You are way stronger than you think

Lead with your mind and you can do anything
Seth Kniep
Mar 12, 2018
I’ve always thought that humans are the most incredible creatures on Earth. Humans have so much potential for success – but what we believe about ourselves has a massive impact on our ability to succeed.

If you have genuine respect for yourself, and for other people, you’ll live a more successful life. I don’t mean you have to be arrogant or proud or think you’re above other people. I just mean you should respect yourself enough to hold yourself to high standards of integrity and constantly strive to build your confidence. You’re so much stronger than you think you are.

It all starts in the mind. If you think like a cheater, you’ll live like a cheater. If you think like a loser, you’ll live like a loser. But if you think like a winner, and you think like someone who’s successful, you’ll have success.

The Right Mindset Helps You Overcome Obstacles

There’s a man on our team, named Dan, who saw some of our YouTube videos and decided he wanted to start selling on Amazon. There was one problem: Dan lives in South Africa, where Amazon doesn’t exist. So, he decided to try selling on the UK Amazon, but he didn’t realize all the challenges he’d have to face. He struggled just to get his account approved; he had to travel to another country just to get his account set up!

Despite all the obstacles Dan had to face, he didn’t complain once. Instead, every time he found a solution to the latest obstacle, he wrote up a document and shared it with the entire team. He took his struggles and turned them into resources to help other people overcome similar obstacles.

Today, Dan is successfully selling on Amazon UK, and writing content for our coaching program, teaching other people how to succeed just like he did.

How did Dan succeed, despite everything standing in his way? He believed he was good enough. He thought like a winner and didn’t accept any ideas of giving up or losing the battle. He had a high, healthy opinion of himself throughout the process, and that drove him to overcome every obstacle.

You are incredibly human

Dan’s story should be enough to prove that the right mentality can help you win. Don’t ever let negative voices from your past hold you back. Prove them wrong, instead. You’re a human being, which means you can overcome anything.

Being human is almost like having a superpower. In a way, you rule the world. You can plant trees and help them grow. You can build houses, harness electricity, fly in airplanes. It might sound cheesy, but it’s true – humans are incredible.

Just remember how amazing you are and how much potential you have. There will always be obstacles, and there will always be struggles, but with the right mindset, you can overcome them. You’re stronger than you think you are, so start believing in your own strength. That’s the mindset of an entrepreneur. That’s the first step to success.


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