazon seller hacks that actually work
Step-by-step guidance for finding new markets and utterly crushing the competition
Proven techniques for generating legitimate product reviews
Deeply-researched huge-potential market niche idea (sent to you only)
How many you receive
1 every month
Monthly keyword volume for multiple keywords
Daily sales on Amazon
Number of reviews for the competition
List of all the top competitors
Mastermind community
9 coaches (advanced Amazon sellers) who answer your questions as you progress
Specialized help for international sellers
Private mastermind Amazon seller community
Sourcing: finding suppliers and getting your product built
Step-by-step training for how to find and negotiate with trustworthy suppliers
Techniques for getting behind the trading company to the real factory
Instructions for safe methods of paying suppliers
Methodologies for shipping overseas and understanding shipping incoterms
Protecting your brand and company
How to set up your company
How to protect and build your brand (and ward off hijackers)
Legal training from lawyer: how to brand, trademark, and private label your products
Strategies for lowering negative reviews and building 5 star feedback
Instructions on trade secrets, copyrights, trademarks, and patents
How to register your brand in Amazon’s catalogue
How to collect sales tax
How to acquire company insurance

Tools & services

AmazeOwl: One year access to the advanced market research tool that shows you how to find huge potential products to sell on Amazon in 8 countries
AmazeOwl database: giant list of filtered huge-potential products to sell on Amazon
Amazon keyword autocomplete finder: lifetime access to a tool that shows you what shoppers are searching for on Amazon
Just One Dime tools: complete access to all business templates and data analysis tools
Up to 4 suppliers: we find suppliers to build your product
Samples: we send you photos of samples from suppliers who can build your product
3 months JOD Toolbox that automates your Amazon store such as:

- Customer messaging
- Hijacker alerts
- Product launch planning
- Cost & profit analysis
- Manager of your ad campaigns on Amazon
- Negative review tracker
- Much more

Beautiful ecommerce website where customers can purchase your products

- Pick your own domain name
- Fully own the website
- Sell your Amazon products on your ecommerce store
- Intuitive & user friendly
- Optimized for SEO ranking
- Builds credibility with suppliers & brand loyalty with customers
- Start building email lists
- Essential for getting ungated in restricted Amazon categories
- Helpful when applying for Amazon vendor programs
- Full training video tutorials for using your new website

Personalized branding logo built to fit your company's culture

Advanced training

Customized help for building your Amazon business in a way that scales fast
PPC ad campaign strategies to discover hidden keywords, achieve low ACOS, and rank for profitable keywords
Specialized hacks for ranking for multiple keywords at the same time
Methods for advancing your Amazon storefront in Amazon searches
Techniques for getting #1 best seller badge for your product
Methods for testing keyword performance and little-known tactics for ranking to the first page of search results
Individualized evaluation of your product research
A to Z
Access type
One full year
One full year
Actual value
one time
one time

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