Why entitlement will kill your success

Kill entitlement before it strangles your success
Seth Kniep
Oct 19, 2017
After we paid off our house, I fulfilled my dream of completely refurnishing my office. I went through tons of old files and junk and came across some awards I received in the past from working for corporations like FedEx Kinko’s, Xerox, and Apple. This is what I did with those awards.

This is not out of disrespect to the companies. They were started by amazing men and women and continue to grow, and I have respect for what they’ve done. What I do not have respect for, however, is corporocracy.

When people within an organization start measuring their worth based on the status in the company, it gets silly. Your whole world revolves around this circle of people in your office job or sales job or CEO position, and what they think of you matters so highly. Yes, you should want to help them, but if it gets to the point where your happiness rises and falls based on who knows who, who’s getting a promotion, and who’s getting a raise, it’s ridiculous. Don’t live in a tiny world. Even a massive company is tiny compared to the entire world.

Entrepreneurialism helped me break out of my shell and experience the world at a level I never imagined before. Someone very wise said, “You are only confined by the walls you build around yourself.” And one of the thickest walls people can build around themselves is entitlement.

Entitlement says “I deserve this” or “I have a right to this”. It’s deadly. I’ve seen it slay many entrepreneurs, because they feel like the world owes them something when they don’t get what they want.

You have to get rid of all entitlements. If you want to succeed as an entrepreneur, take up your entitlement and throw it in the trash. It has no value other than propping up your sense of self-worth that no one cares about. It doesn’t do anything for you except hurt you. Break out of those walls you use to confine yourself and see the world in a new way.

Some of the awards I've received over the years:

Award for Excellence from FedEx Kinko’s: "In recognition of your outstanding performance, March 2005, at FedEx Kinko’s, Seth Kniep, 122.6% to plan."

"The Shining Star" from Kinko's: 105.3% to plan.

"The Machine" from Apple: “Awarded to Seth Kniep for being the most productive sales agent in AMR Mac experts during fiscal year 2011, third quarter.”

"The Closer" from Apple: "Awarded to Seth Kniep for achieving the overall best close rate in the third quarter.”

Another from Apple: "Presenting an award to Seth Kniep for achieving the highest overall revenue in Mac experts during fiscal year 2011, third quarter.”

Another from Apple: "Manager rewards and recognition, Seth Kniep. Congratulations for being selected the best of the best and overall performer with your business unit. This award recognizes top notch team performers as well as your skillful in leadership and guidance."

Honor Award from Apple: "Fiscal year April 2014, quarter one. Rewards to Seth Kniep."

What have these awards been doing since 2005? They’ve been sitting in my file folder and in the closet collecting dust.

I want to thank Apple and FedEx Kinko’s sincerely for what they taught me, but these awards mean absolutely nothing to me. They don’t increase the value of my relationships, they don’t increase the value of my self-worth, they don’t do anything. I’m not saying it’s wrong to have a title on your wall: if you’ve got a master’s degree, or a doctorate degree, that’s awesome! But they don’t do anything.

The life I live now is so much better than what I had before and I would trade it for nothing.

We need to completely get rid of our sense of entitlement. Treat it like dirt. Burn it, get rid of it, let it go, because it won’t help you. Again, I thank Apple for what they did for me, but these awards are just a distraction.

What do these do for me? They do absolutely nothing. I’m not against awards, I don’t think they’re wrong. But I want to make a point.

If your hope, joy, and significance depend on a piece of paper that sits on your wall or in your closet, you’re not building a business. You’re not enhancing your relationships. You’re not making life more valuable.

Trash your sense of entitlement, completely give it up, and do as I do and burn it.

I kept these awards for the longest time, but I had to ask, “Why did I even keep these?” They did not help me build a business on Amazon. They did not help me coach entrepreneurs from 67 countries around the world.

The way to get rid of entitlement is with a sense of gratitude. I do not ever want to lose the gratitude I had for these corporations and what they taught me, but more than that, I don’t want to lose the gratitude for the warriors on my team who are out there working day and night so they can build a new life for their families. That’s what Just One Dime is all about and it’s why I love this community. That’s why I keep telling people I’ve never worked with a more amazing community.

I’ve worked with some amazing people at Apple, at FedEx Kinko’s, and at Xerox, but I’ve never worked with people as amazing as Just One Dime. Not because I’m special, or the logo is special, but because these people joined because they want to build a new life for them and their family.

If you have a sense of entitlement, let it go. Build your business. Build it on integrity. Build it on gratitude. Be willing to fail. Winners will fail, but they keep getting up again. They don’t need to get their significance from a piece of paper. They get it from what they build, accomplish, and do, and that’s awesome.


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