How to find high-profit products to sell on eBay

Uncover hot-sellers that keep selling
Seth Kniep
Dec 27, 2017
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Every seller wants to find high-profit, hot-selling products, but the real key to success is finding products that keep selling over and over again. Constantly finding new products to sell takes time. Curating a collection of products that are guaranteed to sell again and again will give you more time to focus on other streams of revenue, instead of wasting time hunting down new products every day.

Today, I’ll show you my simple, fool-proof strategy for finding top-selling products on eBay.

1. Choose Your Category

Go to ebay and click “Shop by category” in the upper left corner, and at the bottom of the drop-down box, click “See all categories.” You want to choose a category that you have some familiarity with. For example, I used to work for Apple, so I chose “Cell phones and accessories,” and from there, “Cell phone accessories.” Some categories will have multiple levels of subcategories, so I went a step further by choosing “Cables and adaptors.”

Just like your top-level category, you want to pick subcategories that you’re comfortable and familiar with. Having more knowledge about a product means you can make a more informed decision when purchasing and selling that product. You’ll know the right questions to ask the supplier and how to vet the product for quality.

2. Filter Your Results

On the left-hand side of the page, you’ll see numerous options for filtering your search results. First, under “Condition,” select “New,” so you know you’ll be dealing with new products, rather than used ones. Next, under “Format,” select “Buy It Now.” This will remove items being sold via the auction format, which are often one-time buys, like antiques or trinkets found at garage sales or in attics.

Under “Delivery Options,” click on “Free Shipping.” The best sellers on eBay know that offering free shipping will increase their selling power. They might lose a little bit of money by shipping for free, but they’ll sell three or four times as much product, which will make up for the shipping costs.

3. Pick Your Product

There are a few different things to watch out for once you’ve finished filtering and are ready to select a product.

*Price. Steer away from products that are selling for less than $10. Keep in mind that you’re going to lose some of your retail price through fees – about 10% from eBay and about 5% from PayPal. I usually stick to products selling in the range of $10 to $75.

*Will it sell? You want to make sure to pick a product that’s selling well. I make sure to pick listings that have sold at least 10 items within the last 30 days. With some listings, this information will be easy to find.

(This listing shows 55 items sold in 24 hours, so it’s selling like crazy!) With other listings, you’ll have to click the red “sold” button and view the purchase history, which will show you how many of the product sold, and on what dates.

*Weight. Don’t pick a product that’s too heavy. The heavier the product is, the more money it will take to ship that product. Higher shipping costs can eat away at your profit.

4. Vary Your Products

Be sure to pick multiple products to differentiate yourself. Find a handful of products in one category, then move on to another category you’re knowledgeable about (toys, books, musical instruments, etc.) and pick a few more products. Once you have a decent list of strong products, you can choose the best of the best to order from your supplier and start selling.

Finding hot-selling, high-profit items will go a long way toward helping you scale your business. Seek out products you only have to find and order once that will produce guaranteed sales time and time again. Less time spent hunting down new products means more time spent growing your business and nurturing your revenue streams in other ways.


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