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Seth Kniep
Jan 4, 2018
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When you talk to suppliers in China, there are certain names you hear again and again. Guangzhou, or Shenzhen, or other places – but you never hear Yiwu. There aren’t many factories in Yiwu, but there is a reason you need to know about it

Yiwu presents an incredible opportunity for Amazon sellers: the opportunity to sample products and get batches of inventory at insanely low minimum order quantity.

If you walk into any shop in Yiwu, chances are that company’s factory is in a separate location, and they just send products to Yiwu to sell. That might seem like a problem, because it means you can’t get products sourced from Yiwu customized or add your logo to the products. That’s true – but there are still benefits to sourcing products from Yiwu.

If you’ve been selling on Amazon for a while, I’m sure you’ve experienced this: you find a potential product, research it, study competitors, differentiate it, and launch it, only to realize more competitors have popped up in the meantime. While you were researching and sourcing the product, so were a dozen other sellers.

Thankfully, there’s a way to avoid this problem.

Why You Should Sample Products from Yiwu

If you source a product directly from a factory, there will most likely be a minimum order quantity. If you have to order 2,000 items just to make a purchase, and the item doesn’t sell, suddenly you’re stuck with 2,000 items of useless inventory. That’s a waste of space, and a waste of money.

If you source products from Yiwu, you can get a variety of different product samples with a small MOQ. Then, you can list these products on Amazon, and run a PPC ad campaign. The results of the ad campaign will tell you what’s working and what’s not. Once you know which of your products sourced from Yiwu are successful, you can order larger quantities directly from the factory, and if you want, you can customize them and add your logo to them.

If you find ten different products from Yiwu and only three are successful, at least you know those three will make up for the money you spent on the other seven. You didn’t have to invest in large quantities of those seven products only to realize they wouldn’t sell.

By sampling products from Yiwu, you don’t need to worry about spending so much time researching and studying competitors to ensure you have a high-selling product. You can test products by ordering them in small quantities to see if they sell – and that will keep you a step ahead of the competition, because you’ll be able to list products long before your competitors are finished their research.

The Yiwu Advantage

That’s why you should know about Yiwu. It offers Amazon sellers the opportunity to find and test products with very little risk, instead of ordering thousands of products directly from a factory.

Still not convinced? In our coaching program at JustOneDime, we can walk you through the process step-by-step. We have a team in China to help with sourcing products, so you can be confident you’re in contact with the right company, the right manufacturer, and the right factory.

So, when you’re thinking about suppliers in China, don’t forget Yiwu! Yiwu gives Amazon sellers the incredible opportunity to sample and test new products in small quantities, putting them a step ahead of the competition.


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