Six social media musts for Amazon sellers

Learn these tenets before you take your Amazon brand into the social media sphere!
Seth Kniep
May 21, 2019
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You’re wasting time on social media. And you’re not alone! Thousands of business owners are throwing invaluable hours into the new media void with absolutely nothing to show for it.

Is this another lecture on how to spend your time wisely during the day?


Actually, yes. But not in the way you think.

Entrepreneurs who don’t have a background in marketing or social media can get led astray when they finally take their business into the blogosphere because they don’t know the basics of marketing via online communities!

As you move into new media, keep these principles top of mind for ultimate success.

Forget the wide net

The absolute fastest way to failure is trying to reach everybody.

This rings true for every aspect of your business from your supplier down to your logo. It doesn’t even matter if you’re selling something everyone needs!

Don’t believe me? Swing by your local supermarket and see how many different brands of toilet paper they stock.

So give up on trying to court your audience on every single social media app out there now!

Once you’ve freed yourself of unscalable expectations, you’re clear to put on your researcher hat, and niche down HARD.

Follow your followers

Considering your audience means thinking about what they’re already doing.

Basing your business strategy on what you want people to do differently, rather than placing yourself in the routines and passions they cultivated themselves, you’re doomed.

Your future customers are never going to chase YOU—it’s your job to go where they already are!

Social media accounts are just like the mobile kiosks you see in shopping centers.

If you want to attract people who love traveling, you could station one at the library...but an airport is definitely the better idea.

Say you’re selling a line of high-end office shoes that convert from heels to flats. Chasing a following on pop culture/current events-based Tumblr is a complete waste of your time!

“But Seth”, you’re thinking, “can’t I capture the hearts of the subsection of fashionable businesswomen who get on Tumblr during their lunch breaks?”


And sometimes, you can find alligators in swimming pools.

If you want to catch an alligator, are you going to hop fences with a bucket of raw chicken, or are you headed to the swamp?


You’re not going to convert people to different accounts by virtue of your presence alone, so save yourself the pain!

And once you do make informed choices about which arenas to set up in, you’ll need the following steps.

Mind your medium

Different content works for different platforms!

I’m on Instagram and Facebook because people (myself included) want inspiration and a sense of community. But my YouTube following is HUGE compared to these other platforms because so much of my content is geared towards tutorials!

No one’s on Facebook to watch a half hour video on how Trump era tariffs affect Amazon sellers.

But no one’s on YouTube to watch a still picture of me, no matter how good my photo team is.

This is how I save face...
And they are good.

Know the kind of content you’re able to commit to, and make sure it matches up with the audience you’re building!

Keep up consistency

Taking daily medicines.

Working out.

Building a business.

All of these things need a regular schedule to be successful! Conquering social media is no different.

Maybe you don’t have time to edit enough photos of your anti-gravity olive oil cruets to meet 15 quality Instagram posts per day. That’s fine!  You just need to stay in your audience’s feeds on a consistent basis so your company stays relevant.

Keep your online presence limited to no more than three services as you build so that cross-platform consistency isn’t an issue.

Don’t try to copy the greats

If we found a person isolated from modern society who’d never heard the name ‘Nike’ before, I guarantee you that they’d still be blown away by the company’s Instagram account.

It’s amazing shots of incredible athletes from all over the globe, famous or not, and completely mindblowing stories told before you even read the caption! They’re killing it!

That’s not where you are right now.

This is a hard pill to swallow, but you’re not Mark Parker, my friend. You don’t have his resources vis-à-vis money, time, and team members right now, and even when you’re making millions each month, your brand will NOT be Nike.

And that is 100% OKAY.

Get ‘Be like -’ off your vision board, and develop a style that’s true to your vision and the needs of your audience, not anyone else’s!

Always funnel

We’ve all been there with that Facebook friend who’s clearly caught in a pyramid scheme and spamming every picture, post, and comment with their personal affiliate links.

It’s annoying...but you can still learn something from their approach.

Unlike “That Friend”, you’re not talking to your relatives and acquaintances. You’re creating content specifically to sell your product.

Does everything you post online need to end with an all-caps ‘BUY NOW’?


If you don’t go for the kill right away, you still have the opportunity to make your viewers engage more with your content, their community, and build up the brand in their minds until they’re actually ready to commit!

The important thing is that you continue to woo them, pursue them, and put everything you want them to grab within their reach!

We’re past the point of pointing out we’re past the point of opting out of social media, warrior, so don’t log on with a plug n’ play mentality.

Get in there, and #win!


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