This Turkish entrepreneur made BILLIONS bucking tradition!

How did Hanzade Dogan-Boyner reach a net worth of 2 billion in under 50 years? Not by following the rules!
Seth Kniep
August 16, 2019
Ecom News
What is real disruption? It’s one of those words that gets spread around in corp-speak. Is it a shocking pic? A new product? Skee-ball instead of an office ping-pong table?

Here’s my definition: 

Disruption is what happens when their doubt empowers your will!

Who’s “they”? 

Gurus. Traditionalists. Naysayers. Anyone who tells you ‘You can’t’, and isn’t enforcing a law when they do it!

(Seriously, please don't try to fudge your declared value in the name of "disruption".)

So does disruption mean that you make pink patent-leather loafers based on your gut when your market research tells you your base wants brown? No!

What disruption is, is seeing that a base who does want those bright, shiny business-flamingo shoes exists, and choosing to cater to that smaller, more daring niche! 

It’s going full steam ahead against the comfort of tradition, because you know you will make it happen! 

It’s the story of Hanzade Dogan-Boyner, a literal billionaire who even had Amazon executives knocking on her door to buy her out! 

How did she go from the platinum spoon daughter of a media magnate to a tech-industry giant with three commas in her bank account from her own ventures? 

Through disruption. 

Martijn Baudoin

It started with Hepsiburada. 

In 1998, one year before Amazon moved into selling beyond media, she founded what many consider the “Amazon of Turkey”, selling a variety of goods online from TVs, to cosmetics, to books, and more!

Hepsiburada has 4.5 million product varieties 100 thousand sqm storage area in Gebze, Turkey, and finished 2018 with $786 million in annual revenues. Growth for 2019, according to Forbes will be a 40% jump!

But it’s not all ecommerce. Dogan-Boyner also boasts ownership of  Nesine, an online sports-betting enterprise, bringing Hanzade's net worth to $2 billion today, at the age of only 46.

For comparison, her father’s net worth at 83 is half that

You might be thinking “Great, but so what?”

Why is Hanzade’s story so explosive? What’s surprising about a smart, rich woman getting richer?

Hanzade’s story is a paradigm breaker, not just because she fought gendered tradition (she and her three sisters all have top-tier executive positions now that their father is retired), but because doing her own thing wasn’t necessary.

Hanzade [han-zawd-eh] Dogan-Boyneris the third of four daughters born to Aydin Dogan, founder of Doğan Media Holdingbiggest conglomerates and media empires in Turkey.

As the well-off, well-educated child of a man with a net worth of a billion USD, going to a good Turkish school, building up her business skills in the background, and waiting for her father to retire so she could get her piece of the pie was expected.

She already had it made. 

She didn’t need respect—she had it.

She didn’t need money—she had it. 

She didn’t need to fight for a top position—she was 100% guaranteed it.

That’s why her decision to study abroad and start her own company was such an earth-shattering shock!

Hanzade learned English in secret, deliberately failed her entrance exam at a Turkish college so so she could attend school abroad, worked for a foreign company for years before returning to Turkey, quit her job at her father’s company, purchased an internet company through the dot com bubble popping—rebelling at every turn! 

So what moved her to redefine centuries of tradition? Wasn’t it enough that she and her sisters were women poised to take charge? What motivated Hanzade to disrupt even more ingrained culture, and rattle the stars with something different?

To paraphrase? She wanted to be head of her own table! 

Looking into her past, that was literal as well. According to her sister, 

“My father used to sit at the head of the dinner table, and when Hanzade was young she made a big issue that she was going to sit at the head of the table."

Dogan-Boyner had been going against the grain for years in the face of family friction, cultural tradition, and advice from “experts” stuck in old business, and she succeeded tremendously!

So what makes us any different?

Okay, sure. I personally didn’t start out as a scion, but the drive to disrupt transcends differences like ethnicity, class, country, and gender! If we want to be real? Starting any business is "going against the norm" by default!

Some of us know how hard it is when you have your family telling you can't do it, that you're crazy, and that you're sacrificing security for a pipe dream, not to mention our own voices in our head screaming, "Who do you think you are?"

So what? 

Do it with doubts! 

Do it afraid!

My reaction to “You can’t”,  is always “Watch me”.

I won't tell you that makes it easy.

Christian Fregnan

One day, I got up, had a headache, brain was scattered, felt pulled in 10,000 different directions, and did not feel like coming in. I got to the office and told one of my staff members: "I just don't feel like being here today."

Yes. Me. My work is literally my margin, and even when the haters are (mostly) silent, when the woman I love most is on my team, and when I have amazing tea delivered straight to the office—I 100% have “those days”.

But am I risking being cut off from family, inheritance, and my home country? NO! 

My obstacles and challenges today don't come anywhere close to the odds stacked against Hanzade Dogan-Boyner’s quarter billion dollar wager.

This is why I started Just One Dime.

I was so sick of gurus selling how cool they are for breaking the rules—I wanted people to feel their rebellion can bring friction and can cause them to struggle. And there’s no shame in that! We can all be 100% honest and transparent about it!

I’ve seen Hanzade's story spun into a man versus woman battle.

I’ve seen it spun as an old vs young battle. 

I’ve even seen it as a West vs East thing! 

But I don’t see it that way. 

Her story, like mine, like Oprah’s, like my students’? It’s all about flipping the stage, using disbelief as your fuel, and pushing forward! 

We all have that power! 

The only question is: Do you have the desire? 

I want to share more about what we can learn from transparency with the world, so the team and I are going to SXSW2020! 

But we need your help to get there!

The Panel Picker is now open, and we want to help some of the 150,000 members of SXSW learn how to find the vision for their purpose at Austin’s biggest convention of the year!

Want to show your support for Just One Dime?

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