Is Google purposely kneecapping small businesses?

How to stay profitable in the shadow of big business
Seth Kniep
October 17, 2019
Ecom News
What’s the ideal response to anyone saying “You can’t?” Watch me!

Google's CEO, Sundar Pichai [pitch-ai], wrote a speech on Fox News' website best summarized as, "We’re a big company. We can help you grow your little company."

A great sentiment, and it’s true!

But Minda Zetlin, writer for, was not happy. She writes that Pichai’s claims about caring for small businesses were specious—citing Google searches putting large businesses and platforms first and foremost in their search results.

Now hold on. If one of your ecommerce websites with over 50 blog posts on ergonomic chairs ranks lower than Amazon's single listing of an ergonomic chair and a garbled product description, does this mean Google is really favoring Amazon?

Or is this just a reflection of Amazon ranking well because they’ve gained world-wide recognition?

I love small businesses. I have thousands of small business students in over 100 countries making their dream work. I’m running several small businesses myself! 

But when someone expects preferential treatment from a bigger company just because they feel that company owes it to ‘the little guy’, it means they’ve forgotten that there was a day when that big company was tiny too. And there wasn’t anyone who felt obligated to make sure they succeeded.

Contrary to popular negative belief, the news entrepreneurs need isn’t just filled with greats getting greater. 

Take Dr. William J Powers for example.

And yes, that is his real, awesome name. 

He practiced medicine, booked TV shows and charity events, served as president of a local cat shelter, and even developed a special synthetic diet that turned two of his beloved cats into Guinness World Record holders for ‘World’s Tallest Cat’ and ‘Longest Tail on a Cat’ respectively!

But on November 12, 2017, he woke up to his smoke alarms blaring and his living room ablaze. Choking in the smoke, he rushed through the burning building, searching for his pets and opening windows to create escape paths for them when they couldn’t be found. And then he passed out.

The house burned to the ground. His cats died in the flames. And Dr. Powers barely made it out alive.

Powers spent the next year of his life trying to recover, physically and mentally. When he was cleared to return to work, he realized he’d spent all his 20's training to be a doctor. And while he still loved people and wanted to help heal them...he didn't want to go back to the life he was living.

So he came up with a plan. Powers decided to open his own family practice clinic: Powers Family Medicine. But it wasn't like any practice ever seen before.

It was so bizarre, people would call him crazy! His office featured nerdy, video game decor, waiting room arcade games, geeky staff, and most interestingly, giant, hypoallergenic therapy cats that had the run of the entire building (aside from operating spaces).

"People will never go to your practice," people told him. "People want a sterile, simple, professional-looking place for medical care, and this looks like the lifelong dream of a nerdy basement dweller"

Kelly Sikkema

Dr. Powers shrugged and carried on.

He rented a small office space near the ruins of his home. He plugged everything in. And he opened his doors.

Most new family medical offices take 5-7 years to get up to speed with lots of patients.

Dr. Powers did it in 6 months.

And within those 6 months, Powers Family Medicine became the #1 patient-rated family practice of the state of Michigan.

The world said, "You can't do that." And Dr Powers said, "Watch me!" and today he's living his dream!

It doesn’t matter what you sell—obviously a doctor can’t check your temperature over the internet...yet. The lesson is that there’s always money to be made in subverting people’s expectations, and following through with being amazing at it!

But let’s look at this from a product perspective.

Check out this sleek, lion-themed phone!

The Mara Group

Well this isn't a Disney film tie-in product. It's a commerce revolution!

You've heard of Apple computers designed in California, but made in China. You've heard of Levi Jeans, designed in San Francisco but made in Argentina. The Mara Group just released the first smartphone made

Rwanda is subverting the expectations of the outside world by building on the ashes of their civil war, using their native resources, and turning into a tech hub of a nation!

And it’s not just about TMG's cool phone, or proving the world wrong. This new tech is setting the tone for every nation on the entire planet to create their own massive homegrown products.

The MaraX and MaraZ pictured are up against stiff competition. Chinese-made phones are cheaper, more popular, and have a hold on the market in Rwanda. But The Mara Group is betting on their fellow citizens' homegrown pride to push them to the top of the game! And they're not exactly going against all odds with that tactic either.

People love this. There's something about owning every step of the process from initial idea to fulfillment of orders that sparks a patriotic blaze in the heart of every citizen. And domestic buyers will love you for it. Those 'Made in Your Country' stickers count for a lot! And even though sourcing overseas is common, it's not the only way!

So how do you get in contact with a product engineer to turn your homegrown idea into reality?

We’ve got you covered with over 30 product engineers in our community. The people and the resources they bring are simply phenomenal, and you’ll learn how to bridge with resources and factories right in your area! 

Unexpected? Yes! Greatness usually is. 

So go forth and shake things up! Simon Property Group did. 

Simon Property Group owns more retail for malls and shopping centers than anyone in the world. But they've also been hit with a wave of store closures, their seventh largest being none other than the famously bankrupted Forever 21.

When you run into an obstacle, you can keep fighting as you go down, or you can pivot and rise again. SPG pivoted towards Rue & Gilt, the premier off-price e-commerce portfolio company, connecting more than 20 million members with coveted designers at an exceptional value.

Instead of pouring time and money into struggling in exactly the same way, Simon Property is partnering up with Rue & Gilt to create an online premium outlet store with special deals, for customers who find it difficult to get to a shopping mall in a pinch.

The goal? A new destination for discount shopping online.

Do you see what Simon did? They didn't just scale back costs. They didn't just reorganize. They didn't just try harder and work longer.

They are leaning on someone who is where they want to end up.

Trying to get somewhere you have no experience in? Lean on someone who is there already, and watch what happens!

These small business revolutions show how entrepreneurs can build despite Google’s operation not putting them first. 

Keep overdelivering, keep disrupting, keep surprising until your company reaches that page one spot!


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