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Seth Kniep
Dec 14, 2017
In Shanghai, China, there is a waterfront called The Bund. It’s one of the most historically famous places in China. Many many years ago, it started out as a fishing village. Some places in the city are even five hundred years old. And out of the millions people here, I meet someone from Austin, Texas, my home.

I was working out at the gym and a guy asked to use the dumbbells. We struck up a conversation. His name is Jimmy and he’s lived in Austin for years! Even crazier is what he does for a living. He takes huge square shipping crates, the kind they transport on massive ships, and builds them into custom homes for people in South America. The reason he was in Shanghai was to network with manufacturers. This guy custom-makes the homes, but sometimes he gets an order of anywhere to 100 or 1,000 homes that people want built and needs to mass-produce them. He also takes the profits from his business and pours it back into creating homes for people who don’t have any. I absolutely love that.

It’s incredible to give back and impact the world in a powerful way and not just blow air.

I’ve said 100,000 times that I’m not interested in making money off of a program. I’m not interested in handing someone a course and then saying goodbye.

We are raising up entrepreneurs. We want to see people do well. One of the keys to succeeding is acting on what you’ve always thought of doing. Have you wanted to visit another city like Shanghai? Then do it. If you can’t afford it, start making enough money so you can do it. Use it not only as a pleasure trip but also to benefit your business: network, make money back, and make it work for you.

When you travel to different cities, you get an opportunity to meet with people from all over the world. These people will be experienced in different niches and services that you need. There’s always something you have that you can help others with. When you combine those resources, you can grow an international network that has the ability to reach much further than any one part could.

One of the things I love about Just One Dime is that it’s made up of people from 67 different countries around the world. It’s incredible when you have all these people helping each other out and are part of a powerful networking army of people. If you travel to the United States, the United Kingdom, China, South Africa, Germany, Brazil, Romania, or tons of other countries, you can find Just One Dime warriors there who will help you.

This is the power of networking. One of the most important things you can have is not money, but people. You can grow so much more: people are the greatest ads you’ll ever have!

People tend to focus too much on their money. Money is not your greatest asset. Your greatest asset is people. People are incredible. People can make money. People can create time, give you knowledge and training, and help you succeed. That’s why we’re doing this all over the world.

A while back we were in New York. Before that, Seattle. Next year, we’ll be in Mexico and Europe. The whole idea of Just One Dime is to create a network of people who can help each other succeed, no matter where they are.

Stop thinking about what you need to do. Stop wondering and worrying. Start making it happen. Go do the thing. Then you can make those dreams come true. Keep crushing it.


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Seth Kniep

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