Why I left the richest company in the world to sell on Amazon

Nostalgia on steroids!
Seth Kniep
Dec 8, 2017
I had to go to the Apple store the other day to get a hard drive reset on one of our computers that we’re selling. The place is very nostalgic for me, but it also makes me very happy I no longer work there. I have nothing against Apple. It’s the corpocracy and bureaucracy in the large companies that I don’t like.

I understand that some level of it is necessary. The bigger companies get, the more they have to create systems to protect themselves. But the freedom I’ve experienced since I’ve started selling on Amazon has been so incredible in comparison. The freedom I have to be able to stop in the middle of my work day and go somewhere and not be stuck at an office, or at a home, or hanging on vacation hours, is amazing. I’m still making money, online, right now, as I sit outside and enjoy one of the most beautiful days I’ve seen in Austin, Texas.

I used to pour my life into Apple. It was my vision to help this company. There were times where I made them more money in a day than they paid me in an entire year. That’s when I started saying, “We should start paying commissions to the salespeople,” when I still worked in the sales department. I later became a manager, coach, and IT guy rolled into one.

I’m so thankful I left the company. If I can leave the richest company in the world, with its great benefits, amazing innovation, and amazing people, and get more than 10 times the income I had there, and have the freedom to hang out with my wife and four kids, then you can too. You can make it happen. 

The first time I tried to double my dime, I felt stupid. I walked around with this tiny little coin and kept telling myself I was going to double it. I doubted myself sometimes. I questioned if I was really doing the right thing. I had to go back to my deep conviction that there was a reason I was doing this. I was doing it so one day I could say I started with a tiny little ten cents and faithfully doubled it.

It’s not about how much you have.

It’s about what you do with what you have.

The one thing that everyone in the world has an equal amount of, so long as they are alive, is time.

We all have time. Use your time well.

You guys are awesome and I love working with you. I’m honored I can help you and truly say that life is not perfect, it is freaking hard at time, but I’m living my dream. Deep inside, there is a sense of contentment and peace, even when I’m hitting hard times. I feel purpose, because I’m growing through the difficult times.

I want to stay teachable. That’s how I grow. I encourage you to stay teachable, keep growing, and focus on your dreams. Amazon is just a means to an end. The real goal is having margin to do the things you love with the people you love.

You can make it happen.


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