Photos that sell your Amazon product

Learn how to create photos that sell your products
Seth Kniep
Mar 19, 2018
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High-quality, engaging photos are one of the most important things when it comes to making customers want to buy your product.

By looking at your photos, your customers should be able to find out everything they need to know about your product. With strong, engaging photos, customers won’t bother wasting their time looking at other variations and listings – they’ll take one look at your photos, and buy your product.

So, how do you win customers over with your product photos? Here’s an overview of the types of photos you’ll need to engage Amazon shoppers:

1.    Featured Photo

The first photo on your listing needs to fulfill a few different requirements from Amazon: it must have a white background and it must fill at least 85% of the frame. Your photo should be no smaller than 500 pixels on its longest side, but the larger the photo, the better. If the length or width of your photo is over 1,000 pixels, customers will be able to zoom in on the image, which is proven to increase sales. Using a simple image editor, you can easily resize your photos if they don’t meet the requirements.

This first photo is your featured photo. It’s what customers will see when your item pops up in their search results. You can put up to 10 photos in your listing (depends on the product category), but unless the customer views the photos as a slideshow, they’ll only be able to see the first seven. Some customers might never realize those other three photos even exist, so you need to make sure those first seven photos are your very best but don't go cheap on the remaining three.

Here’s a good example of a featured photo (with thanks to this listing: It’s a simple picture of the product with a clean white background.

There’s only one thing I would change, and that would be to include a photo of the product’s packaging. Adding a relevant photo of the packaging increases the customer’s perception of value, and let’s you charge more for your product.

2.    Lifestyle Photos

After your featured photo, you’ll want to include several lifestyle photos. A lifestyle photo is a picture of a person using the product. For example, a woman resting her head happily on a pillow. Lifestyle photos help customers envision their end goal. If they’re buying a pillow, their end goal is to use it for sleeping, so they’ll want to see a picture of the pillow being used for that intended purpose.

With lifestyle photos, it’s vital to include a face. The human brain will associate a happy,

smiling face with trust, and the more trust customers feel, the more likely they are to buy your product.

Here’s another great example (from this listing: The man in this photo is out in the sun, smiling, clearly enjoying the experience of using his water bottle.

This woman is experiencing her water bottle as part of her lifestyle while doing yoga. This photo is also great because it showcases another product feature: a carrying strap.

These are all strong photos, but what is this listing still missing?

3.    Technical Specifications Photo

A technical specifications photo saves customers time and allows them to make an informed decision on whether to buy the product without scrolling through the lengthy data in the product description. In this example, the chart is simple, clear, and easy to read. It puts the information in a convenient place for customers, so they don’t have to search around for the facts they want. You don’t need to overload the customer with information in this photo; just give them what’s relevant. 

4.    Accessory Photos 

 Here’s another example of a strong photo (courtesy of this listing: This is an accessory photo, showing the customer all the accessories they’ll get when they purchase your product. In one quick glance, the customer knows exactly what to expect, and they don’t have to weed through the product description for the details.

5.    Photos for Product Variations

Now, what do you do about photos for products with variations?

When you create a listing, you’ll see an “Images” tab. The photos you upload there will be the default photos for the product, and those are the photos the customer will see before selecting a variation. To specify photos for your variations, go to the Manage Inventory page in Seller Central and click edit on the child listing, or the variation.

If you’re selling a product with a variation, such as a toy truck that comes in either red or blue, your featured product image might be a picture of both colors. Then, under the child listing for the red truck, you can add pictures of just the red truck, and do the same for the blue truck. Customers will be able to see the color-specific images after selecting a variation

Take the time to make your product photos look great. Strong photos that convey all the important information about your product will engage more customers, and more customers mean more sales!


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