You get no refund on your time

Why time is a priceless asset
Seth Kniep
Dec 19, 2017
Your time is precious, so don’t let anyone waste it, no matter bad it makes you feel in the moment.

I once received an email of nearly 300 words from a woman who wanted me to answer a ridiculous amount of questions. When I politely responded, “These are great questions, but I reserve this level of answers for people who are already on our team,” she was offended.

“I thought you were a kind and altruistic person,” she responded. “But you’re not answering my questions. I’m really disappointed.”

My response?

“I challenge you to change your perspective about how you value your time and other people’s time. I provide a ton of free resources and concepts on YouTube and answer a limited amount of questions for people there and through email, but I reserve the rest of my time for helping people in the program who have invested. I’m protecting my time. That’s how I was able to build this Amazon business: I valued my time and treated it greatly, because I’m not getting a refund on it.”

Respect Their Time And Your Own

Every month, I invest a good amount of money in a professional to mentor me and my business partner. If my mentor ever decided to give me a moment of his time free-of-charge, I would be very grateful, and consider it a generous gift – but I would never ask for it. Expecting him to donate his limited time and give me free tutoring because he’s an “altruistic person” would be disrespectful, both to my mentor and his time.

If someone offers you help and asks for nothing in return, consider it a privilege. That person’s time is valuable, and you don’t have a right to it.

You should respect and value your own time, as well. Don’t let people take advantage of you and your time. You don’t want to look back on your life and regret all the moments you could have spent with your spouse, your children, or your friends, that you lost because someone disrespected your time. Make every moment of your time meaningful. On your deathbed, you won’t regret the money you didn’t make, but you will regret the time you wasted. So, value your time, and make the most of it.

Time is an Asset

Treat time as an asset – because it is. Time is an extremely precious asset, and to be successful, you’ll have to use it to your advantage. By valuing my time, I turned a dime into $100,000, and $100,000 into $1,000,000.

It only takes a little bit of time to get started. Buy a few things, sell a few things, buy a few more things, and sell those, too. It won’t take much time, but every bit of the time it takes is valuable.

My first payment from Amazon was just over $15, and to remember that moment in time, I took a picture of it. I treated that little moment like something big, and soon, it became something big. I saw that first $15 and thought, “If I can do this once, I can do it a million times.” Since then, I’ve done it a million more times. I’ve grown my business by respecting and valuing every minute of my own time, by making every second matter.

Protect your time. If you need to, put a padlock on it. Don’t let people disrespect your time by stealing it away from you and wasting it. Every minute of your time should be productive, whether you’re building your business or making memories with the people who matter most to you, because every minute of your time is valuable.

Even now, while I’m writing this blog, I’m making good use of my time. I’m writing something that brings me joy, and something that might help the people who spend a few minutes of their valuable time reading it. That’s time well spent!


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