What Kind of Legend Will You Leave?

You have to be willing to start small .
Seth Kniep
May 8, 2018
Sequoiadendron giganteum, also known as the Giant Sequoia, are amazingly massive trees. Giant sequoias are the world’s largest single trees and largest living thing by volume. But their size becomes even more impressive when you look at how they start: as a tiny, little, itty bitty seed.

With time that small seed can grow into a tree that may stand over 300 feet tall and 25 feet around. I like seeing these trees as a metaphor for how to grow, and succeed at, an online business.

Everything starts small

Have you ever felt small when you are just starting a business? Especially when you are hoping to get a foot in the door at the behemoths that are Amazon, eBay or Craigslist? While it is easy to become intimidated looking at sequoia trees soaring into the sky, it is also easy to become intimidated looking at someone who is very successful on Amazon.

We all give mental excuses for why we do not succeed. We believe the excuses, and they get in the way of our own success. But you cannot let the feeling of intimidation and those excuses become a self-fulfilling prophecy of failure. You have to think that you can succeed, too.

I’ll never forget my first deposit from Amazon, it was just $15. But I realized if I could do it one time, I could do it a million times.

Everyone can succeed

One of our coaches had a cousin approach him and ask how to succeed on Amazon. One problem: he was only 14. But even though he was only a teenager, he decided he would not let that get in the way of success.

He grew his business and today he’s selling 25 items a day. If this kid keeps it up, he’ll be a millionaire someday. You have to be willing to start small and grow into something huge over time.

Remember your uniqueness

I love sequoia trees because they all look so different. They’re not identical. Some are wider, some are thinner, some are taller, but each is beautiful in its own way.

Every one of you who wants to build a business and fulfill your dream is unique: your goals are a reflection of who you are, what your personality is, what your gifts are, and how good you are at it. Everything shapes who you are, and it’s a beautiful thing.

What kind of seed are you planting

No matter at what point you are in this passive income journey, the next time you see something amazing like a giant sequoia tree, think about how they started. They started tiny, small, and insignificant. But because they grew, they became magnificent.

Remember that just because you are starting small, there is no reason you can’t grow so big that you will one day crush it on Amazon.

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