Why I work out every day

The importance of inner strength 💪
Seth Kniep
Oct 25, 2017
The reason I work out at the gym is because it makes me stronger on the inside. Not the outside.

Of course it does make me stronger on the outside, but going to the gym, working out, and making my body move when I'd rather sit down and watch TV takes internal discipline.

One of the benefits to working out is becoming stronger on the outside, and that’s awesome! But the most important thing it does is develops me internally.

When I grow my character and inner strength, I grow my endurance. It helps me build a business, manage responsibilities and tasks, and in the end, earns me money. It’s holistic.

I’m not at the gym because I need to be buff to fulfill my identity. I do like being muscular, but that’s not the core of who I am. Working out does something more important in my brain.

When you choose to pick up your weights, or put on jogging shoes, or grab that chin-up bar, something inside of you says “I am going to do this.” That takes internal discipline and character. That’s the hardest part of working out.

When you’re strong on the inside, the outside follows. This principle applies to every part of life and business. When you build character on the inside, you reap success on the outside. It never starts outward.

People who blame outside circumstances for their internal problems never move forward. They never get anywhere. But as soon as people take ownership for their internal problems, stop blaming their environment, and start to exercise what’s inside of them, they’ll have success in every aspect of their life. Not only financially, but also relationally, physically, mentally, and more.

Do what you need to do to build inner character. Go crush it.


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