How to do online advertising RIGHT

Different platforms require different aproaches. This is your 'one size fits all' intervention.
Seth Kniep
Mar 19, 2019
Grow your Amazon store
Question! Do you treat your wife the exact same way you’d treat your grandmother?

They’re both women you love, so the answer is 100% yes, right?

Wrong. Obviously.

You can build an empire with enough financial pull to buy both your Oma and your spouse the Hawaiian getaways they deserve, but you’re not going to get the same kind of kiss after you hand over the tickets.

So why wouldn’t you apply the same nuances you see between the people you love to the online platforms that boost the business you love?

You can literally reduce everything you do as a business owner to two things:
  • Building a world class product
  • Letting the whole freak’n world know about it
That second part is marketing.

To market effectively, you have to understand the nuances of the platforms you’re marketing on and why your target market is there in the first place.

  • On Facebook, they’re looking for dopamine releases from likes, shares, and posts they already agree with.
  • On Instagram, they’re looking for eye-catching photos or mini-videos that speak to their interests.
  • On Google, they’re looking for the answer to any one of a hundred million different questions.
  • You can’t afford to not understand this reasoning because you’re trying to sell effectively.

I see people treating advertising via Amazon ads like advertising on search engines, but guess what? Your wife’s not your grandmother. Your cat’s not your dog. And Amazon’s not Google or Bing!

Taking the same approach with your advertising on all online venues is 100% going to result in unnecessary setbacks. 

So what do you do?
  • 1. Respect the freak’n platform
  • 2. Understand why people go to that platform
  • 3. Build your ad strategy around points 1 and 2

Example: If you are running a Google ad to drive people to a blog or landing page, you need to find out what they are searching for first. Then your ad has to be an answer to their question.

Example 2: If you are running an Amazon ad to get people to buy your product from that platform, you build that ad with keywords that are already being searched on Amazon and are already included in your listing.

There are only three major steps to every advertisement you’ll ever create:
  • Find out what people need. Get specific!
  • Position your product as the best way to meet that need
  • Make sure the people and the product meet.

Think of yourself as a matchmaker. You use keywords to get your customers and products to pair up and make magic!

Know your customers, know your platforms, and then know what it’s like to fire your boss!


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