Where can new entrepreneurs find the best tactical business advice?

Money talks, “guru” walks.
Seth Kniep
October 9, 2019
Grow your Amazon store
Experience is the best teacher. So who you should be learning from?

How would you feel if you signed up for a class on candle making, only to be welcomed by an instructor with their nose stuck in the instruction manual?


The same holds true for new ecommerce sellers. This is why entrepreneurs need instruction from other entrepreneurs. 

But it’s not enough that you take lessons from successes. 

There’s isn’t a business owner on this planet who wouldn’t be in the audience if the ghost of Henry Ford took the stage for a workshop.  

Wade Lambert

What could he tell you about PPC, influencers, or not putting lead in your products? 

Not very much. 

For practical advice, you need information from current successful businesses! 

Case in point, this advice column from Retail Touchpoints. It says to elevate your brand on Amazon, you’ve got to do the following:

Optimize your listings. 

Excellent. You won’t get far without it.

Create a robust storefront. 

Agreed. Ecommerce shoppers buy with their eyes, and a wimpy showing on Amazon won’t cut it.

Consolidate reviews and variations

Yes sir. If you have three 5 star reviews on three separate products whose only difference is the color—build that into one listing with nine 5 star reviews, absolutely!

Get external traffic from blogger services

Preach it. The more roads that lead to your product, the better!

Always research new products. 

Amen to that. Never get stagnant—learn, learn, learn, and keep growing.

Get a fast trademark for Brand Registry. 

Do not do it!

Sure, registering your brand through a foreign trademarking office can be faster. You can save 9-12 months on it, and if you’re lucky, the exchange rate will be in your favor, and you can get it done a little cheaper. 

Going through a different country’s trademark registration can also...get your account suspended.

Believe it or not, the hoops Amazon puts up aren’t in place just to frustrate you—they’re there to protect their platform and their consumers.

As a rule of thumb, anything that says you can do XYZ for your business ‘faster’ or ‘cheaper’, requires more research from you before you take action. 

So is all advice from retirees and people on my level totally useless?


Let’s break it down like this. 

Imagine back when you were learning how to touch-type. 

Your grandfather might have given you the advice “Always double check your work before you submit it.” 

That’s timeless! You can’t argue that from any angle! 

But, if he said ‘The easiest way to capitalize when typing is to hit the capslock key, the letter, and then the capslock key again’—that’s just plain not correct. 

Some universal truths are self evident, but hard, step-by-step advice for startups should only come from seasoned pros who are still in the game. 

Annie Spratt

We use the same principle in hiring our trainers

I don’t let just anyone join as a coach, even if they’re a good teacher! 

Just One Dime requires all of our coaches to be present ecommerce experts, and to share their continued growth with us to be able to stay on board. The rule even applies to me!

Bottom line is this. If you need the universal truths? That’s advice you could get from a fortune cookie, even if it is important. For serious tactics, go straight to the source

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