How to Get Unstuck in Your Business and Decision Making

A process for resetting your success mindset to move your business forward
Seth Kniep
Apr 13, 2018
Do you ever feel stuck in your Amazon business?

Maybe you’ve found 50 potential products, but you can’t pick one to sell. They all have pros and cons, so which do you choose?

Maybe you’re taking in too much information and your head feels like it’s about to explode. There’s so much data out there, so many people telling you to do one thing or another. How do you know what’s right?

Or maybe you’re simply afraid to fail. What if you make a huge investment and the product turns out to be a flop? What if you end up wasting all your time and money?

Here’s the good news: your are normal! Every entrepreneur goes through this process, at some point. As an entrepreneur, you have to become very comfortable with chaos. You’ll never truly have all your ducks in a row.

So, how do you get out of your slump? Here are three things that have helped me when I’ve felt stuck:

1.    Remind yourself why you started an Amazon business in the first place.

What is the purpose of your company, or any company? Is it good customer service? Is it to add more jobs? Is it to have the best quality products in the whole world?

There’s really only one ultimate purpose of a company, and while it might sound greedy, it’s true. Companies exist to make money. Without money, you can’t have good customer service, and you can’t build a quality product. If you want to give back and help others, you need to have the resources to do so.

You can measure every action in your day with one simple question: is this action ultimately going to help me make more money? If the answer is yes, you’re not wasting your time! This will help you streamline your goals; you’ll know what things you should be focusing on so you can put all your energy in the right place.

2.    Accept that you will make mistakes and that you will be treated unfairly along the way.

If you have a sense of entitlement, you won’t make it as an entrepreneur. Unfair things happen; the longer I live, the more people I find who try to cheat me and take advantage of me. What matters is how you deal with those people. Over time, you’ll accept that you’re going to get beat up along the way, but that you’ll learn from your own mistakes and other people’s mistakes. You’ll grow stronger and wiser.

When I feel like I’m being beaten down, I like to imagine myself in a boxing ring. I’m getting hit over and over, but every hit teaches me how to block better, how to move quicker, and how to work harder so I’m ready for the ring again.

3.    Use the right side of your brain to connect with people but use the left side of your brain to make business decisions.

This is by far the most tangible method I use to get unstuck. When you’re dealing with customers, talking to suppliers, and making business partnerships, emotional intelligence is an invaluable skill to have. You need to be able to connect with people to succeed.

However, when making business decisions, you need to let the data and the facts drive what you do. When you’re looking at a bunch of products and trying to choose one, don’t let emotion get in the way. Let the facts determine your decision.

Here’s a strategy: make a chart. List all the pros and cons, all the opportunities and the risks, of each product. Create a point system and tally up the points based on the pros and cons, so you can see, factually, which product is the best choice. Using a chart helps to remove the subjective, emotional element of the choice, so you’re letting only the facts guide you.

Whatever you do, remember this: don’t stop acting. You can think and analyze as much as you want, but if you don’t act, you’ll never get anywhere. You can think, “I’m going to go running someday,” every day, but until you actually put on your jogging pants and run out the door, you haven’t done anything.

There will be risks involved, just like there are with everything you do, but you just need to keep moving. Even when you get stuck, you need to push forward. The best way to get unstuck is to just do something, to stop thinking and start acting. Once you start acting, you’ll build momentum, and you won’t stop.

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