Selling on Amazon? Look where no one else is

And why the riches are in the niches
Seth Kniep
December 5, 2017
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Searching for products to sell on Amazon is akin to an Easter egg hunt.

On Easter all these little kids are out searching for tiny plastic eggs with candy inside of them. They run around, searching for eggs, looking everywhere. Kids are pretty smart: they can tell where parents will hide them. They all run to this big oak tree, finding tons of eggs.

But you're the smart kid. You don't search by the oak tree.

"There are so many people over there, so I'm going to look somewhere else."

You head over to a large rock nobody's noticed. There's a hundred kids at the tree, but only fifty eggs. The rock can't hide as many. It can only hold ten. But there's only one of you.

This is what finding a niche product is like. Don't look where everyone else is looking. Be smart. Think different.

You’ve seen the products on Amazon that start to explode. Everyone talks about them and everyone’s selling them. There could be 4,500 sellers all selling the same thing. Nobody is a top seller. Only the two or three sellers who started first and got the biggest share of the market at the beginning are doing well.

Why is that?

Because everyone wants a piece of the pie. When everyone wants a piece, the majority of people will get nothing. A small percentage of people will get just a bite, and very few get the nice big piece on their plate.

I'd rather fish in a pond with only 20 fish in it, by myself, than in the ocean, where there are 10 million fish, but everyone and their uncle are out fishing. My chances of finding a catch there are much less.

Don’t go with what the masses are saying. Find something different.

I was blown away by this product I came across on Amazon. It is not a top 10% seller, but it’s doing pretty freaking well.

This is a five pound replica of human body fat.

This thing is disgusting. It almost looks like something you're supposed to eat. It's made for medical students studying anatomy, and people also use it to help motivate them to lose weight.

The first time I started making good money online was on eBay. I was searching for products to sell and went to the "Other" category. Then, almost for fun but also out of desperation, I clicked on "Cemetery".

Something deep inside me said I needed to stop looking where everyone else was. Stop fishing in the ocean. Find a pond out in the middle of the nowhere that may have fewer fish, but has no competition.

I found a product in the Cemetery category that sold really well. For over a year, that single product brought in several thousand a month for me.

Be smart. Don’t get attached to what everyone else is doing. Stop and think. You don’t want to compete with everyone in the world. If everyone is running in the same direction, there may be something they’re missing. It's up to you to find out what.


Free shipping is expected as par for the course from:

76% of Gen Z

61% of Millennials

77% of Gen X

88% of Boomers

The numbers don’t lie, warrior. Everybody wants it ‘Fast ‘n Free’! And these numbers have only been trending upwards.

You might find yourself wondering...

“What platform could I possibly sell my products on that allows for fast, free delivery?”

I’ll give you a hint, it’s named after a famous river. And there’s no room for “De Nile”.

Amazon’s FBA services allow for your products to be shipped directly to Amazon’s fulfillment centers across the country, so that Prime customers have the option of free shipping, and other customers can save the wait if they’re miles away from your headquarters.

That means if you’re dealing with a storefront slump on platforms that leave shipping in your hands, an Amazon setup may be something to consider as a supplement or substitute to your current operation!

Do you see what happened here, by the way?

Conventional “wisdom” might say that Millennials and Gen Z as the youngest groups would want free shipping the most. But mature customers top the charts by over a 10% margin!

Your gut could also say Boomers and Gen X, as the oldest generations, might expect free delivery by leaps and bounds because they assume too much of modern shipping logistics. But the youngest generation with the least independent purchasing power is only barely in third place!

This is why you have to look at the hard numbers every time.

Continue to flow and adapt to your customers needs, and you’ll see the rewards!

If these stats have you ready to dive headfirst into the world of Fulfillment By Amazon, my team and I are here to help! All you need to do is step up to the plate.


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