What eye surgery drugs and fasting from coffee for six months taught me

Why habits can make or break you
Seth Kniep
Oct 17, 2017
There was a man who lost all his memory. He couldn’t remember the name of his wife, his favorite foods to eat, anything. But the one thing he did not forget was where to go on a walk every day.

He took the same path he had for years and would walk it all the way back home. If you put him anywhere else in the world, he would have no idea where he was. But because he had the habit of going on a walk every day, he was able to continue it even with his memory gone.

Scientists were intrigued. They tried to figure it out. What were the neurological implications of this situation? They discovered that when you do something over and over and over again, it turns into a habit. It becomes incredibly hard to erase from your brain. Habits create neural pathways throughout your brain that your brain cells become accustomed to using. So they keep using them.

There is a part of your brain, deeper than memory, that allows you to retain habits. If I develop habits that are healthy, purposeful, and challenging, I am going to succeed.

If my habit is to drink four cups of coffee every day like it used to be, I am going to absolutely suffer. That coffee is going to create too much acid in my stomach. I’m going to feel shaky and weak. In the afternoon, it’s going to zap my energy.

That’s what my habit used to be. I had to quit cold turkey on coffee. I completely stopped drinking it. I’ll never forget the day my wife and I walked through HEB, a supermarket, and bought every possible kind of tea I thought I could handle. I was excited.

Day one: I felt disgusting. My head hurt.

Day two: I felt terrible.

Day three: I still felt terrible.

It took two full weeks for me to fully detox. I felt dizzy. I had headaches. It felt like the entire world was fuzzy and off.

Then for six months, I didn’t have a single sip of coffee. I had to break a habit. My neurological pathways were so used to coffee that it was difficult to break. But after six months, I took a sip of coffee. I discovered I liked black tea better.

The reason I gave up coffee was because it was an addiction. It was consuming my life. I went to it to make myself happy. I would be exhausted in the afternoon. I drank it way too much, my stomach felt acidic, and I was very tired. I knew I had to stop.

Sometimes my wife would have a cup next to me and laugh about it. I still have coffee, but only on the weekends, or maybe on a date with my wife. I don’t have more than one cup.

I feel great.

Coffee was a habit I needed to break.

If the simple habit of drinking a cup of coffee every day could have such a negative impact on my life, what good habits do you need to instill in yourself to bring you success?

Habits don’t bring you rewards right away. They take time. It could even be months before you see a return on your labor. Private label takes several months before you start to make your money back. But then once you do, you start making a thousand, two thousand, twenty thousand, a hundred thousand, a million a month on Amazon!

It takes patience. It means you have to do a lot of hard things and make them into habits to get to that point. But if you develop a good habit now, and focus on disciplining yourself so you can succeed, you will be amazed at what happens years down the road.

We are still reaping the rewards of habits we established three years ago selling on Amazon. We make great money just from our initial products, not to mention the new ones we’ve launched. That is from habit.

A few weeks ago, I had a Lasik surgery done on my eyes. My vision was absolutely horrible. I could not recognize my business partner until I heard his voice, because his face was a big blur. Lasik surgery adjusts the shape of your corneas around the surface of your eyes, and it causes your vision to extend out from just close ranges to a normal one.

I now have better than 20/20 vision. I don’t have to wear contacts, or glasses, I don’t have to change out my contacts every night and morning or adjust my glasses because they slide down my nose. I don’t have to deal with any type of corrective lenses anymore, which is awesome.

When I got the procedure done, they had to put me on a drug, and I told my wife, “I’m going to be totally normal. I’m not going to be loopy.” They called it a “happy drug” because they wanted me to relax. I felt pretty weird and not all there, I kept laughing for no reason.

The crazy part is that after the surgery, I was walking out with my wife. The drug was still affecting me. I created two mini videos for YouTube. I spoke very slowly. I don’t remember making these. You can see them here.

This is because of habit! I have developed a habit of making videos, and it’s so much engrained in my brain that even on a drug, I still did it. That’s habit.

Make good habits. If you have bad habits, it’s going to be difficult to break them, but it’s worth it. Replace them with good habits. You can succeed in life, not only in business, but also in marriage, parenting, health, spirituality, and everything. Develop good habits. Go crush it.


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