What Domestic Buyers Will Love You and Your Business For

Big players in e-commerce are doing things people love...and things they hate.
Seth Kniep
November 19, 2019
Ecom News
Google's controversial statement! Amazon's music app! Malls moving online? And the African smartphone! Here's my 10 cents:

If you're serious about a cash-flow business that builds freedom for you and those you love, stay keen on the latest changes in the world of e-commerce.

Check out these highlights from the latest in the world of e-commerce and how they might affect you.

Africa's Smartphone

You've heard of Apple computers designed in California but built in China. You've heard of Levi Jeans designed in San Francisco but made in Argentina.
Rwanda just released a smartphone made entirely in Africa.

From tariffs to the cry for products made in your own country, people love to buy homegrown products.

Rwanda is not just becoming a regional tech hub. They are setting a new global standard for homegrown products. There's something about owning every step of the process, from initial idea to the fulfillment of orders that sparks a patriotic blaze in the heart of every citizen. And domestic buyers will love you for it.

But Seth, you ask, how on earth do I get in contact with a product engineer to turn my idea into reality? Navigate here. We have over 30 product engineers in our community. The people and the resources they bring are simply phenomenal.

Google's CEO attacked for wanting to help small business?

Google's CEO, Sundar Pichai, wrote a lofty speech on Fox News' website that is best summarized as, "We are now a big company. We can help you grow your little company." Small and large companies need to grow together.

Noble words. Lofty ambitions.

But Minda Zetlin, writer for Inc.com, was not happy. She claimed that this was nothing more than Google aiming to get small businesses on Google products and services. Zetlin berated Pichai for making big claims about caring for small businesses when Google's search engine results show them favoring big businesses.

Now hold on—if one of your e-commerce websites with over 50 blog posts on ergonomic chairs ranks lower than Amazon's single listing of an ergonomic chair and a garbled product description, does this mean Google is favoring Amazon?

Or does this mean Amazon ranks well with the algorithm because they've gained world recognition after years of tribulation? Have Jeff Bezos' days of using a door as his desk finally paid off?

I love small businesses. I have thousands of small business students I teach through Just One Dime. But when someone expects preferential treatment from a bigger company just because they are smaller, they have long forgotten that there was a day when that big company was tiny too. No one felt obligated to make sure they succeeded. They succeeded regardless!

Amazon Music is now on Apple TV

Millions of songs are now available to stream via the shiny new Amazon Music app for Apple TV. It's called Amazon Music.

I love the timing. It happens three days after Apple releases the sixteenth major MAC operating system, Catalina—which curiously does not include the embarrassingly ponderous music app: iTunes.

Amazon enters the playing field competing against outrageously popular music apps like Spotify, Pandora Music, Slacker, and iHeartRadio.

Will this skyrocket like the Echo? Or will it tank like Amazon's Fire Phone?

So I downloaded the app on iOS and spent some quality time with it just minutes after testing out Deezer, one of the most highly-rated music apps in the world. That made it easy to compare the two. And I...was...delighted.

I immediately looked up Big Band Jazz, AF, A Tribe Called Quest, Hans Zimmer, and classical pieces. Yes, I know my music taste is as mixed as hot sauce and ice cream, but the Amazon Music app finds songs and artists intuitively and is easy to stop, play, and skip. They make it easy to find radio stations. The interface feels so much easier to use than Deezer or Spotify. I'm in love with the Amazon music app.

There is one glaring issue: it doesn't have podcasts.

iHeart radio has podcasts. 

Spotify has podcasts. 

Google Play has podcasts.

iTunes has podcasts.

Amazon Music doesn't...unless it's coming from Audible—which of course is universally recognized for podcasting—no wait, that's audio books.

The future of successful music platforms (and any product people experience online) is offering all the main features. Amazon, why would you serve a 7-course meal with only 6 dishes?

Biggest mall owner moves their business online

Thousands of brick-and-mortars collapsed under the "retail apocalypse". But others are not giving up so easily.

When you run into an obstacle, you can keep fighting as you go down, or you can pivot and rise again.

 My favorite example comes from Simon Property Group and Rue & Gilt.

Simon Property Group owns more retail for malls and shopping centers than anyone in the world. But they've also been hit with a wave of store closures—their seventh largest being none other than Forever 21.

Rue & Gilt (you might know one of their child companies, Rue La La) is the premier off-price e-commerce portfolio company, connecting more than 20 million members with coveted designers at an exceptional value.

Instead of just fighting harder, Simon Property is partnering up with Rue & Gilt to create an online premium outlet store with special deals for customers who find it difficult to get to a shopping mall in a pinch.

The goal? A new destination for discount shopping online.

Do you see what Simon did? They didn't just scale back costs. They didn't just reorganize. They didn't just try harder and work longer.

They are leaning on someone who is where they want to end up.

Trying to get somewhere you have no experience in? Lean on someone who is there already, and watch what happens!


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