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Seth Kniep
Mar 23, 2018
Every morning, I start my day by praying, meditating, and preparing my heart for the day. One morning, as I was taking a walk, I passed a culvert I’ve passed hundreds of times before. But, this time, I noticed some graffiti for the first time that simply said, “Die.”

I started thinking about that graffiti. Was it some little kid just messing around? Was it someone having a bad day? Was it someone who actually felt that way about life?

I think most people experience points in their life when they feel kind of abysmal, when everything feels depressing and discouraging. But those can be some of the most defining moments of a person’s life, because the choices you make in those situations can have a huge impact on where you end up.

Small decisions Big impact

Life is full of tiny decisions that don’t seem like a big deal but can determine what path you take. A few years down the road, if you’re in a different place than the place you wanted to be, it might be because of those little decisions. You want to be in a place where you can fulfill your dreams and live a life of meaning and purpose.

I want to share three stages of growth with you. These three stages are choices you can make, even if you’re at one of those depressing points in life, to put yourself back on the path you want to be on.

1.   Imagine.

This one is simple: imagine what you want your life to be. Right now, just take a moment, and imagine where you’d like to go in life. When you imagine, don’t put limits on yourself. Dream as big as you want to dream.

2.    Believe.

The next stage is to believe, and I mean actually believe. I don’t mean just saying it; I don’t mean just thinking positive thoughts. I mean actually believing you can achieve the life you’ve imagined.

3.    Take action.

Imagination and belief are useless unless they are reflected in your actions. Take the steps you need to take to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself. Nothing will change until you take action.

With these three stages of growth, you can put yourself on the path you want to be on, no matter where you are in life. Even if you’re depressed and discouraged, you can imagine, believe, and take action. Make the little choices you need to make to redirect your life and end up where you want to be.


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