The number one reason why winners win

The importance of endurance
Seth Kniep
Dec 11, 2017
Endurance is where winners win and losers lose. It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling on Amazon, eBay, or your own website.

It’s what sets you apart from the competition more than anything else. Not a super good marketing strategy, not having the most money, not aquiring the best stategies or tactics: it’s endurance.

Endurance is the number one reason why many people give up. I can say this as a fact: a lot of my clients who do really well find that the biggest challenges they face are actually quite small. But they require endurance.

One of my clients took hours and hours to get her product photos. She had to take over 50 photos before she could find 2 she really liked, because her product had to have an animal model and it wouldn’t stay still. Then when she went to go upload them to Amazon, there was an issue with their interface. She had to call support and upload them one by one. It took forever.

This is just a small picture of the many tedious things you have to go through to build passive income.

It’s like a race. You’re in this race and there are 10,000 other people in the race with you (because it’s becoming quite trendy to fire your boss and become an entrepreneur). There are a lot of people competing with you. Then you finish the first lap, look around, and there are only 5,000 people. What happened?

They ran into an obstacle. The truth is that most people give up when it doesn’t feel good. They find an out, a way to make themselves feel better, because they don’t want to go through the tedious trenches of building something that really matters.

The sad part is that in the end, they lose. Years down the road, they won’t have the passive income that people who endured have. They’re not willing to delay gratification, because most people live by feeling.

This is going to sound pessimistic, but I’m just Kniep’n it real:

Most people will give up. You will win if you endure.

Just keep running. When things get difficult, and tough, and tedious, keep going, because remember other people are stopping while you’re enduring. They’re stopping because it’s hard: this is how you differentiate yourself.

The strongest differentiator in business is endurance. It’s not intelligence or talents or resources. Those all help, and they matter, but endurance is the most important.

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” This is an old phrase I grew up with, and it still holds true. You will either let your situation determine your future, or you will change in the situation. Let it change you instead of you trying to change your circumstances. Sometimes, you can’t change them! You have to endure and keep going. If you do, someday you will look back and remember what you did to get there, and you will be so thankful.

I will never forget the early days of my entrepreneurship. It was so hard. I had so many failures. I cried; I’m a man and I have no shame or embarrassment saying that. Jesus cried; He’s my hero and He’s the manliest of men. So I have no shame or fear saying I cry, but there were times I did. I wept because of the discouragement and frustration.

I will never forget the first store I started. I poured tons of time and resources into it. I strategized. I called people. I worked on it for an entire year and a half. Then I sold it for $35 on eBay. From a human perspective, that was a complete failure.

But I had a decision to make in that moment.

Was I going to let my discouragement crush me? Was I going to throw in the towel?

Or would I say, “This is making me better and stronger. It is developing something on the inside and building my character and strength.”

Consider those low, depressing, difficult moments you have. Consider the times when you’re being forged in the fire and you need that endurance. It’s creating future roads ahead. You need it.

Don’t skip out on it because you “can’t”. If you skip it, give up, go drink a beer, and watch TV while eating chocolate cake, you won’t make it. They can’t be your coping mechanisms. You can’t have to rely on something to make you feel better.

You know what’s funny? When I look back to when I started, I was making nothing. I was losing money. I treasure those moments, and I miss them, because they were moments I had to become really honest with myself. I couldn’t blame the world around me. I couldn’t blame my spouse, my kids, my friends, the system, the economy, politics, America. If you’re a blamer, you won’t make it.

Don’t blame. Stand in the mirror and say, “It’s hard. I feel down. I’m going to get back up again.”

It’s okay to fall. It’s okay to have a failure. The question is, will you get back up again?


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